BaoFeng Update -- I Can Get You Into Ham Radio For 80 Bucks

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Eduardo Gomes Reis: Hi Philip,
Thanks for sharing you experience.
I'm looking for new radios to substitute my Motorala MR350's and Midland GTX1000's walkie-talkie that I've been using on urban trips and trekking. Do you think that these UV-3R's are a good choice?

Sir Arnold: It should be phrased that you can barely get into ham radio with that amount of money. I just got my license not to long ago, and unless you are lucky enough to live really close to a repeater, you really ain't getting into ham this way.

Guns and Gear Network: Now you can find that radio for as low as $25 to $30. That one radio probably has had done more introduce HAM o new people than any single invention. Thanks for the videos!!

longboy1998: I did it a little bit more $15 for the test $40 for a uv-5r and Nagoya na771 antenna and the $60 for a radio shack htx10 (10meter 25w pep) and a 10m hamstick with mount so in all $115 not a bad deal I though and have had plenty of fun on both

ThePOWERtoRULE: Phil, I appreciate what you do and your attitude. I'm under 30 (still, just barely) and have had a mild curiosity about amateur radio for years, but only recently have started to take the initiative to study for the Technician Class exam. After meeting a few hams that were less than inviting, I encountered somebody who encouraged my interest in the hobby and off I go! Making the hobby friendly and accessible is important to its future, thank you!

philip: Thanks, Scotty, and congratulations!

Scotty Ward: Fully agree. I too thought the expense would be too much, but the little Baofeng overcame my "last barrier" to obtaining my amateur license too. I tested for my Technician license (self study) on 9-21-2013, aced the exam, and obtained my call sign (KC3BHQ) on Monday. Unlike other posters here, I've had absolutely zero problems with my UV-5RE Plus, and have programmed some 69 area repeaters and public service frequencies into it. Could not be happier.

Cory Hill: Thanks for the reply. The price point is fantastic, but I would love to see them take QA a lot more serious. Thus, I've been reporting my experience with it online. I think most people have been happy with them. I got a lemon.

philip: Quality control is a problem for everyone. I bought a couple of Vertex radios, and one was totally DOA. I do expect worse QC for Baofengs, and I'm sorry to say you got a bum one. That's the nature of a fifty-buck HT. We've had two for a few years now, and mine is suffering more: Pocket clip is broken and something's come loose and is hanging under the clear plastic that covers the screen. But their radios I'm willing to take to Burning Man and willing to have fail there. We bring back up radios.

Cory Hill: I bought one of these with all the accessories, and it was a disaster. The charger was DOA, complete with crappy soldering job on the inside. The charger holds the radio sloppily. The programming cable caused the radio to key down when it was plugged in. The software and drivers are a joke, and will be a pain for people who are not computer literate. Programming didn't work, even with Chirp. I'll try another one in the future, but I'm going for a Yaesu after I return this Baofeng.

philip: My pleasure, glad you found the video useful. Best of luck on your test!

philip: Be sure to drop by and sign our eyeball QSO board.

dimitdamnit: I'm sold!!!! Good job! Hope to catch you at the next Makers Fair!

philip: I laughed the whole time; so did his buddy. I hope he bought a radio and became active.

adm5223: You should be happy! Good job, that's awesome!

philip: Well, he was dumbfounded that it was a 50 dollar radio.

philip: This is _very_ distressing to hear, and I'm upset that you let it get by you without reporting it. I have _never_ heard such language in my years here, and I and every ham I know would have reported those jerks to the FCC after recording their abuse. If this was the worst example you've ever heard, I'm seriously upset you let it go by. Why didn't you report it? I don't understand why you let such abuse go by. If you give me the repeater freqs, I'll talk to the owners. Please let me know ASAP.

philip: My experience with the radio has been as an amateur operator, and yes a license is needed. It may be possible to use the radios on frequencies which require no license, but I have no clue about that, I'm sorry to say. Maybe some one here will know how to go about finding that out?

wa4aos: In my area 75 meters is embarrassing most evenings, particularly, on Friday and Saturday evenings when people get really raunchy. Unfortunately, in many respects the hobby has gone down hill in the last 15 years much to my disappointment. I use to be proud to be a Ham op, now, I seldom mention it unless I find someone who is interested, then I will do everything I can to help them along. 73, Glenn WA4AOS .

wa4aos: I am referring to your area of SF Ca.. Again, no disrespect intended towards you. I too have wrestled with getting new people in the hobby for years. First licensed in 1971. In the beginning I tried to encourage almost everyone but at least for me, it became obvious that not everyone was going to be interested. I have had better luck with technical people in the computer area or just people who like to play with electronics. Your area was not the only place I have heard poor operation. MORE
BaoFeng Update -- I can get you into ham radio for 80 bucks 5 out of 5

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BaoFeng Update -- I can get you into ham radio for 80 bucks