Bmw 120d 177 Top Speed Velocidade Maxima 255 Kmh

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gakoel1: i have the same car it go,s 245 km/h buth i have let my car to bmw and they did a ispection changing filters and oil and now my car go,s somting like 235???

Gilles Amez: Nice! I have the same car, and got it to 251-252 km/h (speedo) already, but that was on a rather steep descent. I suppose you took this video whilst going down a very steep descent ... or is you car chiptuned? Stock 120d177 do some 241-243 on the speedo on flat surface. Nice vid! ;)

Celso Jesus: RBoraTDI vai la pesquisar qt marca um 120d d 177cv!! Acho k é melhor pesquisares antes do k falares ha toa!!

linoc56: Yep, it was descent 255 real 242. In flat i do 243 244 speedo ,real 231 232. wheels 17. i dont the performance box, that´s why i asked you if you have one, to see if it´s accurate in the 0-60, 1/4 mile :)

corvetterx8: It´s going down..., sure!! Or it is remap.

linoc56: 255 e limitou, no cb real deu 242.

Paulo Costa: marca 260 seu bot tdi! omfg! nem pause sabes fazer no video para confirmares.

Bruno Silva: @RBoraTDI nao sabes o que dizes!

linoc56: goind down and it´s limited to 255. With a remap i think i go 10 or 15 kmh more going down :)
Bmw 120d 177 Top Speed Velocidade Maxima 255 kmh 5 out of 5

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Bmw 120d 177 Top Speed Velocidade Maxima 255 kmh