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Volcano Inferno Electronic Cigarette Review
Volcano Inferno Electronic Cigarette Review
The INFERNO BCT Tube Tank   VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes®
The INFERNO BCT Tube Tank VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes®
Volcano Inferno E-Cig Review
Volcano Inferno E-Cig Review
Volcano eCig Coupon Codes   Volcanoecigs Reviews   volcano Inferno E Cig Lava Tube
Volcano eCig Coupon Codes Volcanoecigs Reviews volcano Inferno E Cig Lava Tube
Volcano INFERNO Review by Field of Vapor
Volcano INFERNO Review by Field of Vapor
The newest model of the Volcano Inferno E-cig
The newest model of the Volcano Inferno E-cig
What is the Best E-Cig (Electronic Cigarette)?
What is the Best E-Cig (Electronic Cigarette)?
Vape Life
Vape Life
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Volcano INFERNO UnBox First Impressions
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Volcano Vaporizer Review & Tutorial - VaporizerWizard.com
Volcano E-Cig Kit Review
Volcano E-Cig Kit Review

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Joel C: just looking to get into ecigs how is the volcano holding up? no leaks or cracks? how was the coil and head life? did flavor start to suck as the battery started to go a little dead? thanks for the reviews you have been a great source for my research into ecigs--Joel

michael b: what kind of adapter would i need to make these inferno bct tanks fit on volcanoecigs lavatube?thanka alot

Lori Wolf: Hi. I was wondering if you've experienced any leakage now that you've had some time with it? I have heard quite a few reviews where people say it leaks quite a bit.

Cody Sexton: We have a large volcano store/vape bar in the city I live in and almost all the vape users around have infernos including myself I love the vape production from such a small device 

gill gilchrist: Hi I cud use some help I'm new to vaping looking for a sweet tobacco taste I use smokemax regal blue it's amazing any tips on liquids like regal blue 

Scott Jackson: I love my Inferno.

Tony Stark: I owned an Inferno over a year. Its great. I love it. Only negatives is battery durability (3 went bad on me but were all replaced for free), all products have a 1yr warranty. Volcano does charge a bit more for their stuff, but their customer service is EXCELLENT!! And their hardware feels premium and a bit upscale. There are cheaper ecigs like the Kanger Evod, but quality isnt up to the standards of the Inferno. Also depending on the types of juices vaped, your coil can get the burned taste very quickly. You can replace or rinse the coil with warm water and reuse. Maybe by now they are using better 510 batteries, but aside from that, I would highly recommend the Inferno as a first or even a back up vaporizer/e-cig. Another plus is that you can use an ordinary mini usb cord to charge unlike other companies that make you buy their special proprietary charger and connectors. So you have more charging options (lap top, wall charger, cigarette lighter, or anything that accepts USB. I recently lost my Inferno and was thinking about replacing it with something cheaper, but the warranty and customer service along with the high quality feel just confirmed my decision to buy another kit. Hope this helps anyone on the fence about buying the Inferno kit. Another big bonus is their well laid out website and availability of any and all parts to rebuild your device, down to the small rubber o-rings.

Misty Reece: This is the e-cig I use and I love it! It's small but it vapes like my husband's huge e-cig. I really like that it's small so I can stash it in my pocket. And the tank is HUGE! It holds much more than my husband's tank. I can vape on a full tank for like 3-4 days, sometimes longer. It's a bit costly, but well worth it. Mine has paid for itself since I've completely quit smoking cigarettes. I highly recommend it!

Joshua Mulder: Anyone know of any cheaper replacement coils for the Inferno? 3 for $15 from Volcano is starting to get expensive.

Melina P: Great video! Thank you so much for posting this. I've been debating on purchasing an Inferno & can finally go ahead with it after watching this. 

Mike Upton: Love your videos, man. Bought one of these online today and it's already been shipped. No lie, from the time I hit confirm payment to the time I got the shipping email was two hours. Now THAT is how to run a business.

Malik Depthside: you can use it while it is charging too

DatTriple: Nice review, gonna buy my mom one. 

ATL SUBOHMKREW: ummm 510 connection? how many mls in tank capacity? no VV? replaceable coils how much? longevity of coils?………...

andrew zafar: Those Coils are just like the aspire bdc coils except more pin holes at the bottom

Abby Jarrett: SWEET!! Now I can go ahead and order one! Small, but different than my eGo Twist as a throw in my bag and go. AWESOME review as always!

Nova DarkSoul: Best ego style e-cig I've ever seen!

hotheadedjoelhaha: Nice video! May be a Little spendy for some.

Garry Shane Baldridge: Never had a product I wasn't satisfied with from volcano. Thinking of getting this as the backup for my backup LoL

FatCatVapes: Did you know you have a ghost in your house?

robertw984: my regularly scheduled programming is not what you may think it is. ok. ok. thanks for showing some more vapN' gear 

deloresporchycat: Yeah that would be the twilight zone...

John Smith: The tank works well with my K200.

Lee Owen: ego batteries suck though

sean wilson: Is there different color/style drip tips you can buy for it? 

Dave Weber: I'm thinking that mods make My throat hurt...I may invest in one of these

alfredo melendizy: Can you give us a brief update on how that volcano inferno is perfoming??...thanks 

Nick Wiggins: Right on now that's a sharp looking device there 

Crazy3Dpilot: Many thanks for a great review, just placed my order. It will be my first e cig so here's hopin! subbed too as ur funny as hell! Jim.

Don D'Amato: Any idea on battery life between charges?

Matt Weller: Love my Inferno!!!!

Erin Hicks: E-cig looks perfect for me, I have to look them up since I live in Hawaii if nothing else.

Blackwidow7293: thats a nice setup will have to check them out 

alan ragan: how is that compared to the halo triton "which I just ordered" is it any better, I'm new to the whole tank system thing 

Shawn Chapman: You really have helped me with my gaping decisions 

Jeremy Goldberg: Wonder how much replacement coils are?

Janine G: Those are Aspire bottom dual coils, with 6 holes. Original Aspires had 4 holes, but found that they flooded with thinner juices and reduced to 2 holes. The 2 hole Aspires are fantastic!

Wesley Nhan: I heard the Inferno was one of the best.

Richard Vert: That's a sharp looking unit. 

adam cain: Very cool looking 

Al Mumit Hizbullah: Can you remove the drip top on this tank?

TheMiket1024: great vid, check out the aspire line of tanks, work great

alan mendoza: The new inferno looks better now

jose lopez: I use a ego upgrade battery that I like a lot but now you got me interested in the inferno 

rebecca conklin: I like it too!!

Johnathon Doughzier: Looks like a nice device. Can't say I care for the Illuminati-esque logo but yeah.... Looks good otherwise.

james alton: I want one your cool.

LordTool: http://www.volcanoecigs.com/inferno-kit.html Wow $80 bucks.

Nate Vizzi: Thanks for the review ... Ozzum

Bradley Comer: Sure wish I had waited to get mine...I love the vape on that...Thanks for the new vape video!
VOLCANO INFERNO ECIG REVIEW! 2014 -IndoorSmokers 4.9 out of 5

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