BMW E46 Cruise Control And Steering Wheel Retrofit DIY

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BMW E46 Cruise control and steering wheel retrofit DIY
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Xavier DC Kev: What Cluster you have ???

Alexandru Csergo: 

Terry McBride: This worked on my 1999 E46 323ci Coupe :) Only took an hour happy days :)

Dragan Radenkovic: Thanks a lot, I do it and all working now. The hardest was to pull up freaking modul (connection) for cruise control. 

arlind ballazhi: Great job very prof. 

BMW 3 Series: I ordered it directly from my BMW stealer

Malik Shakur: ich danke dir für dieses top video! schau auch mal meine an ;)

Faraz: What an orginal piece of work. You motivated me for doing it on my 2005 model 318i. I am back in UAE so I can't say if I can buy this facelift steering. (we don't have ebay yet!).. I didn't skipped a single part of video but I think you never showed the main cruise control module getting connected. Lastly mine is Gasoline, while your model seems Diesel, would that make difference? I mean where can I find DDE equivalent. (sorry for a stupid question)

Mark Seth: Hi, I can do this for BMW E46 (facelift) 318i from 1999? Thank you.

BMW 3 Series: Hi, The plastic insulation for the connectors is contained in the BMW wiring harness kit you will need from BMW. No. 61 12 0 016 012 Kit contains 3 wires with sleeves, male and female connectors and sleves for old and new versions to the DDE connector. Just all what you need.

BMW 3 Series: You need to cut the VI/GE and the WS/RT/GE wires Sorry that Youtube is blocking the link to the MFL stearing wheel manual, but its easy to find using Google

SashKo: i have BMW 318d 2003 !!can i put a Cruise control and other??

DenHond: Would love to get the cruise control on my E46, but seems to be to much work for me :(

Iyad Nasser: yes i use OEM BMW radio i will take a picture for it and send you to be sure if it's the kind witch work and thank you so much

Bojackal: Hi, Is it the same installation on a 2002 318Ci ? The part I need for cruise control has the number 61120016012 : you can buy it from anywhere ? I'm thinking about doing it thanks to your great video :p

Gabriel Gobolyos: nu am niciun fisier remaped. Eu chiar as fi curios daca o sa mearga schimband ecu, si eu m-am gandit la varianta asta. Problema esta ca trebe schimbat si EWS si cheile, sau ma rog cipurile din chei.

Gabriel Gobolyos: in ce program ai vazut asta?

BMW 3 Series: if your car isn't installed with the buttons for controlling radio and cruise control, the car hasn't the wirering harness that it needs. I guess BMW saved a few cents by leaving out the 3 wires for the cruise control.

BMW 3 Series: Yes I'm danish :-) Ty

Dejan Fonn Kostadinovski: Add to favorites ...!

teebeaubobo: Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you're Danish. Congratulations on this very detailled tutorial!

Kal Lutato: Hi Mondeo984, In your video from about 14:36 until 16:10 you are plugging the cable connectors into some black plastic housings. What are the black plastic housings called and where can I get them from? They did not come with the steering wheel that I ordered from ebay (it was second hand). Thanks in advance

Mihai F: Marius, trebuie schimbata si spira de la volan. De asta nu merge, scrie-mi daca merge dupa ce schimbi spira. Acceleratia ta e electronica?

M5 Driver: sir please my car is e46, 325i, 2001 and it doesn't have the cruise control, do you think I can buy a wheel with cruse control botton and install this in my car? Please let me know sir. Thank you

Spellbound07: nice video!!!! but this green tape)))))) I'll buy black one, ore maybe a cambric. Thanks for DIY!

Mamamam: its a late 1999 but it has steering wheel controls radio & cruise control Thnx

Gabriel Gobolyos: Inca ceva, eu am incercat 3 module de MFL diferite, de volan cu 4 spite, de volan sport in 3 spite, si acuma am un volan de M5. Nici unu nu mergea sa activeze tempomatul.

aram442: I dont have an BMW..I dont even have a car. I just watched this video randomly and your like a pro man..

icechelsea1: The engine temperature suggests you already tried it on the road before filming the final part :D Fantastic DYI! work of art! Just a question, what would be different on my 99' e46 pre-facelift? Is it even possible to do this on mine? I have the same steering wheel that you had? Thanks...

