Catching Softshell Turtles!

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Catching Softshell Turtles!
Catching Softshell Turtles!
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smetlogik: @ zach wilson - you need to throw up a vid of you catching a softshell by hand.

umadbro: i catched a baby soft shell and a reptile snapping turtle very small 

zach wilson: Nice softshell tho

MrButthole265: do you know like which river or canals...whats.the name and do you think the colorado River have any?

Petfax: Was this in colorado?

zach wilson: dude why a net? its easy to use hands only I catch full grown snapping turtles bare handed

Nick Milunovich: Yeyeyeye! That's Live Action! I catch most of the reptiles with my bare hands only! Live Action!

MrButthole265: Do u know there's any near Southern Cal cuz trying to get some

monkey8113: Now cook it!

leny ortega: What kind turtle is tha nose look like pig or u can eat it¿

Risky_xFame: For sale? I want them for my pond

Alex Drayke: @smetlogik Thanks for the advice!

Jesus Christ: I LIKE TURTLES.

TheSnakeLibrary: Say what? Softshells bite! I didnt know that, dang thats crazy.

miamiglitch: I heard they re delicious!

TheSnakeLibrary: Ya'lls softshells look a bit different than ours.

ShamrockGorman: 0:47 Alright Bend Over And Drop our Pants!

Kyle Wade: what city/area is this in colorado?

rotensnatchmuffdiver: where are theses at?

WildlifeCrazy25: Those are so cool looking. Nice catch!!

smetlogik: yes, you have softshells in ontario.

rockonreptiles: what part of co are you

Kyle Wade: what part of colorado?

smetlogik: Depends on what state you live in, but softshells usually are found in slow moving streams or rivers and soft bottomed ponds or lakes. Best bet is google the turtles for your state and see what it says about softshells.

TUrtLEboYY DyLaN: Do you know if softshell turtles are in NC? all i find are common snapping turtles and river cooters? but i want to find a softshell reply plz:)

COOLJ2022: o haha

1401blackcat: I catch dem wit meh honds not nah net

AgentFox007o: Ohhh. Okay. Thanks! :)

smetlogik: you da man.

AgentFox007o: Wow! is that the only kind of net you can use to catch one? they are very hard for me to catch, can you tell me more?

Kimmie Shook: it looks like a pig!!!

Los107042: Peewee yes thier is thier are wild red eared sliders, and western pond turtles pleas dont take the turtles as pets releas them after you catch them thx im only 11 lol : D

smetlogik: Softshell turtle.

Wilson Tsai: Do you trap a lot of softshell turtles? I have a fish and turtle farm in California and am looking for trappers to sell me some.

AngryTurtlez17: i catch turtles for fun and ive tried and tried but ive never caught a soft shell, do you know any places i can look?

tird108: the big ones are in the south i live in fl and holy crap they get big and they got like 6inch or more reach with neck

hanna kang: Awesome good job!!

Pilot9r: Do you know if they live in NY?

TheSnakeLibrary: I use to see softshells alot. Havent seen any this year yet. Very cool species.

smetlogik: CO

smetlogik: Colorado. They bite though and it hurts bad.

smetlogik: ahh.. we leave 'em where we find 'em.

rotensnatchmuffdiver: where do you find these at?

smetlogik: Should be there. They're shy turtles though.

drumcon11: These turtles are awesome. I've never found one before

jeffxl12: wow nice catch. They are fast little things

smetlogik: never herped there. in Georgia?

smetlogik: naw. we never take anything we find.

Alex Drayke: Yeah! I love catch turtles. I've never seen an soft shells yet, but I really want to catch one. I live in NJ, any advice on how and where to catch an eastern spiny soft shell?

avidfcp7: You dudes are brave. I'd like to do this but I'd be scared. Great video, thanks for posting.
Catching Softshell Turtles! 4.7 out of 5

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Catching Softshell Turtles!