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Sp00kychairskeltal: Ive tried loading it and playing and nothing really happens. The game just works as it usually does. It doesn't make the game hang or anything. I also heard it was just a renamed fallout 3 hair mod.

We're Not 'In Da House' You Fucking Wigger: do NOT trust mediafire

Zooby Azura: Did anyone else notice that The Assassin in the enhanced photo is also the picture in the frame to the right of the door?

hunter guadiana (Noble Six): and im watching this at night heheh

hunter guadiana (Noble Six): i really think they should make a sequel to this in skyrim 

Travis Eads: It is a mutating algorithim that hacks all your PI (personal information) it's a very clever Mod but it is nothing more than a Mutating Algorithim  which is a Virus. Props to those who created it, pretty freaky and ingenius. All the hype over people playing it and wigging out or otherwise is due to sleep deprivation. (That's what I tell myself anyway)

Nintendostuffncrud: What's the intro music called?

Vilox: 23:17 What a grate time to be watching this!

Shawn Wilburn: Has anyone tried to open the esp in an editor and see what is inside?

Вася Пупкин: Пикабу

Tokyo Drifter: I want to know why is this message creepy...


Blakis Maximus: CHEEEAAAAAAAAAAATZZZZZZZZZZZZ also lol I just downloaded morrowind 3 days ago XD

Black The Nerevar Funch: Non of this is real of course, so don't listen to all those idiots who says it is and offers you the download link. It's just a story, a good story thro :) If you like stuff like this then try reading the story '' dagon dark'' i think it's called, it's also on youtube. It's also a morrowind horror.

Mendicant Bias: Does this have something to do with Aliens? 

I really would like a answer Retro :P

woooudo: ..Ran a virus scan on the rar file with my up to date virus protecting software, it says its clean!.. odd.. but then again, it wouldn't be able to detect anything laced with black arts or things of that sort..

Liam J: Somebody should really recreate this, perhaps in Skyrim. I have difficulty believing that something in Morrowind could be animated in the way described by the creepypasta, but I'm sure Skyrim's engine could do it.

metalcann: ~
Left click

Elec Tricasp: My favorite creepypasta. I modded the hell out of Morrowind, tried tonnes of quests, clothing mods, reality enhancers; glorious. I don't remember jvk1166z though, a pity I had 4 guys who took shifts with me power leveling characters.

Nintendostuffncrud: I honestly think this channel is underrated.

なんでもない: This is all fake....
jvk1166z.esp 5 out of 5

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