Miller Welding Helmet - Digital Elite Auto Darkening

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cpu64: I have a dead digital elite sitting in my truck right now. Piece of junk decided out of nowhere to get stuck in full 100% shade, and none of the adjustment buttons have any effect. Its unusable because it even blocks the sun 100%

lkjyuiop: I have that helmet but mine has a skull on it lucky s speed shop

aluminiumbrowsweat: Have the lincoln 3350 its great due to the diverse options you can use a cheater can load a gold passive if the weather is a problem as the electronics don't like cold temps due to moisture from condensation shorting em out once they dry out they're ok but having the passive option is good i own two and use the cartridges like an added option depending on circumstances if i need the passive because of weather i load it in if i need a low setting for tig or i'm indoors i go with the auto darkening the fact it takes the standard clear lenses is a real bonus dunno what miller or any company is thinking not using standard lenses the shops supply as a consumable company expense having to pay for some clear piece of plastic is downright dispicable...

doctorxring: Great review.  Just ordered one of these.  Thanks again Jody !

Brandon McDowell: its a great gtaw welding helmet because u  can weld in all positions

Jack Nieber: The new miller digital elites are the best out there. Best headgear and the digital controls are great also been working fine for me for over a year now. Lincoln helmets look like cheap knockoffs, I dont trust the quality especially with how cheap they are. Speedglas is nice but its too expensive. I don't like the jackson nextgen heard the blue color is actually worse for your eyes and causes more fatigue, my buddy has one and he regrets getting it. 

chris hall: the only disadvantage is that it is hard to change modes with helmet on.great helment thou.

Poshy331: Have a Digital Elite myself, It's really light and comfortable. Only downside is the clear lens not being standard, and it does get beat up quick with overhead. Overall though this is a great helmet to own.

Dillon Ruby: i recently got the stars and stripes 2 digital elite series! its the best i ever had

Andrew MacGregor: have you tried the optrel e680???? that is an overhead hood that i also own in my hood arsenal. i know this video is dated but still curious nonetheless

Brendon Jarrett: I have been using Jackson NexGen 3in1 for about 5 years. No problems. It has a blue filter for better viewing when welding. The blue filter is far more clear than a green filter. The best part about the Jackson NexGen is it uses standard clear lens. I weld over 40 a week and change the batteries in November then again in late April into May. Every year in those months. Best $350 I've spent. It's my livelihood so why not invest. Another really good investment is a needle gun for slag removal.

2stroker125: the hobart autoarch hoods are basicaly the same besides the internals in the hood and the lens dosent pop out in the front would deffinatly recommond one of thoes for a begginer welder or any welder. their also a lot cheeper.

mercurycid: love your channel, have recomended the apprentices i work with to check you out, especially you 3 g 4 g vids. i tell them to not follow you on the down hand root runs. ( us aussies and know) your technique and skills are a dead set pleasure to watch. even better is your verbal directions. any way, old school boily here, asking your opinion, on miller, lincon and speed glass. i want clear view, (older peeps), i like large view, and comfortable. can you do abreak down/comparison for me

FIREHAWK1979: Does any other helmet have something like x mode? I like that tip about adjusting the delay time.

browncarp: I just bought a Miller Elite 241975 auto darkening helmet. Got it off Ebay for around $240. I like it EXCEPT it tends to drift down when I have it flipped up. I have the plastic knobs on the headgear as tight as they will go but it still won't keep it held up.

Reaper: is the miller elite a good helmet?? im just starting college courses and plan to pipe weld shutdowns whats a good helmet

SsjSned: wut i did orig had a hs100 lincon oldschool helm big plate. great helm it blocks light good. used gold plates with it. then bought the 2450 lincon viking auto. auto works good takes the old glass outside but the headgear is crap. also the helm isnt the best i get light from the back bleeding in to wear i put bandannas around the helm to try and block it out. ended up moddin the lincoln auto unit into my old hs100 jackson helm.i got the better helm, no button touch auto, and jackson 360 headgear

Terrence Bacon: had speepglass head gears sucks! went to miller elite and never going back !!!!

Frost: "it will not come loose ones it's in" - That's what she said

snakeandmagnum: have a digital elite myself, worth every penny for low amp tig
Miller Welding Helmet - Digital Elite Auto Darkening 5 out of 5

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