John Pinette: Chinese Buffet

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John Pinette - Killed By Chinese Buffets?

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William Dunham: I'm not nearly as big as he was but I have a big appetite and I've had the owners at Chinese buffets do me pretty much the same way. I just love Chinese food.

Brandon Shaw: You've eaten all you can eat leave now!!!!!!

Tommy Anderson: No buffet here. Your still missed

ash h: R.I.P.

Rob Tro: Thinking of ordering Chinese take out? Think again. I drove taxi on weekends in Toronto while attending college. Received a radio call to pick up a take out order at a Chinese eatery on Danforth Avenue. While waiting for the order at the side kitchen door, I saw two workers using a pail on the floor right beside a crate of vegetables as a urinal. Lots of "splashing" onto the vegetables. When done, they just gave their di*ks a shake, zipped up and went back to work without hand washing. I left without the order and called my dispatcher who contacted the customer. She was grateful. I called the Health Department Monday morning.

Bob Hope: Crazy funny, just found out that you pasted. You will and are missed.

blue gravity: Omg still laughing

eventualentrophy: we closed... we dry cleaning now... give me jacket, it ready Friday...

Joe V: they're rolling around on the clouds holding their sides......Heaven just got a headliner rip,Johnny

TheBreakingBenny: I've seen the Takumi comedy, he was kicked out by his own parents apparently.

Connie B: Man you re wild!

Ford Cobra #1: You been here 4 hour! You eat like a killa whale! I pay you 5 dolla, you leave now!!!

Fil Antonucci: The fried shrimp and egg rolls alone are reason enough to go. What I don't understand though is when I see people go to a Chinese buffet and take stuff like french fries, mini hot dogs, and other crud like that.

The AngryUncleShow: Is this album is originally in 1997 or 1998?

Robby Faulkner: "You scare my wife! " :-)))))

Dan Pagan: ''Eat To Much Spare mow'aah brocc'er'ree....''

Scott Hudson: you been here 4hour

David Harris: Why am I hungry now?

Fernando Rilloz: Sucks that after months he is still missed :(

One thing for sure that other comedians aren't gonna master:

"You heah foe awah!"



John Duffy: improper food holding beginning 1:18 just in case anyone notices...
John Pinette: Chinese Buffet 5 out of 5

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John Pinette: Chinese Buffet