Federal Premium 9mm 135 Grain Hydra-shok Test

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Hydra-Shock vs Hollow Point in HD 720p 60FPS
How to Open a Federal Ammo Box
How to Open a Federal Ammo Box
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Federal Cartridge 9mm Luger 147 Grain Hydra Shock Jacketed Hollow Point Per 20 P9HS2 Gaming Unboxing
Federal Hydrashock
Federal Hydrashock

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Greg Coleman: I always tested by filling a small box with saturated newspapers. Wet them down thoroughly and let them sit a few minutes. You can also go to the store and buy some pork neckband to simulate ribs as well. just put them between the layers of wet newspaper

Matthew Caughey: The whole point of ballistic gel is to simulate flesh

Michael Hyre: Thanks for the test. I am glad I didn't have to do it myself. I  was forced to shoot so many rounds in the military (I was a Gunners Mate Guns and Later a SeaBee in the navy (Contruction Electrician)) that I hate cleaning guns + bored with it. My family only owns handguns for self defense. Its important to know that if you hit an intruder in your home that the bullet will not keep going through them and perhaps hit your own family members. Once again Thanks.

Dsdcain: I just had to leave a comment. I too use books to test ammo all the time. I get them free from the local library. No not checked out ;-). The small town library near me is constantly getting tons (almost literally) of old books donated and a lot of times they're either not good enough, or stuff they already have, so I take them home and find a use for them.

Ptah H: Cant imagine the trauma unit sucessfully pulling that out of your gut or even reviving you.

AllAmericanShooter: Nice! I have a mix of 124, 135 and 147 grain Hydra-Shoks. They all seem to expand well, from everything I've seen. Good personal defense round.

BIGBADWOOD: Great round to kill Computer Manuals with. Down side you can only kill on manual at a time.

FullmetalFMJ: Thanks! I've tried some other ammo options but, hydra-shok has tested the best so far. It is an impressive round, even in 9mm. Since I made the video, I've used hydra-shok for my EDC. I'd definitely recommend picking some up if you get the chance.

bereanminded: Good demonstration. I have this ammo in 45 ACP and am looking to buy this for my 9mm, which is hard to find unless I buy online so I am glad to see some practical test fires such as yours. Thanks.

FullmetalFMJ: I've heard a lot of good about the Hornady critical defense. I think I'll give them a try.

alvinguitarjones12: I have not gotten good resules from 135 gr .40 cal. They never mushroom. I've only shot two but thats two that failed me and do not work like they are suppose two. I bet I can't get my money back for those. I promote PDX-1, Guard Dog, and Hornady critical defense way over these.

FullmetalFMJ: Thats a good point. The low recoil ammo is gonna fall off at distance much faster. I mostly practice at 25-50yards. I'll have to give this a try at 100 and see what happens.

FullmetalFMJ: I'm in the same boat. For me, the 45 is just too expensive. As far as federal hydrashok goes, I've used both 124 and 135 gr loadings of hydrashok and, they both tested very well. I tend to go with the 135gr, because in my area, it is readily available and typically $10-15 dollars less than other ammunition brands. The expansion of the round is excellent. I have alot of confidence in it, its my everyday carry.

john randall: what are your impressions of the federal 124 gr hydroshok.? do they compare fairly with the fed 135 gr? my pistol is the ruger sr9, and i love it. my income is pretty limited, and i can't just go and buy a 45, so i want to make sure that i am using a good self defense round.

knox2613: This is what I have in my home defense magazine for my Glock 19.

FullmetalFMJ: Thanks! When I got these, I didn't know if they would be worth it but, the hydra shok turned out to be a great round.

whotookmyalias2: Thanks for posting this. I just picked up a box of these at Wally's and wasn't sure exactly what I was getting.

FullmetalFMJ: The accuracy is great. It is on par with remington umc fmj ammo. The recoil is a little softer than typical fmj target ammo. I retested this ammo with gel to see what it would do and the results were very impressive. Since I did the gel test, I've been carrying hydra shok everyday.

drizzt94720: I just got 2 boxes of this at wally world. Seems to do pretty good, didn't even go through the first manual. How does it fire, and it's accuracy; compared to typical 115 grain FMJ's you shoot at the range?

FullmetalFMJ: I'll give it a try sometime.
Federal Premium 9mm 135 grain hydra-shok test 5 out of 5

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Federal Premium  9mm 135 grain hydra-shok test