2007 Corvette Z51 LS2

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2007 Corvette Z51 LS2
2007 Corvette Z51 LS2
2007 Chevy Corvette C6 Coupe Z51
2007 Chevy Corvette C6 Coupe Z51

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callmeDoctorSteve: Get rid of that Ford License plate bracket....i put the nice shiny stainless steel one with the corvette logo and writing on my Z51 6-speed Vert'...looks great.

Bigboomer: Plan on doing the same thing you did to the stang ? Heads / Cam or blower on a LS2 means an insane amount of fun.

IrishChris1979: *Stiffer Suspension, *larger Sway Bars, *Larger Cross Drilled & Vented Fr & Rr Brake Rotors, *Larger Brake Calipers, *Z51 Specific shorter gearing in first 3 gears, *Goodyear Eagle Supercar R/F tires, *Oil Cooler, *Transmission Cooler, *Power Steering Cooler & I think that's it. Z51 is awesome!

TheBadGroup: iam about to buy corvette , i just want to know what's the Difference between Corvtte c6 and Corvette c6 z51?

05paxton: Flow master exhaust. A normal Camera

OSUM C6: I thought the GS's had flare rear fenders like the Z06.....

AJIX: lmao i think he meant what brand of camera cause the quality on imaging is good nice car also

MannyRipDCLife: What's the wheels width?

05paxton: No lol I just sold it lol :(. Probly going to get a another one next year. My stang is my fast car :)
2007 Corvette Z51 LS2 5 out of 5

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2007 Corvette Z51 LS2