Indoor Poppy Gardening

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Indoor Poppy Gardening
Indoor Poppy Gardening
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btstv: For all those asking about SEEDS, just go to eBay and order them. Just type in "P.Somniferum seeds" or "breadseed poppy seeds" or something like that. Just read the descriptions and you'll know which are good. Mixed varieties are best I think and plant outside if you can or give them a breeze and DON'T do what I did and support them. Let them get strong on their own. Best is to start indoors in Feb or Mar....NOW! and then when they get to some size take them outside! You can also just throw TONS of seed down in one area as soon as it thaws.

btstv: One more I always say. KNOW THE LAW. Right or not, if you break the law you risk consequences. I do not encourage anyone to break the law. Ok? Cheers.

Adrienne Yocina: Unfortunately I also had a bout of MITES. I used organic sprays and finally got rid of them but that is what made me make the decision to buy a small tent for mine. It keeps them private and also away from my cat (who like to nap in the dirt and I think that is where the mites came from)

Adrienne Yocina: I also used Fluorescents...and also used FABRIC POTS, worked GREAT! Awesome air circulation to the roots. I had GREAT success with APTUS brand time release fertilizer pellets. 

noversibirsk: How large did your Giganteum pods get?

Reggie Singleton: Who the freak cares if some old white wanks want to stop people from growing natural products, because some dumb asses get high off of it. Who gives you the power to band anything just because dumb people use it to get high, and and then the white wanks just manufacture morphine and codeine in front of our face. freak them, I like white, brown, orange or black people, I just hate these I claimed america and control this and that and started a new world government freakers...... Good day!!!

grimmerMD: Song is almost as good as the opium...almost.

br katz: Thanks for the video. The reason I watched it was to know if they will START indoors. You said you started them in November which is cool weather that they like. I normally grow them from late March - June in Kentucky outside and they love it.

Tyler Durden: The plant is very beautiful, but I just want the opium....hey I'm being honest. I know I'll never get it, I have never seen opium, and I've been clean 12 years, but I still want it.

btstv: I suppose if you make tea from it...and it would likely vary GREATLY on the plant type itself and on growing conditions...maybe. If you use these plants to get "high" you're certainly breaking the law AND giving law-enforcement reason to ban even the possession of these plants...which technically they already have. You can go to jail for just having these plants around. "Poppy straw" and parts of the poppy plant are a controlled substance under US Federal Law, and they can enforce it anytime.

utuberocker40: @btstv i meant its not illegal for ornamental purposes!, why have u grown them then?, why are you allowed to?

btstv:'re right about a point. It DOES look like a weed...and it is a weed in some respects. It grows wild quite readily if it gets established. I think they are beautiful when they grow in large groups...and they have a mystique due to their long history with mankind both good and bad. There's nothing like a field or hill full of poppies. Growing them is fun and'll always get lots of questions! But just make sure you're good and legal. It's not worth ANY trouble.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLable: This is very educating... I have been looking into The poppy plants, their certain chemical properties, and also, They are a plant... I mean people just don't understand anything about plants such as the Poppy, or the Marijuana... Not that i am comparing them. I am going to contact a local lawyer and see if there is any way i can begin growing my own legally. Thanks!

btstv: @Hachley Good Lord, this is NOT heroin. Please educate yourself. This is a plant. You cannot use a poppy plant to get any useable (or abuseable) drug! If anyone does anything illegal or gets into trouble you have only yourself to blame. If you're not ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that this plant is legal to grow where you live...DON'T GROW IT. Cheers.

Jay Krim: you need a breeze. strengthens and thickens the stems

TheLilac212: I have packet of poppy seeds I got last summer on the farmers market. Can I plant them to grow indoors. I don't care for they other reasons. I love they flowers, I love to paint them, look at gracious flow of the bud...that's my passion, o, and when they are on my bagel.;-) So can I plant them indoor? and I like idea of getting a light for them and BTW for my roses. Thanks for you vid and I wish your dispute will be resolved on your behalf. Like music too.

Lenin Camuci: Can I smoke the leaves????

btstv: @coldflesh I respect the fact that you encourage others to know the law, but you should do the same. As far as being smart goes, I'm fine because I live in E.Europe and in my particular country it's quite legal to have if you don't attempt to extract opium. Police here would think it's silly to go after such people anyway and wouldn't waste their energy on it. However, I agree that if you grow this YOU BETTER KNOW YOUR LAWS. If you do get into trouble, you'll only have yourself to blame.

Alexander Pravda: you are stupid.ha-ha-ha!!!!

Kevin Meetin: Quit flaming people on this stuff. I am sure they know but like talking about it anyway.

NymphZoic68: Great upload thank you! Very informative and helpful, I'm growing poppies from seeds for the first time and without heat pads and uv light sources etc.. They emerged 3 days ago! I'm just a bit concerned about having to thin them down.. Just fingers crossed and wait to see what happens :) Btw, whats the other guys problem ..Sheesh!

socalhippie hashman: nice man!!

SonictheBedHog: And one day it will be a muffin.

maryjuan23: @btstv light for maryjuana is better

btstv: @coldflesh Well, now you're generalizing. I gave one example of just one very large business which operates quite legally and openly. If they (w-poppyworld-com) were growing pot plants instead of poppies, they'd be shut down and raided immediately. They've invested a great deal of time and money in what is a legal business and I can't imagine that they did not research the legalities of growing somniferum. It also grows wild in many places. Former nieghbor in WA also grew them with no probs.

btstv: "a poppy plant"....that means ONE. Please pay attention to language.

spurwinggoose: I appreciate this video very much. I think it is very helpful and encouraging.

CALIKINGAKACUSH: @iamaGod357 now this is for only indoors, As i like to grow all sorts of stuff indoors since I'm not very fond to pests. I do know what I'm talking about as i too has experienced with these amazing beautiful flowers, but if you are making this plant to produce opium good luck. because you will probably only get as far as the tea, unless you do have all the chem's and other house hold items to produce this, and if the FBI hasn't tracked you down already for researching it on your own computer :)

mondelm1: To sum up what you are trying to say; the plants are tall, airy and outstretched due to inadequate lighting. Fluorescent lighting is of little use other than, perhaps, seed germination and/or cloning (though Compact Fluorescents CF are more suitable); HID's are th only way to go regarding indoor gardening if you want growth anywhere near natural sunlight.

coldflesh: @btstv You are terribly mis-informed. Planting, possesing, or cultivating any variety of Papaver Somniferum is ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL IN THE U.S. The plants themselves, even before any harvesting or refining of any kind are considered a schedule II substance under federal law, which is in the same category as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines. Posession of the seeds is not illegal, but planting them can land you up to 5 years in prison even on a first time offense. Be smart.

bulletproof2353: yes no way your making heroin wothout a serious lab, and watched chemical like acetic anhydride, 1st you would need to extract the morphine base from the raw opium ,of which you would need a huge amount and its is a not an easy procedure you can just do in you kitchen,going from morphine base to heroin is easy, you just boil it in acetic anhydride, but its a watched precursor chemical,so you would have to synthesize from something else,but poppy tea would most likely stop heroin withdrawal

btstv: @utuberocker40 Well, in my country, these flowers are totally legal. Many people cook with them and use the seeds for cooking and make tea from them. In the old days people used to give poppy tea or poppy juice for teething. We still give it to babies sometimes (some people outside our country think this is crazy) but we manage just fine and no children have gotten "addicted" to tea. I grow them just for fun, but many people we know in Ukraine grow them for people who are sick. Cheers.

Sepemini: What size ceramic pots did you use for the larger plants, like the giganteum? Also, if I were to use potting soil, can you offer some advice about the right ratio of mix for sand and soil, such as half and half, or whatever? Thanks.

maryjuan23: @Sunfadedlovejaded for me too :D greatting from czech rep.

Hachley: @btstv :D I'm sorry! anyway nice you take care of plants and stuff : ).

socalhippie hashman: just wondering if its possible to ship some my way man!!im also growing opium poppies but i want to have more strains and selection..hit me up if your down to trade!!

Lonnie Jervis: would like to get seeds for my own amusement..can you help???

VJ: The way, if you use compact fluorescent light bulbs, About 3 or 4 bulbs to a plant, and keep them no more then 2 " away from the plant, You can grow them quite well, without having the elongated problem, and they will support themselves on their own stamps without any help. The trick is keeping the light very close to the plant and moving it up as it grows. They bloom in the long light Dave so you need to have about 14 hours of light per day to make them bloom.

btstv: @coldflesh Generalizing with other plants, is what I mean. If you bothered to look, you'd see that the retailer I mentioned sells entire plants, that's stems and pods. They supply a variety of dried flowers including P.Somniferum. They say that their plants are not for consumption, but for flower arrangments and they are one of 5 large and very public retailers. Are you saying that no law enforcement agency has "gotten around" to charging them and arresting them for openly admiting they sell it?

evildaltyzzle22: Thebaine isn't actually a main alkaloid in opium poppies specific strains were developed to make thebaine one of the predominant alkaloids. If it were one of the main components opium would cause siezures and poison you.

Air Handler: I have a couple questions How many seeds should I put in per ceramic container? Also how much light do those Windows get because where I live we don't get too much light in through the windows?

btstv: @Justbeneathfailure Yes, I agree....that would really make a difference. I noticed that the stems seemed much thinner and weaker than plants grown outside!

btstv: Please listen to what I say in the video and what I'm typing. This plant MIGHT be illegal where you live because illegal drugs can be created with large amounts of this plant. If you choose to do anything illegal YOU are responsible and you have only yourself to blame. I love gardening and I love flowers and botony as a hobby....if you're looking to make illegal drugs or engage in illegal activities plz do it somewhere else. I do NOT condone illegal drug use or any other illegal activity. Cheers

ontariobuds: @smeggerss or water

ebp1234: get bigger pots to increase root development. Your plants are rootbound which severely limits growth rates once they reach a certain age.

Robbie Cales: Actually it contains three main alkaloids. One is morphine, but also codeine, and thebaine.

Haleigh267: Opium poppies are long day plants. Which really means short night as research later found. But Papaver Somniferum requires approximately 16 hrs. of day length to stimulate their bloom phase. It's actually more complicated than that. You can research the photoperiod of papaver somniferum which there is a lot of scientific research on. There are two or three photosensitive phases. During the photosensitive phases the plant must experience a certain number of long days/short nights.

btstv: me something new. I've seen this years ago. One plant is HARMLESS. If you're trying to get high...good luck...chasing life to get high always results in a waste of name it. I'm not trying to have a moral discussion here. Please educate yourself, everyone. Don't grow this plant if it's illegal OR if you are trying to get high and do something illegal....not to mention stupid. Cheers.

VaderLoks: Ohhhh ok i appreciate you responding back i just didnt know why someone would want this plant like its no offense ugly it looks to me like almost a weed

EddieHitler1000: As far as myself goes my chemist is quit liberal,i pick mine up two days a week because i am working,i could have it changed to once a week but i don`t trust myself to take more than the dose i have set out for myself(i get prescribed 75ml per day but only take 30ml,this way twice a week i can take extra,and believe me these days are an amazing experience),i have a son who is 21 and doesn`t touch drugs because i have educated him about them,i can handle my addiction but i would not recommend it
Indoor Poppy Gardening 4.5 out of 5

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Indoor Poppy Gardening