Jason Goes To Hell (surprise Ending)

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GrimMetal Will: and that's how Freddy vs Jason came to be

Megatron Cybertron: R.I.P Jason :(

Alina Andrade: Love this ending... Still get the chills.

mnewby82: That's when Freddy Krueger drew first blood in their long rivalry

Heather Blue-Castellanos: Freddy Krueger?! Omg!

Ben Fenwick: This was Freddy Kreugers doing

Lego horror Fan: I am watching Jason goes to hell right now

Lego horror Fan: This was made one month before I was born

dragonspyre 1345: Fun fact: after this movie, they made Freddy vs. Jason (I think everyone knows that), and after THAT movie, they actually made a comic where the battle still continues, but this time, Ash from the Evil Dead appears and fights them both, so it's a free for all for the Necronmicon (book that has the power to warp reality outside the dream world)

Kaneki Ken: Robert Englund's laugh? xDDD

Max Kenton: Some one explaine this to me cause I don't understand the ending.

Trevor Ambrose: Jason: hey Freddy they forgot my mask Freddy: oh OK I'll get it Jason: I while get it my self but I was told to stay with leather face and Michael for torturing Freedy: oh it's all good brother but I need you to do something for me in the year 2003 Jason oh I'm suppose to be in a dream world DUI that time I'm brainwashed after you get my mask just appear as my mother and tell me what to do Freedy OK dam brainwashed that's got to hell right there Jason: yeah

electric kid: This is how it happened this is how Freddy vs jason battle begin

john orellana: damn
will jason ever die

trustobey1016: When having a marathon of Freddy and Jason movies, I'll just watch the beginning of Jason goes to hell and then skip to this part and then watch Freddy vs Jason.

George Thomson: and we would wait ten years for Freddy V's Jason. it was o.k but ken kirtzinger was too tall at 6ft 8" and walked like Frankenstein. I always thought kane Hodder should have been Jason in Freddy V's Jason.

Cynical Brandon: that was a really cool way to end that movie
excited people that know who that was
and confuse the people that didn't

Eduardo Flores: jason goes to hell did a marvel end cridet scene

Et gaming Ethan: The take same universe
Jason Goes to Hell (surprise ending) 5 out of 5

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Jason Goes to Hell (surprise ending)