Remington R51 Field Strip And Assembly

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Francesco Castano: I bought this gun six months ago look at videos & read up on it ,took my time broke it down cleaned& polished it took to the range fired 400 rounds through it of all kinds of ammo NO Problems!!! Just keep it clean&polish. Like so much I just bought my second one . Same thing No problems!

stewie6096: I just purchase one for $256, I guess the dealer was trying to dump their current stock. I just disassembled it and now I cant get the *#@& barrel to go back in, it keeps getting hung up on the spring. My spring is way longer than the one on yours. What a pain in the butt, no wonder Remington filed for bankruptcy.

Harvester: thumbs down for wasting my time with a safety check.

LiChoiFungfan: You can eventually get good enough to assemble this more easily but, it takes a while. The official Remington instructions make it more difficult than it has to be. It is a good shooter once assembled though.

SIXPACFISH: Reminds me of my Ruger mark II. You can put that together wrong also, but it will not work at all if you do. Seems like he was trying to say that if you put this thing together wrong, it will work enough to break the gun. Did you miss name your channel? This sounded more like Gunlawyering than Guntruth to me.

A Cent.: Does not look too difficult but all the "lining up" seems like it can be annoying. Especially with other brands modern firearms that are simple to field strip. Added to the fact the reliability has been questionable. Remington needs to scrap the Pederson action go with a much simplier design....Too bad because it is a sweet looking 9mm single stack

dave tugboat: I've never seen such a bad design in my life. I would not recommend this pistol to anyone, for the simple reason it's a pain in the ass to re-assemble. buy a CZ 75 P-01. i have 2 of them.

Joe Black: I Think I would have familiarized myself with the nomenclature and the actual disassembly/reassembly proceduresahead of making the video. But then, I had the same problems with my R51 in 2016.

Tony Arena: what a pain in the ass bullcrap method of a modern (?) firearm. who the freak at Remington thought THIS was a good idea compared to the deluge of modern pistols these days that break down/reassemble in half the amount of time this bastard if a pistol can be done in! save your money..... research further and past this p.o.s.!!!!!

13noman1: Good lord! Now that the re-issue is out, I was kinda interested but if the field strip is the same as this, I think I'll stick with (enter ~ any other pistol)!

Greg Gallacci: With all the press, good and bad, one thing comes through the noise: the recoil-management of the Pederson lock is effective, and should be explored.
I think the M53 should be brought out!

Ramblequist: It's a puzzle gun

Bluto1980: Who's the ass clown at Remington that thought this gun was a good idea?

Atticaz: To much hassle. Lol

Billy H.: Serious PITA.  Seems like it is harder to put back together than it is to strip.  "Step 15….".

TheCardinalsWay: This video makes me laugh, the noises he makes trying to work with this gun. I own this gun and disassembly/reassembly of this gun can be done blindfolded with ease. I'm thinking this guy probably cant get himself out of a wet paper bag, what a weenie. If this video turns you away from buying a gun, you probably don't need to be buying a gun in the first place. There is a far better demonstration video on the R51 than this one

Robt Bomba: I very much wanted to buy an R-51, based on the look of the gun and the fact/hope that it would be an easy CCW, but I'm not reading much positive info about the handgun so far.  Too, I'm not overly impressed by the steps to field strip and then reassemble, though generally the actual "doing" is much easier than a video will suggest. I'm much more interested in how this handgun operates and in turn compares to other 9's. They're available locally but I don't really want to be among the first to buy it.

John Martinez: Dude you need to learn how it comes apart before you make a video, Because the way you showed how to do it , i would never buy that gun..way to difficult to take down and re assemble...what a joke..bad video dude sorry..

Fots T.: Good info...., but it really bothered me the fact that you didn't wipe some of that crap off!

jaxxsun: It does does not look like much of a big deal to take apart. I have always thought that the Ruger 10/22 pistol was a little tricky
Remington R51 Field Strip and Assembly 5 out of 5

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Remington R51 Field Strip and Assembly