Arunachala And The Ashram Of Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Duart Maclean: I was there with my partner Lyse. What a wonderful place. Namaste! Sri Ramana!


Rahul Apte: Wonderful video. One of the best, capturing the very soul and essence ...

Pasumarthy Ramesh: Nice video of wondering swamy who is always on the hill for devotees. Jai Sri Ramana.

cspace1234nz: Very nice video showing Virupaksha Cave and Skanda Ashram especially and at certain times of the day you can still find them to be relatively peaceful and quiet. Seems this film was made in 2003, almost 13 years ago and it's a shame that it's all very different now. The caves get very busy with many irritating, disrespectful Indian people coming in and out with large groups, shuffling bags, checking phones and generally making a lot of unnecessary noise, more like some sort of tourist attraction. Same with Ramana Ashram which is now a very busy place, it's become a circus, again, more like a tourist attraction. Just 2 or 3 years ago they closed the Inner Path so it's no longer possible to do Pradakshina at the very base of Arunachala, it can only be done on the road. Arunachala is still a very special place and one can walk on the hill and very quickly find a quiet place to sit for a while and it's still possible to climb to the top of the hill. The thing is that when Arunacahala calls and it's time for you to go there, you will simply go. You may not even know why, you will just go there, as did Ramana when he was still a boy. Even though it's busy these days I still go every couple of years, I avoid the crowds, I sit on the hill, sit in the caves when it's quiet, it's like going home.

om4444: Nice job. I've wanted to see a little more of Skandashram, the rock behind it etc and your film showed that.

Marc-André Dandenault: can't wait to finally visit that place next year !

Margriet van den Dool: Thank you so much. I have been 8 times in Ramana Ashram and loved staying in the place where someone lived, spending his live, to find out his real being. When every person questioned and realized who they really are, the world became a better place. 

Werner Gabriel: The Music is from Andres Condon and Amaresh Seelig

Werner Gabriel:

Abandoned Dead: I love the music as well. What is it from?

The Heartless: i understand what you say and i respect your opinion.but this opinion is your own which you have certainly come to understand as a result of your experiences and understanding.but the fact that u and me are alive and posting these comments concludes that we still have a lot to experiences to gain in the future which will definitely alter our way of i wish u all the best...btw i do not agree with your opinion..i am not my ego nor am i this body.who am i ? im gonna find out soon.

Naveen Alwala: i am not from this society or ashram,i agree to you but as the hindus should read and follow the BHAGAVAT GITA ,which is the primary book, as for others kuran ,bibal etc.. so are we following that atleast , rather than cheated by different people

delicatethunder: Beautiful video.

freedom77: Supra? Take your medication please.

versusayer5: Two enlightened integral yogis told me that Ramana Maharshi is a very powerful master who works now as the Devil in the consciousness of our planet. Almighty Ramana Maharshi globally manipulates people, attacks integral yogis and wants to stop supramental transformation of our planet.

Before Knowledge: Lollll well from what I have seen you post elsewhere on the net you clearly know freak all about Ramana nor enlightenment! Lol go do your homeworks because you are the laughing stock of everyone who has the smallest true basic understanding of Ramana and enlightenment in general! I suspect, since you brought the subject, that you have some issue about your own latent gay side. Listen, I'm not gay but I would be willing to let you s**k my p**ck if that can take away some of your confusion! Lol...

Itso Rangelov: You are wrong, there is no devil. The Good and the Bad are cosmic laws of the existence. Life needs them because of Its evolution. People of the past named Devil everything which they didn`t understand. I hate the sects as well, but Ram. Mah. is man of science. Science of mind evolution.

olivier SIMON: beautifull atmosphere !

Yoginette: Where do you get these ideas? Have you read anything people who actually met him said about him? I think you're projecting your fears related to who knows what other man on him.
Arunachala and the Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi 5 out of 5

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Arunachala and the Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi