Indoor Poppy Gardening

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Grow Vertically Indoors All Year and Edible Flowers at the Mother Earth News Fair
Grow Vertically Indoors All Year and Edible Flowers at the Mother Earth News Fair

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Bao-Zhi Polyglot: Would it be easier to grow them under LED lights?

Jonathan Handel: horrible advice.... please disregard EVERYTHING this "man" has said....everything from his watering, over fertilized? lol you really don't have to fertilize your poppies....and they like wet, black, DIRT.... one of the easiest plants to grow

aryan clair: poppy leafs vegetable is very good for sugar patients 2 to 3 month eat that vegetable then sugar is finish that's very good medicine in aaurveda poppy leafs not drug

mohammad alamdari: عالیست

sickdawg blood: for seeds go to the grocery store and buy the seeds. cheep as freak and work great. watch out for the tazmanian white poppy, they have alot of thebaine? i thinks thats how its spelled, they made those plants just for the production of oxycodone ( which is made from thebaine) these specially made poppies have little to no morphine,codien, etc. they are almost useless accept to make oxycodone. thebaine also is not that good for you in high doses, but dont sweat it to much its so hard to acquire those seeds you may never get them. papaver somiferum are the kind you want. again grocery store, blue seeds, and your golden, enjoy :) let me dwell just a little deeper, white seeds give you white flowers, dark almost black seeds give you red flowers< blue seeds will give you purple flowers, all of them are good as long as the are papaver sominerfum. but the blue seeds are the most common . any other questions post them here ill try to get back to you soon.

Hootki Shira: How do u make it into powder how do u mix wax to make into powder please advise thanks education purposes pay

W i s h m a s t e r: interesting music, do you like Steely Dan?

onlysmoketobacc ;): i grew these last year in my garden,for decoration. i live in canada, so growing the beautful plant indoors would be awsome. when scattering the seeds, since they are so small, how do you suggest putting the seeds? last year i just made a hole and put about 20 in each area since the seeds are so dam small. im intrested in how you do it. thx

masterbate23: how old is this plant?

weRoneself: If you want to get high just grow Cannabis it's not frowned upon and it's a better high too.

weRoneself: The Flowers are so beautiful. why would you cut them up just to get high.

Yaniv Assayag: you should give them more light by putting them on a window facing south , 
they shouldn't be that tall with dead leaves all the way up .
nice vid thanks!

DJbudx x: how many seeds you put in one pot?

James Simms: When growing indoors, how deep of a pot do you need?

MAN CAVE NO.1: People! Your plants that "fall over" or "die and go over" or whatever are NOT DYING. The poppy plant NORMALLY DOES THIS. It grows to just a bit bigger than a sprout or so and then it lays on its side. THIS IS NORMAL. It will continue growing after it makes a bit of a base on the ground. I also discovered I was doing it wrong when I tried to support the plant. It needs some wind to strengthen its stem.

Again, as I've said before.....know your laws where you live! Don't don't DON'T BREAK THE LAW! It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and what will get you in trouble.

Help and love others is a great philosophy but so is "I wouldn't do that crap if I was you!!!" BE SMART and don't risk trouble over growing some plants!

PolitischTourette: Poppies are Gods gift to humans who suffer from physical and mental pain. It is a shame that the failed drug policy world wide is still targeting this great remedy thanks to outdated illegal status. Respect the Poppy and it will respect you, abuse it will abuse you back ...

patriot kinvolk: NO PLANT should be 'illegal'! End the phony and self-destructive "War on drugs".

btstv: One more I always say. KNOW THE LAW. Right or not, if you break the law you risk consequences. I do not encourage anyone to break the law. Ok? Cheers.

btstv: For all those asking about SEEDS, just go to eBay and order them. Just type in "P.Somniferum seeds" or "breadseed poppy seeds" or something like that. Just read the descriptions and you'll know which are good. Mixed varieties are best I think and plant outside if you can or give them a breeze and DON'T do what I did and support them. Let them get strong on their own. Best is to start indoors in Feb or Mar....NOW! and then when they get to some size take them outside! You can also just throw TONS of seed down in one area as soon as it thaws.

Adrienne Yocina: Unfortunately I also had a bout of MITES. I used organic sprays and finally got rid of them but that is what made me make the decision to buy a small tent for mine. It keeps them private and also away from my cat (who like to nap in the dirt and I think that is where the mites came from)
Indoor Poppy Gardening 5 out of 5

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Indoor Poppy Gardening