Ariens Snowblower Auger Gear Box Keyway Repair

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Ariens Snowblower Auger Gear Box Keyway Repair
Ariens Snowblower Auger Gear Box Keyway Repair
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How To Replace an ARIENS ST824 Snowblower Gear Box 924
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How to replace an Ariens gear box DIY
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Ariens Snowblower Gearbox Replacement #52101000
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Kris Hillis: I just aquired my first snow blower Craftsman 10/32, and I thing you are gonna be my go to move when I have a problem cause you know your stuff.
I could use a manual and can't find 1 anywhere for my model-C950-52379-5 It's made in Canada don't know the year either.
Think you can help? Thanks and keep the videos coming they're great.

Timothy Walsh: Great video thanks for sharing.

Frederick Dunn: YOU are a craftsman! This was a great demo, I never considered shaping down my own key with the bench grinder. Snowblower key broke in the middle of a snowstorm of course, so making my own fix. Don't know what I'd do without YouTube :) Thumbs UP all the way!

Cassandra Rabideau: Right on , gonna pull that gearbox apart and see if that's the problem

Robert Davis: That old Ariens blower is twice the machine as my Craftsman 536.887992. Wish I had a new one.

Robert Davis: Donyboy73.... dam your good. Could you tell me if the 9 HP Tecumseh snow king engine has a cast iron sleeve? I'd appreciate any information? I've got one on a 2003  29'' X9 Craftsman.

Richard Gabelman: What kind of grease should go in the reducer housing?

sissy rahrah: Could you please give me advice on my Ariens snowblower , There was a chunk of ice that prevented the impeller from rotating ,I kept squeezing the handle on the handle lever then smoke came out of the side, I stopped cleared all the ice out now the impeller doesnt move at all, the engine runs fine and the the tires rotate good as well, I can only use it as a plow,, could you please tell me what I broke? Thank you

TheNoBSZone: I love these videos man. I wish all mechanics were as competent as you!

Robert Waid: nice improvising. i had to make a round key way for a pump on a wood splitter once. stilling working to this day.

pei broker: good one, thank you...

dave andrews: Kudos. Love your Videos. I'm an Electrical Guy so my Mechanical knowledge is limited. Your very informative videos have gotten me out of a few situations. BTW-I'm a "Tightwad Yankee" up here in New England.

Yuchin Cheng: Do you recommend use tire chairs on snowblower?

SuperDagod1: When draining the gear box lube out, what type do I replace it with?

Bonnie Hoenow: Donyboy73...I'm real stuck...been working on this for at least a couple of years...Ive been going thru auger belts so regularly on my mtd 10.5.  I've replaced the bearing, impeller shat and both pulleys.  When I spin the auger pulleys by hand I can still see a definite run out on the pulleys which I'm positive is causing the premature belt wear  and ultimately throwing the belt(s) off again.  I'm stumped... would you be able to offer any suggestions...I've certainly researched your videos but of course have had no success. Thanks.

Jake6995: I have a question for you. I have the gear case almost apart but I can't get the worm gear out. The rake shaft, dust cap, and side cover are off. The bull gear shaft doesn't want to come out as it interferes with the pinion gear. Any help is appreciated.

Scott Price: I'm just trying to figure what parts to order for the repair.

Scott Price: could be.....what. If the Keyway was ok and the Worm Gear chewed up wouldn't you get some sort of motion from the Auger and conversely if the Keyway was missing wouldn't the Auger spin freely? Thanks!

donyboy73: yes it could be

Scott Price: I have a Noma 824. The impeller turns but Auger does not. Would this either be the Gear is chewed up or the Keyway missing/broke? Thanks!
Ariens Snowblower Auger Gear Box Keyway Repair 5 out of 5

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Ariens Snowblower Auger Gear Box Keyway Repair