VW Golf 6 Bluemotion

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Keith Isaacs: bloody awful driver crossing hands driving one handed

Peter Lewis: The only problem is that the multi function steering wheel, Sat/Nav and higher spec A/C are all optional extras that increase the cost of the already overpriced Bluemotion 1.6Tdi Golf by nearly £2000.
The 1.6Tdi SE with added Sat/Nav is still cheaper to buy than the Bluemotion model, and has a nicer interior.

The Bluemotion may have a 6 speed box and lowered suspension and a unique engine with lower friction bearings, but it represents poor value when you have to pay quite a bit extra for extras that really should be standard on a car that costs over £22000.

The new Polo 1.4Tdi Bluemotion is better value and if you take the extras into account is £5000 cheaper, and has lower emmissions and slightly better economy.

fer de lance: Nice video,smooth drive

Maximiliano Castillo: Thanks!!!I love that song!!

dadavid254: Teddiedrum - Miami watch?v=KDgjbSaVmT8

RoXasNikeman: Nicest neighbourhood I've ever seen lol

Maximiliano Castillo: Nice!!What's the name of the song can anybody please tell me??

istiklalcaddesi: Less fuel than my honda lead 100cc scooter :)

M.S. Photography MTL: it will never stops!

M.S. Photography MTL: I just bought a 2008 GLI and I don't have the radio screen "radar" bip in reverse mode. such a nice thing! VW rules! I already want a next gen! It wi

meisterlukey: Driving with your hand on top of the wheel doesn't make you any better looking.

Michał Skalski: stupid

rusav81: i don't think i will buy a vw golf at all

Cookzaaa: Hallo .. héél benieuwd om binnenkort ook een Golf Golf 6 1.6 TDI Bluemotion te kopen. Ik vroeg mij af of zo'n touchscreen (ipv radio) standaard in deze versie komt? Heel mooie aankoop trouwens ;) Thx

matthmatthmatth: oh my god you/re soooooo stupid. I figured out it was manual in 24 seconds, how can you not figure it out????? idiot!!!

Marleyke: rijd dat goe zo'n 1.6 tdi??

Haziq Deen: it looks bumpy but the interior makes it looks comfortable

tafkan77: My 2010 Golf TDI is getting 50 MPG now. Best vehicle I've ever owned, and the 6 speed hooks up the power really nicely. In the United States, it is by far the most fun of the fuel effiecient cars you can buy. I have 40,000 miles on mine, and I just bought it last october. Unless I find a BMW M1 at a reasonable price, I will not own anything other than a VW CleanDiesel. With a small 2 axle trailer, and my hitch, I'll haul anything a 1/2 ton truck can haul.

marcheloism: How much is this featured golf 6?

derbigpr500: @POTSkyline Camera is just not fixed properly.
VW Golf 6 Bluemotion 5 out of 5

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VW Golf 6 Bluemotion