NV3500 Standard Transmission Rebuild How To -part4

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NV3500 standard transmission rebuild how to -part4
NV3500 standard transmission rebuild how to -part4
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PJ Neslo: Regardless of a few negative comments below, I gotta hand it to you two guys for having the guts to rebuild the tranny. I know I probably would have just replaced it with a used one from a junk yard. You guys saved a bunch of money that a transmission specialty shop would have charged... Congrats on a job well done !

berkmanyt: Near the end you installed a piece that you said interfaced with the shifter mechanism….I think that the bolt secured a piece with a spring on it.   Is this the
detent for the reverse and 5th gear shift positions.   Thank you.

Mike Malloy: I have my NV 3500 from my 98 Chevy S-10 PU down, and wanted to take the bell housing off and to the car wash to clean it.  Transmission works great, but the rear engine seal is leaking.  The problem is I can't get the bell housing off.  I removed the retaining snap ring (about 1.5" diameter) on the front in put shaft and thought that the bell housing would come off, but it only moves up about an inch.  There is something else holding the bell housing.  Can you help?  This is a big problem right now.  Just need to take bell housing off.  That is all.  Will also replace rear seal on transmission, and new fluid, but now I am worried that I have screwed something up?  Have rebuilt automatic transmissions and a couple of standards, but never a NV 3500.  The Chevy Chilton manual does not discuss the assembly or disassembly of this transmission.  Mike Malloy, Corpus Christi, Tx.  Please email.  mmalloy100@gmail.com 

Tj. Snyman: so you never shared if that solved the noise it was making,.Was it smooth and quiet after that?

jclaus98: I'm curious, did this thing work better after re-installing it in the vehicle?  Did the noise go away?  I cringed when I watched you using a dremel tool on the countershaft and at the lack of replacing bearings and seals when reassembling it.  But I totally understand not having the cash to change those kinds of things and just wanting to fix the problem.  I was there once too, but I've had plenty of experiences where I took something out and repaired only the problem and reainstalled it, only to have it leak or have a bearing fail 2 months down the road, leaving me to have to re-remove it and re-install it all over agin.  It my experience its always better to change anything serviceable if and when you have it apart to avoid taking things apart a second or third time.  Just my $.02.   

USAFreedomReform: Curious to know if you put a new bearing on the cluster gear where the burrs were. Everyone of these I have owned in vehicles since 1991 will leak out just a small amount of fluid and then the bearing on the cluster gear will go down because it has a plastic race and the race gets hot and melts. Then the gears start "climbing" and cause major troubles !!

Karen Turner: also mine did not have a hydrollic line at the end of the bell housing ( the last step ) i have a slave cylinder with a line though

Karen Turner: need help with the C shaped clip that goes in the back of the case. do you have to install it with the case standing striaght up and down? what is the best way because I cannot get it to stay on the gear when I try to slide the gears back in the case... please help

Stefen Phillips: I'm looking into a rebuild and parts but I'm not sure what transmission I have exactly....I thought it was a NV3500 but a guy at a local place looked it in and said its a older transmission called an MG5....so not sure what it is exactly.....need some help man...thanks in advance

Stefen Phillips: do you know what MG5 is? I have a 1993 Chevy 1500 1/2 ton pickup 2wd and I had a guy look up my vin and that's what transmission is on my truck I keep hearing different things but maybe you know more to what it is exactly what transmission it is. I keep hearing Muncie or getrag idk...but I need a rebuilt tranny my 5th gear overdrive is out and I only drive 4 gears and my reverse is out or I think just grinds now

khefron2004: Where are the fill and drain plugs on this tranny?

Ron quert: This is NOT a rebuild! You did butcher it but you also showed people how to take it apart your way and put it back together. Good insight! good luck.

Shonda Boyer: So during the install all working fine but the alternator not. Replaced and that is not the issue. Any suggestions on what we did wrong with reinstall?

Shonda Boyer: Tks for the vid. My husband and I rebuild the trains from 1992 Chevy 1500

steelheadfisherman: Thanks for the reply, looked into your Part 1 video and it showed you splitting them apart, sorry I was thinking the bell housing was the case. Is there *THREE* pressure fit pins? 2 outside, and 1 inside? I've got a 94 Sierra 1500 4x4, currently torn apart in the yard, everything brand new except the tranny and engine now, frame repainted and rock/rust gaurded. Ready for another 300xxx km :) Take care

valflyinf: The bellhousing is part of the case so no, you cannot separate the bellhousing, but you can definitely separate the cases, and you could order just the part of the case with the bellhousing if it is inexpensive, and then the swap would be very very easy. What project are you into?

steelheadfisherman: Hey man, I've got two NV3500 transmissions, ones got blown synchros, the other a cracked bell housing. Are the housing removal (with somewhat ease?) i've looked at like a hundred sites that say NV3500 bell housings are not removable?! Thanks!

alwaysopen: @alwaysopen I had to watch this again and get a laugh out of you calling bolts 'screws', The pins you are removing are called 'roller pins' and you should have a punch for them. You should really put new ones in their place when reassembling whatever you take them out of. Engines and transmissions vibrate a lot so those things can let go. Firearms use them extensively as well. The rod the shifter forks are attached to is the shifter rail.

valflyinf: And by the way what a deal you got on that tranny! what are you gonna install it in? Your bearing will probably run you around 25 bucks or so.

valflyinf: @RonmanB1 LOL ya I dont plan anything I'll say so anything goes, its live. Anyway ya if you have that much play the front bearing(that goes in the inside of the case itself) is probably missing a coupkle BBs or something. or maybe shredded the bearing frame that holds the BBs together. My buddy still hasnt reinstalled it back in the truck so we don't know yet but probably it will quit making that whiny noise.. Now I am tempted to rebuild an automatic, maybe the ones that go on crown vics?
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NV3500 standard transmission rebuild how to -part4