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Haunted Gaming - Jvk1166z.esp (Morrowind)
Haunted Gaming - Jvk1166z.esp (Morrowind)
Jvk1166z.esp [P1]
Jvk1166z.esp [P1]

"Best Creepypastas of 2013"
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"High Frequency"

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Travis Eads: It is a mutating algorithim that hacks all your PI (personal information) it's a very clever Mod but it is nothing more than a Mutating Algorithim which is a Virus. Props to those who created it, pretty freaky and ingenius. All the hype over people playing it and wigging out or otherwise is due to sleep deprivation. (That's what I tell myself anyway)

hunter guadiana: and im watching this at night heheh

Dexter Crew: Dude how do you sleep at night :O

hunter guadiana: i really think they should make a sequel to this in skyrim 

Freezing Punk: 23:17 What a grate time to be watching this!

LunarGameTime: Aye, while I do agree that this pasta is in fact very disturbing and highly believable, it unfortunately, is not real. This is due to a detail very few people tend to notice. See, Morrowind was set to run on Windows XP and higher, and the pasta claims that the mod can only be run through Dos. Dos is an emulator for Windows 98 and earlier, therefore making the game virtually impossible to run. An interesting fact relating to the file Retro downloaded, is that the sound files that were played, were not custom at all, they were actually sounds for a scrapped Half-Life 2 enemy. :P

Tokyo Drifter: I want to know why is this message creepy... "USUCKUARESTUPIDUWILLDIEIDIOTLOLUSUCK"

Nintendostuffncrud: I honestly think this channel is underrated.

zombieRabbidz123: So what was behind the door?

cody2819: I badly wanna see this but doubt my PC could run it and it has trouble seeing darken sitngs anyways but if anyone does record it PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Liam J: Somebody should really recreate this, perhaps in Skyrim. I have difficulty believing that something in Morrowind could be animated in the way described by the creepypasta, but I'm sure Skyrim's engine could do it.

Shawn Wilburn: Has anyone tried to open the esp in an editor and see what is inside?

Jesse Pinkman: Stay Alive the Movie is good if you like horror and game combinations :D

Nintendostuffncrud: What's the intro music called?

Nathan the chu: is it me or the sounds sound like the thing is constipated? idk

EAF 1: The download file is a fake.

Вася Пупкин: Пикабу

metalcann: ~ Left click "Unlock" Enter

Calum Sevenoaks: Does this have something to do with Aliens? I really would like a answer Retro :P

Junga Boon: "Watch the sky traveler." >Looks up "Stop! You have violated the law!"

Justbob Mcinbob: Spread the word http://www.mediafire.com/download/3avesbeo5ctrvb2/jvk1166z.zip

shawn moody: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3avesbeo5ctrvb2/jvk1166z.zip

Crystal Gonzalez: so that actully exists, :/ that is weird one indeed

Zombify640: I went through most of the files in a hex editor. jvk1166z.esp is apparently a mod file for TES4 oblivion, a hair mod from what i gathered. the .lvl files seem to be files from a battlefront game they have the words "stormtrooper" and "hothtrooper" the mission file has a list of game modes from battlefront. jvk1166z.esp is a pizza crap 

愛実: This is all fake....

Black The Nerevar Funch: Non of this is real of course, so don't listen to all those idiots who says it is and offers you the download link. It's just a story, a good story thro :) If you like stuff like this then try reading the story '' dagon dark'' i think it's called, it's also on youtube. It's also a morrowind horror.

Christopher Carver: First 4 or 5 minutes just reciting the creepy pasta

Blakis Maximus: CHEEEAAAAAAAAAAATZZZZZZZZZZZZ also lol I just downloaded morrowind 3 days ago XD

woooudoo: ..Ran a virus scan on the rar file with my up to date virus protecting software, it says its clean!.. odd.. but then again, it wouldn't be able to detect anything laced with black arts or things of that sort..

Max Livingston: 10:34 not gonna tell me twice

dhadk: As someone who loves coding, I'm always tempted to make a ton of these hacks/mods and see how many people will freak out

HelmutChachos (Le Quokka): The sounds are from the beta of Half Life 2, Those sounds are from "The Cremator" a sort of creature who has been remove at the final version of Half Life 2 Type "Cremator Sounds" in Youtube 

AnneWhiteWolf: The Assassin is slender man 

Gage StDon: Watch the skies...

Elec Tricasp: My favorite creepypasta. I modded the hell out of Morrowind, tried tonnes of quests, clothing mods, reality enhancers; glorious. I don't remember jvk1166z though, a pity I had 4 guys who took shifts with me power leveling characters.

Varshava Kadnikov: The 'mod' download was released after the Pasta was created. According to some, the .esp is a Fallout 3 esp, so it crashes Morrowind immediately. Also, the assassins sounds were from a creature Half-life 2 (And to be frank, sound nothing like screeching).

Wyatt Meckler: Why hasn't anybody opened up the .lvl files to see what is behind the locked door? If anything is behind it.

federo6: 10:06 Is actually the Blasphemous Revenants mod, You can tell by the corpse as it is the same on the mod, You can further justify this by looking at the area the person is in and you can see that he is outside the necromancers cave

MrRui555: Everyone else notice that in Skyrim, all the guards say : "Watch the skies, traveler" Is that a coincidence? Well, they could be refering to the dragons but... It could a reference to that mod. Anyway, I'm thinking of downloading Morrowind, and that mod, but, I need to know if that mod works, cause I really wanna be the "one" who played jvk1166z.esp and posted in youtube. What do you think?

Sotha Sil: I was already switching all my lights on & reading comments at 11 seconds DAMN scary

evgenij samowarow: Bullcrap for kids

John Feliciano: Wtf

Юрий Чудинов: There were no console avaliable in this mode.

Yuyam 12: Why?

vicegt: i think the main reason no one has any videos of this is due to DoSbox. it's rather hard to get footage off it.

The Retro Demon: Thank you! I appreciate the kind words! And yes I agree, tell your friends about me ;)

semajmoo: "watch the skys traveller" Have the skyrim guards have been there then?

Bob The Penguin: Morrowind can't run dosBOX though...

11haythem: You actually serious not trying it!? XD. First of all Morrowind can't be played in DOSBOX, Morrowind is DirectX only, and DOS does not support it. Secondly it's just an old broken porn mod and mods from other games together to deliberately make your game crash. And the person who posted it was making a BS story and made his own sound effects. It would be cool to see this actually made though, and thanks to the creator there's sound effects. I can't explain how he created the pictures though :P

Sotha Sil: whats in it
jvk1166z.esp 4.7 out of 5

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