BaoFeng Update -- I Can Get You Into Ham Radio For 80 Bucks

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Larry Jackson: We give free test's here in KY now . I am a VE ! 73 de KK4SPW

Jack Paylor: Are you talking about Gordon West?

Coloradocop: I'm no expert here... just got my call sign for my Technician ticket yesterday. But, I'd totally agree with your estimate on the cost. Here's how it broke down for me: $30 for the ARRL study guide, and I also used a free study app for my phone. $15 to sit for the test. $25 for an imported Baofeng UV-5R radio, and $16 for an upgraded antenna. So, I'm into it for $86, including testing, study materials, and my first radio.

crazy anime fan guy: do you know of any cheep hf radios ?

jacknifedbl: i have had one for over a year still going stong so i got a few more!! the v2+ now has a "working" strength meter!! hopefully i will be upgraded to my extra ticket before the test changes...i had my tech for a bit but then upgraded to general...

Eduardo Gomes Reis: Hi Philip,
Thanks for sharing you experience.
I'm looking for new radios to substitute my Motorala MR350's and Midland GTX1000's walkie-talkie that I've been using on urban trips and trekking. Do you think that these UV-3R's are a good choice?

Mr. Arnold: It should be phrased that you can barely get into ham radio with that amount of money. I just got my license not to long ago, and unless you are lucky enough to live really close to a repeater, you really ain't getting into ham this way.

Guns and Gear Network: Now you can find that radio for as low as $25 to $30. That one radio probably has had done more introduce HAM o new people than any single invention. Thanks for the videos!!

longboy1998: I did it a little bit more $15 for the test $40 for a uv-5r and Nagoya na771 antenna and the $60 for a radio shack htx10 (10meter 25w pep) and a 10m hamstick with mount so in all $115 not a bad deal I though and have had plenty of fun on both

ThePOWERtoRULE: Phil, I appreciate what you do and your attitude. I'm under 30 (still, just barely) and have had a mild curiosity about amateur radio for years, but only recently have started to take the initiative to study for the Technician Class exam. After meeting a few hams that were less than inviting, I encountered somebody who encouraged my interest in the hobby and off I go! Making the hobby friendly and accessible is important to its future, thank you!

Matt childfree: I prefer the yaesu radios because they are so much easier to program and the audio quality is great.

Raven Sky Reid: Awesome Video, I'm on my way. I went backwards but I have my baofeng and now I'm ready to take my test all for $80. So excited to learn my new hobbie. Thanks for such great information.

Keith G: I get asked all the time, "I am interested, but what do I have to do to get involved?" I explain the exam cost, the cost for a new basic HT, and you're in for under $100.00 and in most cases under $75.00. Then I tell them I have a great method for studying the exam in bits so they master small tidbits (10-11 questions) instead of large volumes of questions. Once they complete each section, they'll have mastered the test and then they can go take the test. I used this method and almost aced my exam. I have had 4 people in the last month inquire, but all 4 have not followed through. I try to lead by example and show my enthusiasm for Ham Radio by posting interesting links and such on Facebook. Maybe soon I can get some more people into Ham radio. I love it and could kick myself for not doing this sooner. At 45, I missed out on years of fun!  73! KG1USA, Paso Robles, CA; USN, Ret.

nelson santos: here the license costs $ 70 about 50 euros

after the examination has to be 2 years only listening


Adam R: The Baofeng UV 5R tests at 5 watts, even though it may advertise less. Its a great radio

Mine cost $34, free shipping WITH the USB computer cable (normally $10 more)

My ham technician test cost $15 to take.

So thats only $49 total.

hytlerson: well.. for 50bucks John could better get a baofeng uv-82. 

Aiden Neoculius: very nice video from scott dw1 n2itd  73s

Kevys Rc & Music: cool vid

philip: Thanks, Scotty, and congratulations!

Scotty Ward: Fully agree. I too thought the expense would be too much, but the little Baofeng overcame my "last barrier" to obtaining my amateur license too. I tested for my Technician license (self study) on 9-21-2013, aced the exam, and obtained my call sign (KC3BHQ) on Monday. Unlike other posters here, I've had absolutely zero problems with my UV-5RE Plus, and have programmed some 69 area repeaters and public service frequencies into it. Could not be happier.
BaoFeng Update -- I can get you into ham radio for 80 bucks 5 out of 5

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BaoFeng Update -- I can get you into ham radio for 80 bucks