How To Install Cable Tire Chains - Tips From Oregon DOT

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How to install cable tire chains - tips from Oregon DOT
How to install cable tire chains - tips from Oregon DOT
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OregonDOT: Stay safe everyone.

Timothy Easley: Thanks! This will help for this afternoon! :)

Zack Lewine: Eugene is supposed to get bad this weekend. Thanks ODOT!

LutzBraintrust: Thanks, ODOT !

darkknightsds: Is there a step-by-step list I can print out to keep in my car? Thanks, ODOT!

Boudica Slade: We got a LOT of snow here in Eugene Oregon today, very unusual for this time of year. Because I had nowhere I needed to go, I stayed home which is the best thing to do in such cases. I suddenly remembered that I bought chains several years ago. I tried putting them on once on the road back from Bend OR and failed horribly and proceeded (illegally and dangerously) without them, made it home and forgot about them. The above video showed me how EASY it is, especially if I practice in my garage, which I did. THANK YOU, ODOT ! !

BigBearKoala: Will I need tire chains if I am planning on driving through Oregon from Los Angeles to Seattle in December? Will US101 be a safer route compared to I-5?

Hockett & Olsen Automotive & Tire: It is a little early, but for all you skiers-THINK SNOW!!!

Stephen Pesis: Thanks Oregon DOT. This is a great video that helped remind me how to properly install chains. I'll be traveling through Northern Cal / Southern Oregon this weekend and will be better prepared because of your videos about chain installation and other considerations.

john smith: Great info and great advice on practicing first before its dark and windy and cold! wonder how many people do that tho? haha

OregonDOT: The ones we used in the video are from Les Schwab, but similar ones can be found in many tire stores.

llooddyy: Excellent! I'm less intimidated by installation with this informative vid. Thanks.

OregonDOT: Thanks for the kind words. We're glad you've all found this video useful. That's why we made it. Stay safe! Oregon DOT Communications

OregonDOT: Thank you. Glad it helped.

bobingi: Are there any "chain installation stations" near the Willamette pass?

MADTASS: It"s O.K. just noticed that it isn"t. Am i correct in assuming that you could lay the Chains in Front of the Wheels and Drive on to them,would that make it any easier.

susanbunch1980: Very impressive! This is exactly the answer I was looking for, you should upload your video to this site, Ewisdomtv

Flyboytr: Those are Shur Grip Z style cables.

Antoniocool86: She's sexy.

SnowChainsToolEU: As an European I can't understand what makes you guys from the USA prefer cable tire chains. to the "chain" tire chains. I spent quite a lot of time working with tire chains lately, and IMAO "diamond pattern" tire chains are more durable and easier to put up than the cable ones. Nothing against the SCC, I think they're a great US company, I just don't get the cable concept.

ezforus: The best vid for tire chain, thanks Oregon DOT,

Jeni Kaybee: I met supposedly Les Schwab Tires only female tire wrestler some six years ago at a Les Schwab in Portland. Let's just say she ought to be everybody's hero, or employee of the year or something like that. Jockeying tires is a physical job and they put in some serious time when the weather gets bad & suddenly everyone wants traction at the same time!

CABdosdos: Thanks Oregon DOT now I can street race even in the snow!

OregonDOT: Glad you found it helpful. Travel safely.

OregonDOT: Yes. There are several chain up areas along the side of the highway in both directions towards the top of the pass.

MrAUFANATIC: Where I live it dont snow. But its a turn on to see a woman handling things Haha

MADTASS: I"ve got to ask this, is the Car Jacked up in any way.

OregonDOT: @CABdosdos Not a good idea...

OregonDOT: We just had to delete a comment because it violated our comment policy by using foul language. Comments are always welcome, but foul language is not.

OregonDOT: It depends upon your chains and your vehicle. What's important is securing your chains tightly and safely. That's why we suggest reading through the instructions and practicing on dry pavement a couple of times before you head into a snow zone. That way you know what works best. Lying in the snow on the edge of the road trying to read your chain instructions for the first time while the wind is blowing and the snow is coming down hard is not fun.

landlordsoftware2: Great video! It is nice to see it done before you actually have to do it. Thanks!

brieflybranden: Maybe because the diamond pattern damages the road more?

queengerbil: Thank you! I'm from Arizona so you've eased any concerns I had about driving in Washington.

eequalsmvsquare: very useful....thanks a lot!

JavierNR69: I was afraid to install the chains on, this was my first time driving on snow but after watch this video everithing went to easy. Thank you !! :)

ezforus: Hi, where can I get the spit snow cable like that, I went to autozone, they dont know about, I want to get the split cable like that, so is easier to put it on the tire, thank you.

racenuke: Yeah, chains are not meant to go past 30 MPH...

snwbubble: although this is a great informational video, it is surprising and quite disappointing to see that a department of transportation video is aimed only at a certain type of tire chain

daddy69plus4: could have used it today......BLIZZARD

dinahany2000: Thanks soo much I like it soo much very clear

everthinka: Thanx from Montana Oregon DOT

titanramfan: Well done, O DOT! I may be partial to CalTrans or WS DOT (my homes on either side of you), but when I drive home north for Christmas and back south to my residence and job afterwards, this part of the trip will likely happen on your turf. Siskiyous--grrr. And heck, I like it when someone else gasses up my car (at the Loves/Arby's truck stop). :) Thanks for this vid!

gsstr: This is the best video I've seen on chain installation. The directions are clear verbally and visually. Thanks! I'm going to take this knowledge to the Alps this weekend.

Vulcan Tire Sales: Nice video. Accurate information.

jackacehole: Thanks, OregonDOT! Great video! Gotta use my chains today for my Big Bear trip!

ozizzel: hahahahahaha

inkey2: yeh, "cable" chains are the best for passenger cars. The problem I am running into is this: On the old rear wheel drive cars there was plenty of "wheel well" space to manuver the chains during installation. On front wheel drive "passenger cars" there is very little wheel well space. It makes it alot harder.

Austen Derry: Portland got hit pretty bad this year.

mmagliaro: Thank you thank you! Clear, to the point, and so useful!
How to install cable tire chains - tips from Oregon DOT 4.8 out of 5

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How to install cable tire chains - tips from Oregon DOT