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dave runner: I have one in the safe. wrapped in an oil soaked cloth.

Raza Akbar: 7.25 nice sound is good 9mm don't I t

Speed Demon: actually the reason the cz52 was chambered in the Tokarev round is because during the time it was created Russia still a communist country and ordered all Alliance countries to have their military sidearms chambered in the tokarev cartridge. There was no deciding to be had. It wasn't a choice

Aj Hoyt: Its pronounced MACK-er-OVV not Mawk-urr-ovv. You're saying it wrong. FFS SMH

William Jones: The 7.62x25mm hits a lot harder than a .357 Magnum round.  In Europe...protective vests are "Tokerov Rated"!

Bill Jamison: My CZ-52 came to me as a box of parts with a broken firing pin. I did end up buying it off the guy for 100 $. Did not take me long to find a firing pin and evenually got it all back together and working. I love it, It is a bit tricky to reload for, but it is possible.

Good video, great pistol.

Lawrence Spies: Have you had any issues with the deroosterer? I read that some pistols my fire a round when deroostered. I own three  CZ52's and love it and the 7.62 x 25 round. I have never had a misfire as I never deroostered it without holding onto the hammer.

John M: I am haveing trouble with the slide staying back after last round is discharged....also slide release main pivite pin want to come out.... can you help???

Jr Getchell: I just got one of these the guy said it was a 9.25....but u say it a 7.62×25

rgp fast: i came across one of these last month... my ser. number starts with E 10_ _ _ does this mean anything??? where do I get the chinise ammo from???

jpb1231000: Your voice sounds like a favorite gun whore of mine I watch called ARMED DEFENDER!!! Is this an alter ego channel? If you're a diffrent guy, I like this (my first I think) also!!! SUBBED!!

FrugalPrepper: I fired a CZ-52 for the first time yesterday.  It's a snappy little guy.  Fun to shoot and it has a great trigger.

Greenbee Inovation: are there any grips or a different grip mount system for these ? i may make some  wood grips

Nattleby: Grips are Bakelite.

sman7290: The grips are not cardboard.  They should be bakelite.

oldtapa1: Mě fascinuje jak ti ostatní o 52 vědí vše...já jí tahal do služby jako velitel stráže 1,5 roku vědí pěkný kulový.....:D

Richard Adamczyk: Chinese 7.62 x 25. Since China made a Tokarev, their ammo can be shot in theirs? You said not to shoot it in a Tokarev. But the vs 52 can handle it. Can the Czech 52 handle it? I have a Romanian Tokarev. So I shouldn't use it in my Romanian? Please elaborate as to what shouldn't be fired in what Tokarev? I am still a novice in regards to the Tokarev and the various pressures of the ammo. I don't want to have a catastrophic accident. Thank you for your information! Great video! Looking forward!

lordofwar2006: got the cz-52 pick it up its 9mm and it all matching S.N so i think it was retrofitted from the factory

lordofwar2006: hey theMakarov9 do you think $250 is a good deal on a CZ-52 in 9mm 9x19 seen at gunshop today got a Makarov but still thinking about the CZ-52 9mm

Abu Hussein: لترجمة What are the problems Symbol pistol please

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