Safariland 6004 Vs Blackhawk Serpa Thigh Rig

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Pistolenbeinholster. flecktarn. Bein- und G├╝rtelbefestigung. rechts
Pistolenbeinholster. flecktarn. Bein- und G├╝rtelbefestigung. rechts

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Matias Zaidan: Hello, do you know if the Safariland 6004 works in a Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm?

PaLEOjd: Why make it a point to speak negatively about Glock pistols and the garbage SERPA? Every good polymer pistol on the market is pretty much designed around Glock. If somebody shoots themselves, they are an idiot and should not own a firearm.
The problem lies within the SERPA design and finger placement to unlock the pistol. It doesn't matter if it's Glock, Sig, HK, S&W, the SERPA functions the same way with that dangerous finger button.
Don't give yourself SERPA leg and buy a safe holster such as Safariland. The guy in this video is a clown blaming Glock for a terrible holster design.

Pascotam: I have converted my Safariland 6287 high-ride into the 6004 thigh rig and then modified it with a D-ring. Works really nice. Personally I dislike the hood guard and so I haven't install one.
Safariland has now several locking mechanisms now but I still think the one with a thumb hood is psychologically more secured.

Thanks for the video! I love your presentation. Simple and well-presented.

Jason Gleason: I agree both holsters are great. The one thing you did not mention though is that the Blackhawk light bearing holster will still work properly without the light attached where as the safariland holster will not.

FAT LOLO: Lefties Have Rights Too =>

Nando Plays: Alright! A south paw!

SonOfTheDawn515: Although I will say that the Blackhawk thigh rig was more comfortable than the safari land and I wore both at 8-12 hours a day.

SonOfTheDawn515: I've worn both types of thigh rigs myself. The safariland gave me more piece of mind as far as the sense of security goes but the SERPA has its place as well. It depends on what you're more comfortable and effective with.

SuperBobbster: Is it possible to mount the safariland holster onto the blackhawk thigh rig? The single strap system on the safariland isn't as good as the dual strap fitting....

BLS4Health: get dirt in that serpa and you will have a stuck gun

L. G.: Great video man, not made of money so I ask people that know before I drop so much on a holster.

gooferman609: thing not addressed in this video is the level 3 SERPA holster. that is a super secure holster, retention, the locking on the trigger frame and the cap over the rear of the gun

FDNY101202: There is a level 3 serpa which seems closer in retention to the safariland.

An0nym0us9001: Would have got a BlackHawk Tac holster but they don't offer for my handgun which is a FN Five seveN, so I went with the Safariland Tac holster. Good video.

Hunter: Safariland is better

tsgt1171982: If your looking to not have the safariland slide around on your belt check out the safariland drop flex adapter. Really helps when running a heavier gun/light combo.

Boondee007: What kind of pistol mag pouch is that attached to that blackhawk platform? Can't find it on blackhawk website???

aznazguy: Have you seen the G-Code RTI accessory for the 6004? It's a quick disconnect that looks pretty interesting.

aznazguy: Where can I get one of those USP diagram pads?

Capt Spoon: Check out the safariland 3084.
safariland 6004 vs blackhawk serpa thigh rig 5 out of 5

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safariland 6004 vs blackhawk serpa thigh rig