ZASTAVA 357 Magnum Revolver M83

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The Smart Budget Channel: thumbs up (+1) - I love revolvers. Thanks for sharing.

The Black Crow: Nice video. i have found one in the water in Rotterdam.

Max Payne: A perfect zombie killer.

rasimos: Peace of sheeeet

chris uthe:

dampy: Shot mine for the first time yesterday, 100 rounds of 38's 357's,walked away with a smile on my face! Very nice single action trigger, double action was fine also, just got to get used to it. $280 for a new tank, I'm happy! Accuracy was VERY good, I actually shot better groups (38's) with it than my 22LR revolver. I would like to find some nice Houge/Rubber grips though, not sure if any of you have found after market grips that fit the M83 ???
Thanks for the video EDC!

Stefan Stankovic: Imamo poptuno isti pistolj ,crni najlepsi :D u vezi sa obaracem si u pravu jeste malo tvrdje ali naviknes se nije toliko strasno odlican je :)

Jon Eirik Martinsen: Hi :)
Im sure you can find someone that can make you another trigger, 357mag. is a powerfull gun, i use to own a S&W mod 28 i think it was...Highway patrol man ...  but i sold it, i now just have antique guns, as a colector.

best regards from Norway

Amedeo Conta: Belgium? Switzerland? Germany?

Amedeo Conta: Great videos thanks alot. I purchased this gun used at a pawn shop for $ 250 in WA state. It's been a great open carry weapon around my property (small farm). What HOLSTER do you use for this weapon? Also are you Dutch? Sounds like a Dutch accent.

Ivan Grozni: this gun is indestructible, you can fire few thousand bullets in a row and it can do nothing to it :D

mik22pik: Great video, well done!

Andrew Hass: Took one in on trade for some motorcycle work. The trigger might be heavy and it might not be the prettiest revolver on the market, but it seems to be well made and all the reviews I have read say they are reliable. Personally, I care that it fires when it needs to fire. Decent review for a decent budget revolver.

Phillip Brisimitzakis: I recently bought one from Cabela's....... the trigger pull was 12 pounds I took it to a gunsmith. He replaced a spring .... now around 2 pound pull...... much better. I am very pleased..... even the gunsmith was impressed with this pistol.

beetlesuzuki72: Great video, thanks for sharing. I just received the cabela's ad with these revolvers listed for 279.99 pretty good deal for a 357 if you ask me. I'm headed down to get one after work hope their in stock. Do you happen to know what year these were made?

ColoradoCraig: Nice job on the video and thanks for the gallery at the end.  I own two Mosin Nagant 91/30's and you really have to work the trigger but I can shoot them very accurately.  Cabela's has these on sale this weekend for $279,99 where I am (3/13-3/23) and was wondering if it would be a good starter revolver. I'm going to take a look.

CDWastelands: Just bought one. Love it! Solid firearm.

Dúnadan SonoftheWest: Are there speedloaders that are compatible with these things?

jtwhitehead2mo: I don't wanna hear another god damn word about "heavy trigger" till you've fired an 1895 Nagant. Then and only then do have a right to complain! (Nagant guys will get it) lol

oknevals: I just looked it up in Cabela's last week and being Serb, I really wanted to buy it for emotional reasons. It was impossible though to find any redeeming quality in that revolver. Trigger is horrible as a single action and double action I would consider impossible for any practical reason. It is also extremely unergonomic both in grip and in terms of quick acquiring of target. When I straighten arm, the sights are misaligned and have to get my hand in very awkward position to align sights. Also, very light gun. With its horrible ergonomics and light weight, it must be a nightmare shooting some hotter loads like some with 125 grain that are painful even on S&W 868. I shoot also .44 mag with no problem so, it is not I can't handle kick. Don't want to hurt your feelings or those of anybody else but, that is the worst piece of crap I've ever had in my hand. Worse even than Taurus, maybe even Rossi. I wouldn't take it for free. My advice, save some money and get yourself nice Ruger or S&W. Pricey but, you'll have something that works and holds value too.
ZASTAVA 357 Magnum Revolver M83 5 out of 5

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ZASTAVA 357 Magnum Revolver M83