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Will's 62.  409
Will's 62. 409

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Tone Martinez: Been wanting one of these for a long time.

John M: I am haveing trouble with the slide staying back after last round is discharged....also slide release main pivite pin want to come out.... can you help???

Jr Getchell: I just got one of these the guy said it was a 9.25....but u say it a 7.62×25

rgp fast: i came across one of these last month... my ser. number starts with E 10_ _ _ does this mean anything??? where do I get the chinise ammo from???

jpb1231000: Your voice sounds like a favorite gun whore of mine I watch called ARMED DEFENDER!!! Is this an alter ego channel? If you're a diffrent guy, I like this (my first I think) also!!! SUBBED!!

FrugalPrepper: I fired a CZ-52 for the first time yesterday.  It's a snappy little guy.  Fun to shoot and it has a great trigger.

Greenbee Inovation: are there any grips or a different grip mount system for these ? i may make some  wood grips

Nattleby: Grips are Bakelite.

sman7290: The grips are not cardboard.  They should be bakelite.

oldtapa1: Mě fascinuje jak ti ostatní o 52 vědí vše...já jí tahal do služby jako velitel stráže 1,5 roku vědí pěkný kulový.....:D

Richard Adamczyk: Chinese 7.62 x 25. Since China made a Tokarev, their ammo can be shot in theirs? You said not to shoot it in a Tokarev. But the vs 52 can handle it. Can the Czech 52 handle it? I have a Romanian Tokarev. So I shouldn't use it in my Romanian? Please elaborate as to what shouldn't be fired in what Tokarev? I am still a novice in regards to the Tokarev and the various pressures of the ammo. I don't want to have a catastrophic accident. Thank you for your information! Great video! Looking forward!

FUSIMSER: yo tengo una cz52 7.62 tok czech pero no tengo tiros de ese calibre saben donde pueda conseguir o venderla ustedes que recomiendan?

lordofwar2006: got the cz-52 pick it up its 9mm and it all matching S.N so i think it was retrofitted from the factory

lordofwar2006: hey theMakarov9 do you think $250 is a good deal on a CZ-52 in 9mm 9x19 seen at gunshop today got a Makarov but still thinking about the CZ-52 9mm

Abu Hussein: لترجمة What are the problems Symbol pistol please

technoviking1975 eberhart: I will never sell mine, shoot the right ammo out of it and you will have no problem.....

TheMakarov9: Wow, what a deal, I would buy it for that price too

metalhead2508: I bought one for $200. Original parkerized finish with tan holster.

metalhead2508: I've read articles claiming that the CZ-52 isn't a strong as everyone once thought. They indicate that the wall thickness where the rollers sit is substantially less than the Tokarev. I've not had any problems with my CZ so far, but I rarely shoot it.

Kelly Meacham: I own one of these hand held anti tank it.

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