Matchbox 2014 C-Case Unboxing Factory Sealed Case

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RaceGrooves: Do all of the 984 cases have the same contents (I'm after an A100) , so can someone please answer

captainkmanOFP857: The bus and Buick are definitely great models, and ones I'll be looking out for! The tank is alright. It would be better if it had proper tracks like the older 1950's tanks in the Matchbox Series. By the way, I did also manage to find the DMC-12 recolour and the VW Beetle 'Herbie' from Hot Wheels.

STEVO BRADING: I got a Buick century in black a few months back with a messed front right wheel matchbox

dutchhotwheels: The buick century is definatly my favorite out of them. There aren't to many police cars in that type of blue.

TheHazard777Collectibles: Buick, tank and bus are sure winners :)

Manga Sanga: Hi michael! I love your matchbox reviews. Please check out my fan-video Matchbox Pit King, Sea Spy, Road Roller Review

LegoWheels19: I like the Buick police car, two-story bus, and blockade buster!!! Great video!!!

TheKwtrucker: dane now that i know the pit king is back in another color i need to find that asap probally try to get 2 of them and the 2 story bus is back in the 2nd color i need to find that to just curious though how often do you get these cases and do you just buy them outright from mattel and if so how do ya do it i know its a shot in the dark to hope to get the models you want but its a try if you cant find them on the pegs and how much are they? and i also need to find that road roller and probally the ambulance and the ground grinder i have it in yellow but not that color scheme

Hot Wheels CostaRica: You are correct Sir! The 56 Buick Police car is the best! Love that car.

Diecast Chris: The Buick, DBS, Ambulence and Bus on my list great video mark really like it

Eric Alston: Where do u get your matchbox cases from? Ebay? 

STEVO BRADING: Is that Porsche model in hotwheels mix? 

melias67: Do all of the 984 cases have the same contents (I'm after an A100) , so can someone please answer

Josh Guerrieri: i am a big fan of yours1 i aways loved your videos

...LUZL...: i like the trucks and vans of matchbox

James Green: It looks like the tank has roosterpit that opens up 

Esther George: Cool

Christian López Hernández: Very nice the 56 buick police car.

James Renegade: Blockade buster looks awesome ill be looking out for that one!

PlasticWoodStudios: Wow! I love that 56 buick police car! cant wait till they get on the shevles!!!

Diecast Daddy: Call me main stream the buick, bus & tank . Allthough ill prob. Pick up the other models as well , ill def. Be looking for extras of the buick police and the blockade buster .

b8702131: The tank is the one I'll be looking for. Hot Wheels used to make them, but stopped years back.

Austin Cook: I like match box 

D&D Gaming: i love the 56 buick police car c;

A Blown A100: Will definetly get multiples of that tank it is AWESOME

Chery g: The tank and the bus looks AWESOME

heathkinn: that police car and tank a must on my list for sure...great review mark

Garagealleycustoms: Buick police car is the best! That Toyota 4runner seems to have a TH on the rear fenders, I picked up a couple and was wondering why that TH on the 4runner. Maybe you can a vid on that.

TheKingRacer007: i will love that if matchbox put back the 2006 ford crown victoria police car on the pegs in 2014. :/

DaRiNBLaZe Balisado: The tank I'm a big fan of military theme stuff

rique476: Cop car looks nice in that color

Supra Man: All of them are cool

Mark Wells: There is a whole in the bottom of the "Blockade Buster!" Someone will get there finger stuck in it.

UnhoIy13: i have that truck with the opening hatch ;)

peter parker: Hey that ground grinder has shown up as a hotwheels model back at 2006!!!!!!!!!!

Pablo Ferreira: In Brazil it's avaible in all stores and comparing to the price in the USA around U$ 20 it's kind of cheap since it's around U$ 40,00 overhere...normaly it's from 2.5 to 3 times more expensive...

Fumiya Sasaki: Maybe the tank hav a opening rig

shadjuice513: Just the Police car and Bus for me. Thanks for sharing

joe roberts: The 85 Toyota 4Runner. Does it have a TH on the rear corner or is it a M ?

Sebastian Jeffcoat: I'll be looking for the Blockade Buster and the Aston Martin DBS Volante.

bigtexpress10325: Drooling over that Buick!

xxEpicGamerxx12: just picked up that orange porsche yesterday

jason crayone: everybody is going for that two-story bus tho, but i have been collecting that outdoor 5-pack and ice mountain 5-pack collection sets

gandalf236ca: i will be looking for that blue cop car my fav of the bunch

sirmugman: wouldn't serpise me if that noise is serposed to be made, back in the old days of MB on one wheel they had a - on the inside, if you lookde closely you'd see a gear, that would turn something inside, i think it was ike a light or a turn table for something

Ryker Thompson: Blockade buster is my fav. I love military vehicles and guns. My favorite helicopter is the UH-1H. 

Christopher Ahearn: Oh and def the 2 story Bus gotta have lol

arrin villareal: Maybe you can include Tonka too. 

Kyosho Fan: Tank is a must!!! Glad to see that in the mix, wow the baby blue Buick is awesome!!! Thanks for showing!
Matchbox 2014 C-Case Unboxing Factory Sealed Case 4.4 out of 5

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Matchbox 2014 C-Case Unboxing Factory Sealed Case