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spengebab222: do NOT trust mediafire´╗┐

Zooby L: Did anyone else notice that The Assassin in the enhanced photo is also the picture in the frame to the right of the door?´╗┐

Moon Mover: I downloaded the files. The .esp won't work in Morrowind or the Construction Set (the former crashes on startup if the mod is loaded, and the latter just spits out a bunch of error messages and starts up without the mod.) Obviously .esp files cannot be run in DOSbox, and Morrowind doesn't even use .lvl files.

Moon Mover: If the NPC's were all dead, how could they walk outside or tell you to watch the sky?

Evgeny Samovarov: Bullcrap for kids

Austin Wright: Npc's can't walk outside in morrowind.

GLP Matty: Its a re-textured dark brother hood cloths i think.He dident read the whole story

maci martin: Let's not make this official...

klokdeth1: Think you're funny? You expect us to put that in numbers?

Sirius Beesnas: A debunker who doesn't even try to debunk? That's like an atheist going to church every every day. xD

TheZookaton: I knew I would get a lot of negative comments for what I said, but what I was said was wrong and the only reason I posted it was because the music and the stuff he makes his videos about were similar to another channel.

Jake Scream: You're a dumbass. Not everyone subscribes to or watches that crape.

Lord Majora: Here's a shocker: Many people do this.

The Retro Demon: I don't even know who that is........so no, I did not.

TheZookaton: I can't help but feel like you copied how SomeOrdinaryGamers makes his videos

TheP01s0nedPsycho: Thats a lot of screaming

TheP01s0nedPsycho: Wow this is some nice data thank you for sharing. Also you are the first person to tell me about this so I learned this from you so much thanks traveler. Also can you get the doc I took a arrow to the knee.

Yuyam 12: Why?

Modcrabmerchant: Imagine if pewdiepie played this this mod

Jackhammers Eso: ............weird
jvk1166z.esp 5 out of 5

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