Killzone 3 Beta Classes, The Medic | Multiplayer Gameplay On Playstation 3

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RetconCrisis: @Ratchet25 actually the full game has an arrow that shows how many meters away medics are and what direction they are in if your down

TheBurningSpartan: Now it's just my play style and it works for me I am a frontline supporter I run up I get kills I use a combination of true personaal drone along with the self revive move to win usually it works in objective games ie plant the bomb

Agumon5: When are you guys going to go back and do some more killzone 3 game play? There is sooo much more in the game now. 3 Map packs to review + all of the patches / updates and changes. You could easily do 3-4 more videos on the changes alone :P

bluekentuckyboy: @albertm009 advertisements make youtube free so why be against it. OMG I HAV TO WAT 10 SECNDS but it makes it free.

privateservers2damax: @Ratchet25 spam x button "medic ,medic, get the freak over here"!

a12345awesome: Thumbs for the Medic!!

ThePlaceChannel: What weapon are you using most of the video you spawn with?

Ian Graham: i love his candadian accent

Joel Norgren: same thing goes for bad company 2 :D love the video, keep it up!

HunterxREE: I'm not sure that the silenced AR is an amazing weapon. It's silenced, but your little bot isn't. What's the point of unlocking it (the gun, not the bot)?


loriparker666: KILLZONE 3 FOR THE MOTHER freakEN WIN

dgripper05: @Ratchet25 didnt they have that concept in MAG?

Daniel Herlufsen: @TheLinuxBust medic can have a LMG too

Cuber: I'm glad that it's the engineer with the LMG, not the medic :P

wooders2310: i wana get ps3 just to play this game

Th3Shyguy: this game is very similar to TF2 in the terms of the class selection, and in the role you choose when you pick a class

ViCe KC.: umm the person u mentioned about telling u u were sight whoring probably played kz2 hipfire was the way to go, sights were only used for long range battles so the guy probably knew what he was talking about yet u compare to cod.....cod depends mainly on sights, kz2 hipfire was predominant idk what game u were playing but it seems to me the person u mentioned was talking about kz2

Tyrone Hopsin: @Ratchet25 The spawn time should be as long as BFBC2. It's not too long or too short, just right. It would give a lot more time to revive the player and stuff like that. I love playing Medic but people just keep raping the X button once they go down lol. That makes me sad cuz I really enjoy reviving people. Getting points and stuff... So yeah maybe make the spawn time as long as BFBC2.

olufemi ogun: @boro4ever8 I am not sure because i only played on the weekend but you just need the unlock points to get it sorry if this is late to you.
Killzone 3 Beta Classes, The Medic | Multiplayer Gameplay on Playstation 3 5 out of 5

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Killzone 3 Beta Classes, The Medic | Multiplayer Gameplay on Playstation 3