How To Calibrate The DJI NAZA Compass

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canim 1973: hello Crazy3Dpilot,

i´ve done the calibration a few times and is ok, but when i´m flying, if it´s in att. mode it is stable, but when i switch to GPS it comes towards me. it doesn´t do TBE just comes towards me. what do you think it is?
hope you can be of help


Phoenix Looh: ahahahahahahahahahah you dance in the beginning just killed me lmao

Gary Lord (That DJI Bloke): Built my F450 today all went well until the compass calibration. Ive spent just over 2 hours messing about then I found your video. It now calibrates every time. Thanks for taking the time to make this video

John Robertson: ok, interesting. I cant seem to find anywhere, other than your mention of it, the preferred, or recommended position to hold the quad in during the 2nd phase. I will try it that way. I had an issue today where the hexa wanted to drift slightly, nothing undone by stick trim though. However, upon adding yaw to either direction, it wanted to move at a quicker pace to somewhere other than where it was hovering. My smaller hex has crashed twice from what looks like a flyaway, or maybe the FC had a mixup in heading. The bird has the black V2, and dragonlink. It was my first flight with a DL, and I was sure hoping it wouldnt be that making some issue. Thanks for reading.

XB: Three words for ya... Thank You Brother!!!

RC Foamfly: Thanks. Just got into quad and this is a good You Tube. I think the nose has to be facing down on the second stage but easy to understand. I also had to alter my settings on the Naza Lite programmed from Alti - GPS to GPS - Manual. Once its calibrated I moved it back to Alti - gps. I never fly in Manual mode. Guaranteed crash for us beginners. The technology is there so why not use it. Anyway, thanks from RCFoamfly in Australia

FlyBoySee: Hiya Jim! Glad to find this video - finally got a quad now, and it's time to do the Disco Dance! Hey, it's Mad Dogs next weekend, flying spots are all taken - but welcome to join us for some barbie mate. Richard (1st Novemberm usual place).

Arnold Harns: Did not know about the 11 times...
thank you very much! mine works now perfect!!!
But is is not the second time, nose down and turn?

Fredrik Åström: Isn't this the gyro you are calibrating? Not the compass.

What would the compass benefit from being turned around?

barış deniz: I have a problem with compass calibration mod. I m using Naza M lite. i had calibrated compass many times but in last 3 days i can not calibrating my compass. Preblem is, when i calibration mode, first stage is ok geting green light but second stage (vertical side) always ending with flashing red light. I tried 20-30 times. Inside home, outside, in garden... double checked magnetic things but there is nothing. What is the cause of this problem or what will be solution? Thanks in advance

welshwizard822: Great very helpful vid. this is the only one that worked for me, very easy to follow a great help...... Thanks

Nathan Haustein: Great how-to video. I think a common mistake is flicking the switch continuously until the light turns yellow. Your tip of just doing it 11 times then stopping made all the difference. Thanks so much.

dji rc drone jones: when i turn my tbs on, the naza last 4 flashes should be green.i only get 3 green flashes.could you tell me y

Swampy AJC: Thank you so much for posting this! I was so confused as to how my new build was just trying to rotate left all the time! I cant wait to get home and do this step I missed!

Allan T: Hi when I flick between manual and GPS I can't get the calibration light on,I tried altitude and GPS aswell bit still no even flicking 20 times

stjernen: How did you fit the graupner props on the dji motors? 

Bishop Line: The low level of your GPS receiver had affected the signal detection?

Second Unit Aerials: Good video.   Simple and to the point.  However, the instruction sheet for MY Naza M (V2) on my QAV540G states rotating along the horizontal axis 360Deg until the light goes from red to green and then putting the NOSE (gimbal) of the aircraft in vertical (facing down to the ground, or hanging from its tail)) and rotate the vertical axis 360Deg until the light extinguishes.  Then it's good to go.

Calibrating sideways will introduce a 90Deg phase offset.  You calibrated your vertical axis on the side.  Arrow points to the ground on second rotation. 

harrismagnum04: should be nose down on second part of calibration :-)

norem mac: thing is thats what ive done sevel times and all works apart from when i turn on gps hold in flight it no longer holds its position, any ideas on whats wrong?
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How to Calibrate the DJI NAZA Compass