17th Century Flintlock Rifle

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NormanMatchem: ... that accent doesn't inspire much confidence lol "Seeks-tain tuh seeks-tain feefeh". Pretty sure that if it was made in 17th century Spain, it was a Miquelet. Basically, it's what they called their flintlocks I think.

Mr. Mars Experience: love the gun but the guy asking the questions is so ignorant about guns ..
"whats it called?"
"what shells do you suppose it takes?"

Irish Druid: Didn't hear much about the Spanish unising flintlocks in the 17th century. If this is authentic then it is probably quite rare.

ETECHJOEs: pawn it for 50 bucks your redneck

Colonialscrip: The accuracies of these muskets were not very good, cos they did not have rifling groves in their barrels. During the mid 1800s, rifling became very popular as breech loading rifles and mini-balls were invented (used mostly during the american civil war unfortunately)

OneEyePI: I agree, it is a jezail, but not necessarily Afghan. It is also not a flintlock, as stated in the video, it is a snaphaunce. I doubt it is really 17th Century, these were being built and used into the early 20th century in some places.

LongRifle100: It's an Afghan "Jazeel"

LongRifle100: Its an Afghan "jazeel"

METALLICARULES11: racist freak

shari abshar: U want sale it?

Pierre Sun Zhao: The Chinese 3 barrel pole gun is better for rate of fire but probably not as accurate.

Alejandro Menchaca: That musket doesn´t look spanish at all. It is muslim manufacture.Turkish or Moroccan maybe.

Hns C: @imperiumiv Actualy if i remember right i think that rifle have been around since the 15th or 16th century. Just they took alot longer too load so large armies prefered the musket for mass vollys. Rifles would be used by smaller groups of speacalized soilders. Atleast untill the invention of the mini ball which made it easier too load. Atleast i think.

Chris Belmonte: are you certain is an actual rifle? I thought rifles did not appear until the 18th century. I figure it is a smoothbore musket, not a rifled musket.

Ole Kristian: imagine how it is to load the bullet down the barrel of that gun!

miltonSF: Not a flintlock, that is a snaphaunce which is a flintlock predecessor, the period certainly is 17th century but not Spanish, although the stock shape has a strong influence from spanish models is more arabian than spanish.

tawesd: Correct me if I'm wrong, but that barrel does not look like it is rifled, and it looks like it is a smoothbore musket. Beautiful gun by the way, I love the ornate stock.

Monkeymarcuz: Dramaalipasha, it wouldn't be made in the 1850s because the percussion action was out, and hardly any flintlock guns, besides sporting guns were made after that.

RalphyGreene: I always see rifles like that when they have movies about arabs from the 1800s. lol

berhorst59: would definitely agree its of arabic origin. used in muslim africa, middle east, usually referred to as a miqulet
17th Century Flintlock Rifle 5 out of 5

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17th Century Flintlock Rifle