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Jonathan Moreno: keep it full or it will gurgle.

Jonathan Moreno: when I got my inferno it worked fine now it gurgles and spits up now I hate it you'd be better off buying the icare and it's impossible to rebuild the coils so they have you stuck buying their expensive coils .

Space Ghost: best starter set in the business hands down. went through ego joytech all that china junk has nothing on Volcano

Saghir Ahmed: ** A N Y O T H E R M O S T A C T I V E U S E R S H E R E ????? ***

Mário Pereira: I need that Coolfire Storm in my life

Darin Carroll: the video won't load

Dustin Hill: I really appreciate your review videos

Cesar Corrales: Never liked the volcano

Maschelle Mashburn: I've liked my Inferno from day 1. Got me OFF cigarettes! I used an atomizer for about a year before this new system came out. I actually have the BCTube Tank. I love how it works for the first few puffs.. Then liquid starts leaking past the O ring and floods the area the coil screws into. I have to clean the juice out every single time I want to vape. The coils only work for a few days. I buy 2 boxes of replacement coils (that's 6 coils)and two 3-pack O ring replacements a month and I still end up waiting for payday with no vaping, for at least a week every month, due to no battery or O ring still large enough to prevent leaking. I also cant taste the juice flavor in the BCTube tank like I can with the atomizer. I think the Inferno battery is getting too hot and ruining the rubber seals. Don't know what to try at this point.

Joe Cherfan: Keep doing you.

Landon Bell: Sleek looking mod

Jonathan Hanna: Just got my first one two weeks ago love it. Very impressed

Theresa Cox: Mine is awful. Leaks from both ends and the vapor is miserable. Bought a different take and it lasted a day. Now I am on the hunt for a new one.

Dre Pommells: I have one its not that great

Bobby Smith: This thing is a piece of crap.  The tank constantly leaks from the bottom, and will spit in your mouth through the top.  I thought I had a defective unit so I purchased another tank and still have the same problem.  The customer service from volcano is also terrible.  I've also noticed that the 0mg juice has almost no taste.  I'm not sure if that's normal for other brands or not because volcano is the only brand juice that I've tried so far.

Mason Fox: Does the juice go into the tank more than you can see?

PolishVapesUk: Great review

Alan S: id try it out...

Tony Stark: I owned an Inferno over a year. Its great. I love it. Only negatives is battery durability (3 went bad on me but were all replaced for free), all products have a 1yr warranty. Volcano does charge a bit more for their stuff, but their customer service is EXCELLENT!! And their hardware feels premium and a bit upscale. There are cheaper ecigs like the Kanger Evod, but quality isnt up to the standards of the Inferno. Also depending on the types of juices vaped, your coil can get the burned taste very quickly. You can replace or rinse the coil with warm water and reuse. Maybe by now they are using better 510 batteries, but aside from that, I would highly recommend the Inferno as a first or even a back up vaporizer/e-cig. Another plus is that you can use an ordinary mini usb cord to charge unlike other companies that make you buy their special proprietary charger and connectors. So you have more charging options (lap top, wall charger, cigarette lighter, or anything that accepts USB. I recently lost my Inferno and was thinking about replacing it with something cheaper, but the warranty and customer service along with the high quality feel just confirmed my decision to buy another kit. Hope this helps anyone on the fence about buying the Inferno kit. Another big bonus is their well laid out website and availability of any and all parts to rebuild your device, down to the small rubber o-rings.

BIG SHAQ: Nice review, gonna buy my mom one. 
VOLCANO INFERNO ECIG REVIEW! 2014 -IndoorSmokers 5 out of 5

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