Jason Goes To Hell (surprise Ending)

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Jason Goes to Hell (surprise ending)
Jason Goes to Hell (surprise ending)
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JuicyPlayer: This scene was a horrible tease , it took 10 more years for the movie to finally come out.

xNOORx: guys which series of the movies where he gets killed by a hammer in the head and then sea surprise ending ?

Hadyn Clark: It's not a surprise ending, it's the original ending hah.

Courtney Gibson: This never gets old. Best moment in horror history.

Crash-Overried: I remember when Jason goes to hell came this was the first thing everybody talked about. And I've heard rumors that Freddy vs Jason was sussposed to come out before Jason X somewhere around the summer of '96

skrab275: Back in my days this was like see the teaser of Batman v Superman

TheSuperSaiyan4Gamer: This would have been a lot more epic if Robert Englund had done Freddys laugh for this... Still awesome though!

Helemaal Geak: Wheres my mask, i need it, rsply if you found it :(

timrob12: Can't help but wonder how people reacted to this scene when this movie first aired.

Quieres Jugar?: esto es antes de freddy vs jason ?

Khalil Wright: oh my goodness imagine if they were to put Michael Myers in this.. Horror fans would have gone CRAZY!

crap pie: so many people were expexing freddy vs jason

Jonathan Alexandre: Freedy steal jason mask :o

gorygonzalez: I damn near shat myself, (but with excitement) after Freddy's hand popped out, when I saw it for the first time. I was one of the lucky ones (13 years old at the time, accompanied by my mother of course) to have first seen this film in the theater. Also, doesn't the somber music that plays before hand, make you feel kind of sad for Jason? lol!

PlaymobilShowsAndMovies: my guess is That's probably how they creates Freddy vs Jason.

Andres De La O: I bet when everyone saw this in theatre it was like a big HOLY S**T!!! I couldnt even imagine the surprise everyone had on their faces.

Hockey Daily: freddy vs jason had great potential to be on of the best movies but turned to be one of the most criticisized movies 

Evelio Carlos Alanìs Ortiz: Which Jason movie is this?

imjusthereforcomments: Freddie didn't come from Hell. Jason was dreaming remember Jason cant die so Jason was dreaming..Freddie only comes in your dreams

christian kevin: so thats freddy found jason

bigb860: Unfortunately I was only 5 or 6 when this movie came out, so yeah, seeing this in theater was definitely not in the cards for me lol. I could only imagine the audience's reaction after the end of this!

BlueFlame17: Here's a thought to all horror buffs: what if that was really it? What if freddy didn't reach up and grab the mask and the final scene was just the mask lying in the dirt? what would people make of that kind of ending?

OldManBuffalo: this explains the real movie freddy vs jason

Quincy Hickman: That is the best ending to a movie ever I mean I was like freak yea when that happend

Noli David: thats when freddy and jason became enamys

Lynchez Wheeler: Freddy and Jason

illiniguy34: 1:08- Reactions in 1993: People in the theater: WHOA! AWESOME! Does this mean there will be a Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday the 13th crossover? I'd love to see that! No matter how long it takes to get made! Critics: OH freakING HELL ANOTHER ONE?! AND THIS ONE'S A CROSSOVER?! WE'VE HAD 9 FRIDAY THE 13TH MOVIES IN 13 YEARS WE DON'T NEED A 10TH! But a crossover does sound kind of interesting.

Natalie Ouellette: Where the freak did freddy kruegers claw come from?

Luis Ayala: That explain how jason came back and fight freddy 


johnny rock: that was cool

Noli David: and thats how thay made a movie called freddy vs jason

Airman32292: Everyone in the theater was like "Oh crap!"

yamir smith: Where did freddy claw come from

HighBestkiller ROBLOX: Freddy Kruger and Jason voorhees had a brawl and Jason won

DarianMustDie: This scene was like the birth of epic crossovers.

Michael Klotka: #mamasboy 

Maxter426: Damn freddy wants revenge but his gonna loose 

Deven Marvin: Cmon, You gotta give it some credit

SkydivisionX: I literally said oh crap when first watching this scene

Diana Roman: Freddy seems to know everything.

DeadpoolioTheAmazing: this was probably the part freddy was talking about in freddy vs jason "i had to search the bowels of hell...... but i found someone"

infamousBouncersPC: i was excited. Now im waiting for Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

Jordan Acosta: and that's how Freddy vs. Jason was made

Karkat Vantas: Ash ketchum? from palet town?

Lucas Alejaga: Meanwhile in Camp Crystal lake.

Aaron nantz: they need a Jason vs micheal myers film then bring freddy back and have all three of them have a showdown.

catfish4catfish: why would you be scared of Jason, just get 2 houses on opposite sides of the world, run to the other one when he starts chasing you. then fly back to your first one when he gets there *itd take him awhile to walk all the way there,even along the bottom of the ocean. then just fly back when a month or 2 is up again. jasons a bitch

Wanda Cooper: I Saw The Funny As Hell One When Elmo Hand Comes Up Then Elmo Said: Hi Jason Welcome To Hell !

James Biederman: " You're like a big stupid dog that can't stop eating."
Jason Goes to Hell (surprise ending) 4.9 out of 5

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Jason Goes to Hell (surprise ending)