Subway's Flatizza REVIEW!

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Subway Pepperoni Flatizza
Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!
Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!
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First Taste: NEW Subway Pepperoni Flatizza! [HD]
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Daym Drops: Great Review J!!

Solidus Gaming Channel: This is an interesting concept. I think it may be a bit too small for my taste but I'm willing to try it out.

KBDProductionsTV: Looks yummy! :D

SP: they skimped on the cheese! lol great review!!!!

V1TT00: 2nd !!

Gary20O: Mmmmm

Gema Duran: Have you tried the pizza at Newks? 

Tommy Guns: Hi joey. Hope ur having fantastic day. Peace

Guy Cardan: A new Joey video to end my 21st birthday night just right!

Dakota Stone: The end of the review was so gay with that voice

abfabinri: I had this last night. It was fuxxing nasty! All it is, is their Meatball Marinara sauce spread over a piece of flat bread and heated up. The sauce is just wrong for this. Texture is also not right. This is like something you'd throw together at home with some ragu and English muffin. This guy must have substantially lower standards for taste than I do, if he thinks this is an 8 out of 10. On that scale a 7 must be Encore Beef Patties, Celeste Pizza, and Hot Pockets. .........I say it is a 3 out of 10!.....or a 2.5 if you smell it! It has that Subway armpit BO smell that all their stuff has. I live a block away from them and sometimes can smell that crap wafting into my house! Thank God for Febreze and Hepa Filters! This is a failure and will be gone as soon as everyone has tasted it and gotten their curiosity satisfied. 5 bucks for this is a waste of money!

mobilitytoday: honest review 

Ian Keiner: Gotta love how they innovate with the stuff they already serve! Great review, as always, Joey, and thanks for the feature on the Food Reviewer All-Stars section of your Channel! :-) Homie hugs to 'ya and all the great people in our community who do what they do! 

Al Haymon: Its not in Canada yet ? I went to 3 different subways, and they dont have it still!

mclaine33: 5 dollars for that??? I rather buy a medium cheese for 5 bucks from Domino's. Even a 5 dollar foot long give you more food than that.

Kelly Carpenter: I'll make my own flatbread so I can bypass the yoga mat and shoe rubber chemical. :D 

P. Barton: Yummm. My Subway always has great veggies. I can't wait to try one of these. My kids are going to love it. Great review as always!!! Thanks Joe!!!

REALG9090: Gonna get one now since I'm out of school lol

beeeeeenr: Joey, try and review the new Frito Enchilada sandwich at Subway. It looks pretty good.

theendorsement: Great review but I will pass.. lol - I will stick to SUBS at SUBway ~ lol I have seen this advertised so glad to check out your review to know that I will not indulge ~ Keep em coming

eddiekul7: Looks like a frozen pizza. freak all that boowcrap.. Stick to $5 subs

drycell183: Eh I think I will pass on this one. Sure its convenient but I would rather go to a local pizza parlor and get great slice instead to that flimsy thing. Great review though!

Bxalbo7182: Id rather go to little caesars

subway guy jay: i suggest you watch pizza perfect on my channel my friend, and we shall uncover the root of this magnificent creation!!!!!

Mike20np: I would rather have Little Caesars, that does not look good 

Nancyvideos123: your flatizza looks better then mine did. I tried it a few days ago I thought it was nasty and was calling it Barfizza. kudos to you for liking it.

Seth Mcnutt: I hate making these damn things 

TheOnlyNatsu: Oh crap its the homie gary

dereck lewis: yummm

DukeMagnem: i tried it today, wasn't a fan. there's so much better stuff that you could get for $5 or just a little bit more, that i couldn't rate this any higher than a 5/10. and i actually got 2 of the things for $5

DrSourPurp: hey joey any idea how many calories is in one of those? Actually interested in one of these if they arent to high

David Hume: There's 3 selections for $3.... and 2 is for $5. LOL, you got ripped off!

carl G: Its a rip off $498 for that small thing? WOW. No thanks. 🍕

Gema Duran: Hey I was talking with subway people and they are trying to discontinue their personal pizzas with these New Flatizzas if they are a hit. I hope not cause I really like their little pizzas. They sell these Flatizzas here 2/$5 and it hardly had any cheese to call pizza. Sorry but going to stick with the others ones and hope they don't discontinue them :(

Gema Duran: Hey try the new Krave s'more cereal. 

Pradosh Nanda: For 5 bucks i can get a full pepperoni pizza from 7 eleven store

Garibubu Princess: Best "I'm beack" so far, Joey

Marisol Burgos: Love your review joey, Man it's so crazy to see how well you've done with this channel I've been here since before you even had 1000 or probably 500 subscribers. Keep up the good work buddy

boston boucher: Thanks a lot big guy for doing this review, I've wanted to try it but didn't know what it would taste like another great review bro!

Screwdriver69u: The pizzas an 8 but your reviews are a 10 #teamdaym

DrakoLelo: More Joey to make my Monday even better. Thanks, man. 

MrAmazn1: Hey joey random question but r u married? 

Angie Smith: Looks pretty good. I don't care for their subs very often so nice alternative to try when I get dragged there. Thank you for the review! :)

Andrew Persaud: come on joey thats not a 8. make your scale relevant. give it the 5-7 it deserves. its just bread and sauce pretty much. everything is either a 8-10 for you lol. 

unseth33: joey, which is better? The 7-11 pizza or the subway? Who gets my $5?

Missjimmy dean: great review Joey! I'll have to check that out. Now you have another box for your trinkets! lol

KISSArmyMax522: Whatup Joey! Cool seeing you at the WWE house show

jason callan: Great video my friend!

Bryan_Reviews: Cool review Joey!

Galactusz007: I noticed you ignore constructive criticism, which is not cool. You should address them, especially to someone who is not crass or abusive, like me. Having said have a cool channel.
Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW! 4.3 out of 5

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Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!