Trust GXT 10 Gaming Headset Review

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Trust GXT 10 Gaming Headset Review
Trust GXT 10 Gaming Headset Review
Trust GXT 340 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset Unboxing
Trust GXT 340 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset Unboxing

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Paško Gović: Mine broke yesterday, after only a month. Don't buy this crap


Matthijs Bult: How long did the headset last? did it break fast (if it broke at all) or does it still work fine

Javiër Pierau: song name at 0:01 till 0:13 ?

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: What should I do a review of next? My in-ear headphones or my wireless mouse?

Psiho60: Please help bought this headset and the microphone does not work in skype

Clyde Aleksandrov: great review

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: *seriously

Ubern33b: Hey, I was using Plantronics GameCom 367 until now (they broke) and I am kind of low on budget , do you think these will be good enough to get? I am also looking at Philips SHM6500. If you can help me, please reply.

Vayne or afk: lol the sound is perfect i have it for 1 year now

oOZanlanOo: just dislike the headset

««¡\_~ø~û~ï ~§¡»»: i bought it but the volume is really low and i can higher it plus i can setup the mic :(

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: Check my new Marimba vid Joe :)

akromavsphage: i bougth at the same time this headphones and the gxt 14 gaming mouse....both crap, the mouse broke and i had to replace by my self 2 clicks the rigth click and the optional button click, and the headphones broke on the top and one earphone stoped working....but all was like 25€ sorry for my bad english im spanish (if u want a good gaming headphones head for the razer store)

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: Sorry, I don't know. It happend when I am on Skype with my friends and I'm watching a video, but it doesn't seem to bother them that much. If it does bother them, try watching videos after or before going on Skype so you can concentrate on talking/playing games/singing; whatever it is you do on Skype :P

Purist111111: Do not buy Trust gear, headset stopped working after 2 months! Been very carefull and good with it!

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: Indeed :)

cabaretampere: great review

AtomRage: I Never trusted Trust :)

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: Thanks :)

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: cheers

rewand25: @TheAwesomeVideoMan1 its not an usb cabel? how can i put it in a ps3?

Sutgon: It fell on the ground and it won't work anymore...Just no sound...Fell because of the wire...Can anyone give me some tips on fixing it?

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: that's a nice comment.

TheMaziem: Mine was broken in just 1 day

Азат Абирбаев: Great! Thanks for review Пойду покупать.

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: @Rojall02 Thanks :)

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: @Syl50O5 Try and turn it up to full on the linker. If that doesn't work check the audio mixer on the computer. If THAT doesn't work then it may a faulty model; try to return it.

HurricanezMadZ: adjust the headset so see if it will work or take it to a PCworld or CurrysComputers store to see if they can take it apart to fix it after that do idea what could be wrong with it..

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: @rewand25 You can't put in a PS3, it's only for PC.

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: Read the description; it's on the first line.

91Pangaa: Just buy a sound card and plug the mic 3,5mm in the soundcard (put that in the ps3 or xbox) then put the sound 3,5mm in your tv. works perfectly and you even get surround sound

bassyboy189: Very professional!

GoGameIT: my'n is broken :(

GoGameIT: @TheAwesomeVideoMan1 ill dothe same thing XD

jobby heed: Trust are not known for sound quality but they are defo worth the price. only £14

TheJasonxlr8: Nice review mate ;)

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: So does your grammar

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: @CentricWinter Baaaayemmmmss :D *This is an inside joke. Don't worry*

MproductionsHD: Mine is not that loud, but if i put the Microfone Gain to +10.0 DB its gonna make a weird noise. Help me?

Zodiac BLK: hey i have just got the headset but it makes a really annoying buzzing sound. anyone who knows what to do?

CentricWinter: swag

GamerZKorvZ: Really? i got this headset and its not freaking terrible...

Mattis Kotkamaa: very good review! Everything i needed to know about it and you even pulled a joke, Awesome!

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: Cheers :)

epheX: Mine broke after 3 month from putting on and off.. snaped in half. And i dont even have a big head :>

[TherOnly]Lord Pistachio: My (Second!!) one breaked after 2-3 months -_-

by diz: can you use this on ps3?

BoxiestLive777: you can use it for the Xbox 360 you just have to buy a small plugin for your controller and you can use any PC headset for it i have one just for 10 euro's i should buy the small plug in and then buy a good PC headset for not that many and enjoy

TheAwesomeVideoMan1: Thanks, I didn't know that :)
Trust GXT 10 Gaming Headset Review 4.3 out of 5

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Trust GXT 10 Gaming Headset Review