Irmantas Audėjas: You can change video name, but content inside video won't be refreshed.

BMW 3 Series: Yes the pin 37 is empty. So if yours isn't better double check if you have found the right pin in the connector. The pin is only with cable in E46's with installed cruise control. Pin numbers can be seen on the buttom part of the black plastic connector

BMW 3 Series: Yes I tried it out before I recorded the last part Im not sure you can install the stearing wheel onto a 99'. Its because this airbag uses a 2 stage airbag unit and your 99 has only a 1 stage.

BMW 3 Series: I know, but I didn't want to stress the locking mechanism. OK maybe the locking would easily take the stress anyway.

Gabriel Gobolyos: da, functioneaza. Dupa update cum am apasat butonul de I\O s-a aprims in bord becul de tempomat

Marius Fauru: daca e46 tau are 136 hp si e cu dde vechi trebue sa pui cablul de la dde in Pin nr 27 in mufa cu 40 de pin ;) si in mufa neagra ;)

Androandroandrica: its simple once you get it right?

M5 Driver: Thank you sir in advanced

BMW 3 Series: I use the following words in my search on google to get the installation manual. "bmw e46 mfl retrofit pdf" Im not sure, but it seems like you can only install it models from 2001 to 2005 E46. If you have an older model you would probably need a new throttle body also. At least for the gas engines. For diesel engines from 1998 to 2000 it might work, im not sure.

Nightfly1957: Ist doch normal. Denke es wird Zeit im Web mal wieder wie Menschen miteinander zu reden. Durch die Anonymität lese ich hier Dinge, die eher von Idioten als von Menschen stammen. Nutze das Web seit ca. 1992, da gab es "gopher", keinen Browser. Und der Umgangston war sehr freundlich. Leider kommt man nun so einfach online. Dewegen halt die vielen Spinner, die hier den Frust an den Mitmenschen ablassen. Wünsche Dir für die Zukunft Alles Gute und möge sich erfüllen, was Du Dir wünscht ! Norbert

thepaddonman: very well done, this would of helped me a bit a week ago when i did mine. Thanks anyway is was great to watch the whole video just for fun. :) subscribed

Marius Fauru: nuuuu :) trebue ECU si EWS, cheile le poti prgrama ;) le stergi codurile vechi si le programezi pe ale tale ;)

Bahaa Atef: wow thats so easy to do in my car .. but .. about that part when u connect the blue wire to the white wire in the pin 37 in the 58 connector the pin37 empty ?? is that white wire exist and you cut it ? or.. u just connect that wire to the empty 37 pin in connector ???

andre ventura: very good :) how white light gets in quadrant?

PavilloN: thank you soo much for ur answer and i have problem for my bmw.(help please) /watch?v=INNomTh4oPs have u any idea?

Gabriel Gobolyos: Ai reusit ceva pana la urma? Eu am fost si la reprezentanta si am facut un update de ECU si tot nu merge. Incearca sa pui DIS-ul si acolo cauti in DDE "tempomat fitted". La mine scrie NO si dupa update. Eu totusi cred ca DDE-ul e din primele modele de e46 si nu este "bagata" optiunea in ea.

BMW 3 Series: Yes you can make the cruise control on a 99 as well. But the connectors in the DDE will be different and the blue cable must be connected to another pin. It's described in the official BMW retrofit sport wheel manual you can download everywhere

jimi hendrix: It's spelled steering wheel. So close.

q3r1se: :P thx man ... i allready did it 1 month ago and made a great DIY :) thanks anyway !

Mangaiah Garikapati: got the link to a PDF using tag words from your other comments. looks like this should work for my 1998 e46 as well. but please confirm if you have any info so that i can safely start the modding... thx

Kal Lutato: Hi, I have been trying to find the the Kit on BMW's ebay page but they dont seem to have it. Could you email me a link to where you ordered it from? Or some other way to request it? Thanks.
BMW E46 Cruise control and steering wheel retrofit DIY 4.8 out of 5

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BMW E46 Cruise control and steering wheel retrofit DIY