LEGO CoD Nazi Zombies: Kino Der Toten (gameplay)

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Lol 600: Really really impressive. I played the map multiple times and the sounds and gameplay are accurate.

MLG_BUD GAMING: This video must of took forever...... I love it!

Masked Pumpkin79: amazing

Buda Bizim Fakirhane: U both are noobs
(awesome video btw)

RakSquared: The sweet beautiful blood

David Matei Vulpe: Good job verry good animation

Cecilia Salazar: I love this map in black ops

Eric Smith: How do you get that shot ..? from the mini figure pov ...?

Dogmancool Gaming: Headshot in black ops game

Dragonite Chaos: All they. Do is buy the box and get new weapons right after anther

AwsomeSlimeBag 127: To short

JR DGP: This is a excellent video, I do similar videos, check my vids out and let me know if you want to do a duel com. Let me know.

life of kyster gamer: really cool

тоша лиса: can anyone sub for me lads

D7Shed: Hi, I really loved watching this video from you! I think you may enjoy watching some similiar videos yourself. I would advise checking out Z4Z Gaming on youtube. Just search his name "Z4Z Gaming" and he will pop up! If you drop him a subscribe, that would be amazing! Keep up the good work :D

Gavinlikestogame ///: Imagine this happening

Nikolai: No you need vodka

FearfulFilly: Of course the way you survive long is stab your only friend at the beginning

The Merchant: LOL

GeekyXenBrandon Martinez: like if watching in 2016

Vector: Hello!

I use a lot of my evenings on YouTube seeking for enjoyable and growing smaller channels to follow.

I wandered across your channel whilst looking through search results and just wanted to leave you a line to let you know that i had fun watching and to keep it up!

I can see it's annoying being a New Youtuber! I'm a beginnner as well and at the moment have just the 15 subs.

I'm rambling....

Keep it up and you'll get there.

Good Luck!
LEGO CoD Nazi Zombies: Kino der Toten (gameplay) 5 out of 5

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LEGO CoD Nazi Zombies: Kino der Toten (gameplay)