Subway's Flatizza REVIEW!

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Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!
Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!
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Sammy Elsayed: Everybody seems not to like it....and joe reallly likes it now um confused should i try it or not 

The Paulstal Service: 9/11 Was an inside job - I'm BAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!

Wesam Saka: Disgusting, I had to brush my teeth and eat something nice to take the awful taste way how people eat this crap. Of course look how big you are 

abfabinri: I had this last night. It was fuxxing nasty! All it is, is their Meatball Marinara sauce spread over a piece of flat bread and heated up. The sauce is just wrong for this. Texture is also not right. This is like something you'd throw together at home with some ragu and English muffin. This guy must have substantially lower standards for taste than I do, if he thinks this is an 8 out of 10. On that scale a 7 must be Encore Beef Patties, Celeste Pizza, and Hot Pockets. .........I say it is a 3 out of 10!.....or a 2.5 if you smell it! It has that Subway armpit BO smell that all their stuff has. I live a block away from them and sometimes can smell that crap wafting into my house! Thank God for Febreze and Hepa Filters! This is a failure and will be gone as soon as everyone has tasted it and gotten their curiosity satisfied. 5 bucks for this is a waste of money!

Mohammed Dara: Joey listen bro you need to watch your Wight seriously. Review something healthy bro and try look after yourself. Food is not worth you getting a heart attack over. Life is short my friend it's not worth making yourself sick over a few followers on YouTube. 

Joel Sutton: Keep on reppin' the food reviews! I'll get my friends to check your channel also. I like how you are not fake when making reviews, if it's bad it's bad, if it's awesome you let it be known.

Adam Barnett: I just had the Italian version and immediately had to look for some place to drop a review. It absolutely sucked. I asked if they could put a couple tomato slices and they couldnt. It just sucked. Tasted gross, upset my stomach. 

Kimberly Marin: You remind me of cartman from south park ^^

Bxalbo7182: Id rather go to little caesars

Seth Mcnutt: I hate making these damn things 

jimmi161: Why are squares a party?

H5139: Leme tel you sumthin why does it freaking matter of how freaking you hold it its pizza dammit so it is freaking light to hold 

CrayCrayXD: Flatizza's are NOT healthy they are actually 780 calories for each one so eating 2 or 3 of these as you said would be eating well over your calorie intake for just 1 meal. Not including your drinks throughout the day and the rest of your meals and snacking! 

1276epr: I tried it today and will never get it again. 

KBDProductionsTV: Looks yummy! :D

lopezgermain11: i hate you you fat piece of crap. freak off with your food reviews. no one wants to see your fatass eat 12 pounds of lard in your videos. you have a bitchyass voice. maggot

El. Mejor: The only food reviewer on youtube that gave this thing high marks. If I had your taste buds and everything tasted as good as it obviously does for you and made me weirdly aroused like you then I would also be just as fat as you if not more.

DukeMagnem: i tried it today, wasn't a fan. there's so much better stuff that you could get for $5 or just a little bit more, that i couldn't rate this any higher than a 5/10. and i actually got 2 of the things for $5

Scott King: I work at subway. I hate making these things.

Michael Ca: Looks awesome Joey. Thanks for another great review.

Al Haymon: Its not in Canada yet ? I went to 3 different subways, and they dont have it still!

DannyLrides: poor guy

Saidul Robi: 0:13 Can't he floss

KilDaCreepa: Nice review!

subway guy jay: i suggest you watch pizza perfect on my channel my friend, and we shall uncover the root of this magnificent creation!!!!!

mclaine33: 5 dollars for that??? I rather buy a medium cheese for 5 bucks from Domino's. Even a 5 dollar foot long give you more food than that.

AnormalBrony: Had one today. It was alright.

Victoria102395: I work at subway. Everytime someone orders it, I die inside.. I hate making it. An it's not even any good. It takes sweet:(

Lee Hsieh: You are gross bro.

mathias holland: Yup! Abfabinri got it right!! These things suck!! I'm eating one as I type this. The bread isn't "crispy" either its hard and chewy. The sauce is like too sweet to resemble pizza. Two thumbs down..... My throat.

christ1313: Remove the L from Flatizza and it more clearly defines this review

mgonz55: Can you please lower your volume when you say "I'M BACK" 

Scotty St. Remy: Its a 6 not a 8 u just gave it a 8 cus yo ass was hungry.

Dakota Stone: The end of the review was so gay with that voice

PoloArts: this guys voice cracks every freaking second he talks damn 

Dereck Lewis: yummm

Kelly Carpenter: I'll make my own flatbread so I can bypass the yoga mat and shoe rubber chemical. :D 

David Hume: There's 3 selections for $3.... and 2 is for $5. LOL, you got ripped off!

Gema Duran: Hey I was talking with subway people and they are trying to discontinue their personal pizzas with these New Flatizzas if they are a hit. I hope not cause I really like their little pizzas. They sell these Flatizzas here 2/$5 and it hardly had any cheese to call pizza. Sorry but going to stick with the others ones and hope they don't discontinue them :(

Patrick Barton: Yummm. My Subway always has great veggies. I can't wait to try one of these. My kids are going to love it. Great review as always!!! Thanks Joe!!!

Nancyvideos123: your flatizza looks better then mine did. I tried it a few days ago I thought it was nasty and was calling it Barfizza. kudos to you for liking it.

erick ehh: that looks hella tiny i would eat all of it in a minute flat
Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW! 4.2 out of 5

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Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!