Jason Goes To Hell (surprise Ending)

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The Media: I wasn't born yet when this movie came out but I bet everyone was talking about the ending.

TheOfficialDarkman: To be really honest, this is indeed, the ultimate ending that Friday The 13th has ever had.

Elvis Jason: and Hype Began

Matthew Osmond: Who portrayed Freddy's laugh in this movie?

Sad Cumling: jason vs grounds keeper willy confirmed

pedro hernandez: Arent they making the movie michael myers vs jason??

supergamer bros: that's not freddy it doesn't sound anything like freddy

kevin souchard: yes freddy krueger

EZEKIEL 11: kruger?

Art Razor: despite this being off of topic any one else excited for the ring vs the grudge

Jakob velarde: You see when this film first came out and the ending of the film was showing you that there's gonna be a movie where they fight lol what if Michael Myers mask was to be right next to his lol

MOVIEmania709: Am I the only one that doesn't want to see a group crossover? I mean Leatherface vs Michael vs Jason vs Freddy, is just a bad concept. It should just remain as one on one. The plots also need to sync up, so the fights make sense. Here's how the plot for Michael vs Leatherface would go; The remaining Sawyer family members decide to relocate to Haddonfield. Locals vanish and several citizens believe it to be the return of Michael Myers. Leatherface remains indoors at all times except for after dark. When he and one or more relatives go on their "hunting" trip(s). He and his family reside in an abandoned house (Could be the Myers house). Michael Myers meanwhile is believed to be dead, however his corpse was never found. Some story is given I don't know but Michael comes back. Meanwhile Leatherface and his family kidnap a surviving Myers relative, whom Leatherface fancies. In the meantime a Haddonfield lawman begins fitting the pieces together. Realizing that similar incidents occurred in Texas. Later he finds out about Sally's Sawyer encounter and the 1986 disappearances. He begins investigating. Meanwhile Michael is searching for his surviving relative. Eventually Michael and Leatherface fight over her. This is all I got, I don't know.

Ahmed Ehab: so Freddy will be jason

budoy isidro: So that where Marvel got it.

Gene360: Kane Hodder should've played Jason in FVJ. I would love for Paramount/New Line to reboot FVJ with Robert Englund and Kane Hodder to be in it. Erase Freddy vs. Frankenjason out of are minds.

Micheal Rios: image it was Michael myers

mandeepsekhon: if only they knew how bad of an idea it was to make freddy vs jason. epic fail..............

Sam TheIndieGamer: You know, I always prefered the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise because I always felt that Friday the 13th was a little... lame. Like, in the two franchise it's generally the same story over and over again only with new characters and stuff. The difference is that Nightmare on Elm Street has a story I freaking love, so I could have watch the same story a hundred time with new characters and I'd love it.

Friday the 13th on the other side never really appealed to me. I'm not a fan of the first three films, but I liked the Final Chapter and New Blood (Mainly beacause New Blood felt like Elm Street's Dream Warriors), but I feel like I'm the only one in the Horror community whose favorite Jason flick is Jason goes to Hell. I liked the characters, the feel of the story (Feels fresh, or at least, fresher than the eight films behind it) and god it almost felt like a Hellraiser film. Only thing that I'd have to say about this movie is that, in my opinion, its the film in the Friday the 13th franchise that makes the least sense. But seriously, this whole family thing going on just doesn't make sense to me.

But that movie was awesome, the only one I'd rewatch in the franchise, and god that ending. That freaking ending. I wish I'd have been in the theaters back then to be in the hype. If that kind of thing would happen these day... sighs, the 90s, eh?

남이승준: 1.2 freddys coming for you

Bill Chipper: 1:21 Freddy Kruger
Jason Goes to Hell (surprise ending) 5 out of 5

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Jason Goes to Hell (surprise ending)