Radial Air Engine

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Radial Air Engine
Radial Air Engine
Radial Air Engine
Radial Air Engine
Air Engine: Radial Assembly
Air Engine: Radial Assembly
Air compressed model rotary radial five cylinder engine
Air compressed model rotary radial five cylinder engine

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xavier clua miquel: New tecnologie to compress air, watch TERMOLIC.

soraya chahid: Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

DukeLaCrosse20: This is very cool, but you need an engine to drive your engine.

策刘: It is just a very normal engine for the old propeller air plane back in history. Replacing gas with compressed air doesn't mean that you have invented anything.

Derek Keogh: The Germans were working on something similar in the late 30s then all of a sudden it vanished! Well done your on to a winner.

raw150: add a carburettor and ignition system for a good old fangled two stroke

wavsunlimited: Use air tank or it is somewhat useless. 

Might as well rip the motor out of the vaccum since everything after that point is just energy loss.

Nice design. Looks classy and simple.

ann nonomous: make it hydraulic! :D

Mathias B (Mberg): Wow that's Awsome, maybe the solution to a cleaner environment :)
PS: https://soundcloud.com/mbergmusic

DONFREDO: Brilliant and ingenious. What does it do ?

Matt Rose: great design and great application.
Very impressed!

VideosWorthSpreading: I wonder if this would be more efficient than Angelo Dipietro's compressed air engine design.

DoNotPushHere: The integrated piston valve can be further developed... I had a similar design before watching this. Mine didn't work on vacuum (didn't intend to) but the trick was to drill on the piston: a side hole, and a bottom hole, communicating; and on the cylinder two side holes: one on apogee for exhaust, and of course one on the lowest point of the side hole of the piston. Thus, it works like a pop valve engine, but without any spring.
Gotta make a video of that
Anyway I love your work...it's very encouraging, since I don't have any lathe or table drill. Just a couple of simple tools

Eugene Syvyk: I think it would be great if you could scale it up, and put it on a bicycle. You would still need to pedal, but you'd have much more smooth acceleration, and much more smooth cadence on your legs.

Vatslav Orlov: Why aren't we funding this?

Steves Projects: this seems similar to a split cycle engine
well done very clever !

mike peine: Compressed Air can power any converted fuel engine . A water/windmill can directly power a air compressor & store the FREE ENERGY without the need for batteries until needed . The world hasn't needed oil etc... as a fuel since 1799

Hans Zarkov: If you slapped a propeller on a larger version, stuck some wheels on it and got the contraption going 20+ mph with peddle power... adding wings might get you airborne.

ever grou: esto era  lo q yo queria hacer en una ciudad  hay tanta   energia  q se desperdicia  dia  dia  en llos lugares publicos   en las  pistas  y calles  hay  mucha energia  q se pierdes  y este es justo el modelo  q yo pensaba     para generar energia   

joaquin holman: this looks so weird
Radial Air Engine 5 out of 5

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Radial Air Engine