Subway's Flatizza REVIEW!

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Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!
Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!
Barstool Pizza Review - Subway Flatizza
Barstool Pizza Review - Subway Flatizza
Subway Pepperoni Flatizza
Subway Pepperoni Flatizza
Subway FLATIZZA Review (viewer suggestion)
Subway FLATIZZA Review (viewer suggestion)
Subway Flatizza Review
Subway Flatizza Review

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Nba2kGodKing: How many times did he say "gang" in this video

Mr Habanero: I honestly think places that usually don't sell pizza, shouldn't sell pizza. The worst pizza I ever tasted was 7 eleven pizza.

James Autry: Why is your head in the box?

kyle verkaik: IMM BAAAACCKKK!! dude pls get ur life together

Composure: This "Im back" is so cute lOL

Jason Stoutenger: Is there anything you didn't like? You would probably enjoy an old shoe if I put some ranch on  it.

proni1: this is the healthiest thing I've seen you eat

Jordan Chamberlain: I work at Subway, and actually did when they brought it to our area. The debate of the pronunciation was huge, haha

RAVSCAST Jeffincats: I personally hate that new pizza, it has taken over my 1st favorite pizza/food and it does not even taste that good, or not better the old pizza. and now half the subways only sells flatizza now which makes me so pissed off

Gabe Waddup: these videos r hilarious

Vernon Hargreaves III: How about a salad review

Sammy Elsayed: Everybody seems not to like it....and joe reallly likes it now um confused should i try it or not

Wesam Saka: Disgusting, I had to brush my teeth and eat something nice to take the awful taste way
how people eat this crap. Of course look how big you are  

jimmi161: Why are squares a party?

Mohammed Dara: Joey listen bro you need to watch your Wight seriously. Review something healthy bro and try look after yourself. Food is not worth you getting a heart attack over. Life is short my friend it's not worth making yourself sick over a few followers on YouTube.

Adam Barnett: I just had the Italian version and immediately had to look for some place to drop a review.  It absolutely sucked. I asked if they could put a couple tomato slices and they couldnt. It just sucked.  Tasted gross, upset my stomach.  

Saidul Robi: 0:13 Can't he floss

Lee Hsieh: You are gross bro.

CrayCrayXD: Flatizza's are NOT healthy they are actually 780 calories for each one so eating 2 or 3 of these as you said would be eating well  over your calorie intake for just 1 meal. Not including your drinks throughout the day and the rest of your meals and snacking! 

Joey's third chin: poor guy
Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW! 5 out of 5

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Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!