ZX14 TSUKIGI Cannon Exhaust

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Fischize: that crap sounds stupid sweet dude!!!

Ttyler175: Sounds good dad...now practice your 3 point turns and parallel parking.

Dennis1000100: zu leise

Fede Fernandez: HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

insaneroller: simply awesome !!!

dookabore64: Why would you say chick bikes...What do you ride??A sv650??That pipe is a piece of art!!!And sounds like no others!!

hunk4sho: I amlooking for that pipe. where can i find one? the dealer ship here can't find it.

BlacKUsheR17: exhaust is sport ? ..... nice sound and i like your moyo ;) ...... good luck in Stunt :D

Drokkers: sik exhaust

MirracoBLACKpearl1: Don't hate, Congratulate! at least he has a bike.

dookabore64: Yeh!!!The solo seat cover comes off...BUT!!! Is she crazy enough to get on the back of one of these beasts with you???

dookabore64: Thanks...Its just the beginning.Stay tuned!!!

JMoore4291: sounds like a v twin

In100ternet: Hey what happened to the RPM's, someones BIG belly got in the way, do you really plan on riding this rocket, overall pretty good sounding bike need to send the link for the exhaust pipe. Big Bro...

D Eve: sounds great too bad it's not on a BUSA

21scuderia: how much does a 240 rear tire and a lengthened swingarm mess up the performance? any one know?

pbmax: Beautiful pipe bro!

24126145: Thats the best note Ive heard from a 14... It is hard to get a good note out of them...

Connor Young: wait intill u hear a voo-doo ehaust on a zx14 :D

9secondsflat: sounds bad azz....be the cops love that on a DB meter...blows it right off the scale..

pblabrat07: @bigfern818 uugh look in the background dont think much riding was happening
ZX14 TSUKIGI Cannon Exhaust 5 out of 5

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ZX14 TSUKIGI Cannon Exhaust