Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-On Mufflers

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Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-On Mufflers
Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-On Mufflers
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Kevin Watford: Just put these on my 2016 Street Glide standard with the short slash tips. Used the V&H fuelpak3 to remap. Really nice low rumble at idle. She really hollers when you get on it at take off or on the freeway.

Gerald Hulton: I put street cannons on my 2008 Ultra Classic and they seem a bit poppy. did you have to re-tune yours?

ebarnes419: sounds like a golf cart. thought harley Davidsons were supposed to be loud

Hemi Vic: I just confirmed from my local Harley-Davidson Dealer that these slip ons should fit on my 2003 Road King! Thanks for the past! These mufflers sound great!

timothy darlington: Tired of these kittys posting videos of exhaust. Rev your freaking bike

kenny clower: I couldn't hear it running

Prost!Stuttgart: Nice bike bud!

george march: Just removed CFR's on my 2012 FLHR and replaced them with Street Cannons. Without cat they have a little more bark...they are straight/open baffle. Hope to regain the torque I lost with the Cary Faas mufflers.

george march: Thanks for your post...BTW nice bike. I ride a 2012 Road King. Just installed CFR mufflers & they make my ears ring. I'm considering Street Cannon slip ons. Are these open baffle? Can you see daylight when you look through pipes. Also did you lose any torque ? Thanks...enjoy your bike !!

Maxime Palai: This sound is exactly what I'm searching for my Sportster 72. But I live in France where I don't find these mufflers. Any suggestions in US?

James Telford: Steve, I just installed the same mufflers. I love the sound at idle but find them a little noisy out on the highway under even mild load. On a level road they are great but as soon as you hit a slight grade they start getting loud. I did the stage one with a SE snorkel style breather but haven't reprogrammed my chip. Do you have stock or non-stock header pipes? Did the reprogrammed chip make much difference?

Michael Ross: Thanks for the video, I have the exact same bike and was considering those same pipes. Stupid Question, what is involved in doing the Stage 1??

MrPocoloco59: Thats the sound I am looking for. Perfect !

Josh Smith: Has anyone tried these with dresser duals? I am curious about switching out my rush mufflers for these, but still not sure.

Steve Switz: Thanks to Joe Lee who told me how to turn the video.

Tom Gilbertson: Thanks for the quick reply. I figured you probably did the stage one but was kind of hoping I could get away without it for now (to save money). Guess I'll just have to break down and do both.

Steve Switz: Hey Tommy, I did the stage 1 as well. After the stage 1 and slip-on's, I had the dealer re-program the chip. All-in-all, I am very happy with the performance and sound.

Tom Gilbertson: Did you also do a stage one, or just install the slip-ons?

Steve Switz: Hello Edgar, first of all, sorry about the video being in the wrong direction. It was OK on my cel phone and computer but when I uploaded it, it turned sideways. Yes, you can hear them at speed and cars will be able to hear you. On my old Harley, I had different pipes that I thought were too loud and bothered me on long trips. These are perfect though, providing a rich, deep Harley sound without pissing off folks or becoming tiresome on a long trip. I really like the sound/volume for sure.

Edgar Domingo: I've been looking for a better sounding exhaust for my new 2013 street glide and wanted them to be street legal nor void my warranty. I'm looking at the street cannons and wanted to know , how do they sound at speed. Can you hear them at speed, more importantly can cars hear you at speed? I like the throaty sound and that they are quite at idle. I use to have a heritage with rush exhaust .. I don't expect the cannons to be as load nor do I want them to be butt want something better then stock
Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-On Mufflers 5 out of 5

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Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-On Mufflers