How To Build A Rabbit Hutch

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How to Build a Rabbit Hutch -  Cheap and Easy
How to Build a Rabbit Hutch - Cheap and Easy
How to Build a Rabbit Hutch Part 1
How to Build a Rabbit Hutch Part 1
How to build a Rabbit Hutch
How to build a Rabbit Hutch
How To Build A Lego Rabbit Hutch
How To Build A Lego Rabbit Hutch
Easy Build Rabbit Hutch-Livestock
Easy Build Rabbit Hutch-Livestock

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emad max: You got 330k views!!!!

fanofmany71: These comments make me laugh. It shows you just how negative many people are - instead of pointing out the positives, these people go to the negatives. It tells you a lot about these people making the comments - mainly, that they must get criticized a lot in their own lives so they have to dish it out on others. Video seems AOK to me.

loftyskies123: its too small and too open 

biteeemeee101: so hard

LittleSparkleRabbitry: +alicia maria 

Any treated wood is POISONOUS for rabbits. Pine wood is SAFE. But shavings ISN'T! The oils petstores sell for shavings will cause the rabbit to get respiratory infections 

Ayman Zakaria: EARPHONES???

Taylon Ryan: Just for stupid advertising. His voice annoys me, and the hutch isn't good enough. crap! 

Jacqueline Strand: Where is the sheltered bed area? Where are the doors? Looks a good roof. What material did you use for it?

Sathes Thiru: nice

alicia maria: Isn't treated pine toxic to most if not all rodents?

jsherwoods: Dude first statement is wear protective gear, eyes and ears when using the nail gun, second time you use it you don't have ear protectors!! G

Capricewilton: How r u ment to get in the hutch.... -_-

Uh Nope: stupid

rickallen154: Is that language necessary?

Tylor Cater: freak i wouldn't build that right even if i was sponsored by otter,

Mostdope Moe412: No, he is just promoting Otter. If you look at that little decale on his shirt it says Otter on it. He is either an employee, or a big fan of Otter products.

snipersquad100: What a OTTER crap.

318Deepsouth: I think it took less tools to build my house. lmAo

318Deepsouth: So if i dont use Otter products for this whole build will it fall apart?

Charlie Bites: u can kill the rabbit if u use chicken wire
How to build a Rabbit Hutch 5 out of 5

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How to build a Rabbit Hutch