Subway's Flatizza REVIEW!

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Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!
Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!

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Gabe Waddup: these videos r hilarious

TGxGhosTy: How about a salad review 

Arvin Borkar: Did you just monopolize Daym's channel? O_O The intro...

Sammy Elsayed: Everybody seems not to like it....and joe reallly likes it now um confused should i try it or not 

Wesam Saka: Disgusting, I had to brush my teeth and eat something nice to take the awful taste way
how people eat this crap. Of course look how big you are  

jimmi161: Why are squares a party?

Joel Sutton: Keep on reppin' the food reviews! I'll get my friends to check your channel also. I like how you are not fake when making reviews, if it's bad it's bad, if it's awesome you let it be known.

Mohammed Dara: Joey listen bro you need to watch your Wight seriously. Review something healthy bro and try look after yourself. Food is not worth you getting a heart attack over. Life is short my friend it's not worth making yourself sick over a few followers on YouTube. 

Adam Barnett: I just had the Italian version and immediately had to look for some place to drop a review.  It absolutely sucked. I asked if they could put a couple tomato slices and they couldnt. It just sucked.  Tasted gross, upset my stomach.  

Saidul Robi: 0:13 Can't he floss

Lee Hsieh: You are gross bro.

The Paulstal Service: 9/11 Was an inside job -  I'm BAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!

CrayCrayXD: Flatizza's are NOT healthy they are actually 780 calories for each one so eating 2 or 3 of these as you said would be eating well  over your calorie intake for just 1 meal. Not including your drinks throughout the day and the rest of your meals and snacking! 

Michael Ca: Looks awesome Joey. Thanks for another great review.

DannyLrides: poor guy

AnormalBrony: Had one today. It was alright.

Tan Wam: Nice review!

Kimberly Marin: You remind me of cartman from south park ^^

Victoria102395: I work at subway. Everytime someone orders it, I die inside..
I hate making it. An it's not even any good. It takes sweet:(

mgonz55: Can you please lower your volume when you say "I'M BACK" 
Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW! 5 out of 5

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Subway's Flatizza™ REVIEW!