Indoor Poppy Gardening

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Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr.: need a fan dude!

jinneemagic302: I guess the Eye in Sky music is foreboding everyone that  someone is always watching when you decide to grow plants that have the ability to solve the problem of pain but can cause a severe addiction., and can cause more pain legally than anything.

Spicy teK: Very enlightening! Thanks! Much better than most 'expert' how-to videos. Love that we we can see the mistakes you made.

Gavlick Apthesycerski: Yeah those plants are really really unhealthy, they are getting tall because they are stretching to try to get to light because they're deprived

Candy Beers: I bought a bag of poppies online to plant in my field where we used to keep our horses so the soil is super rich and very full of nutrients. It has full sun and excellent drainage. Most things grow very well in this field and bought the poppies and simply scattered them in the field since the horse are not there anymore and I wanted the filed to be beautiful so I can get some excellent pictures i a few months. Do you think the seeds will grow pretty well? I live in Oklahoma and it is warm here right now and we are getting regular rain. I planted the seeds about a month ago and the plants ARE growing so far and quite a few of them but I just hope they continue to grow and don't end up dying for some reason or another that I've not not of. I'm excited to having a beautiful field of poppies in a few months to look at and photograph. :) I'm not experienced at growing plants by any means, so any advice is welcome.

Cathy 111363: Would cactus soil work for poppies

papinbala: yu stunted that one that didny grow good. what you should o is buy a ppm meter and when you make fertilizer dip the metter in there and make sure you are no over 800 ppm, if you are just add water

Cathy 111363: How did you germinate the seeds.

Bao-Zhi Polyglot: Would it be easier to grow them under LED lights?

aryan clair: poppy leafs vegetable is very good for sugar patients 2 to 3 month eat that vegetable then sugar is finish that's very good medicine in aaurveda poppy leafs not drug

mohammad alamdari: عالیست

Hootki Shira: How do u make it into powder how do u mix wax to make into powder please advise thanks education purposes pay

W i s h m a s t e r: interesting music, do you like Steely Dan?

onlysmoketobacc ;): i grew these last year in my garden,for decoration. i live in canada, so growing the beautful plant indoors would be awsome. when scattering the seeds, since they are so small, how do you suggest putting the seeds? last year i just made a hole and put about 20 in each area since the seeds are so dam small. im intrested in how you do it. thx

masterbate23: how old is this plant?

weRoneself: If you want to get high just grow Cannabis it's not frowned upon and it's a better high too.

weRoneself: The Flowers are so beautiful. why would you cut them up just to get high.

Yaniv Assayag: you should give them more light by putting them on a window facing south , 
they shouldn't be that tall with dead leaves all the way up .
nice vid thanks!

DJbudx x: how many seeds you put in one pot?

James Simms: When growing indoors, how deep of a pot do you need?
Indoor Poppy Gardening 5 out of 5

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Indoor Poppy Gardening