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CZ 52 muzzle flash
CZ 52 muzzle flash
Concealed Cargo Demo
Concealed Cargo Demo

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Negosav Stosic: Harrington products sell replacement rollers and firing pins which are both recommended to be replaced on this pistol. Original pin will break on dry firing and rollers are soft and can ruin the barrel when they start to wear.

bryan wiccedone: Just heard what you said about ammo... wonder what happned... prices are dang near 5 times the price now...

Haider Hayat: A great Russian caliber, with a great czheck pistol

rick williams: Just bought 1 cant wait to shoot ....thank u 4 all the info

loopie 99: my uncle rocks this gun

Dick Fitzwell: would $450.00 be a good price on one of these?

Jim Jones: Grips are bakelite. I replaced mine with nice woos grips for $100. Never trust that deroosterer as they are notorious for firing when you derooster....fair warning

dave runner: I have one in the safe. wrapped in an oil soaked cloth.

Raza Akbar: 7.25 nice sound is good 9mm don't I t

Boosted Speed Demon: actually the reason the cz52 was chambered in the Tokarev round is because during the time it was created Russia still a communist country and ordered all Alliance countries to have their military sidearms chambered in the tokarev cartridge. There was no deciding to be had. It wasn't a choice

Aj Hoyt: Its pronounced MACK-er-OVV not Mawk-urr-ovv. You're saying it wrong. FFS SMH

William Jones: The 7.62x25mm hits a lot harder than a .357 Magnum round.  In Europe...protective vests are "Tokerov Rated"!

Bill Jamison: My CZ-52 came to me as a box of parts with a broken firing pin. I did end up buying it off the guy for 100 $. Did not take me long to find a firing pin and evenually got it all back together and working. I love it, It is a bit tricky to reload for, but it is possible.

Good video, great pistol.

Lawrence Spies: Have you had any issues with the deroosterer? I read that some pistols my fire a round when deroostered. I own three  CZ52's and love it and the 7.62 x 25 round. I have never had a misfire as I never deroostered it without holding onto the hammer.

John M: I am haveing trouble with the slide staying back after last round is discharged....also slide release main pivite pin want to come out.... can you help???

Jr Getchell: I just got one of these the guy said it was a 9.25....but u say it a 7.62×25

rgp fast: i came across one of these last month... my ser. number starts with E 10_ _ _ does this mean anything??? where do I get the chinise ammo from???

jpb1231000: Your voice sounds like a favorite gun whore of mine I watch called ARMED DEFENDER!!! Is this an alter ego channel? If you're a diffrent guy, I like this (my first I think) also!!! SUBBED!!

FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden: I fired a CZ-52 for the first time yesterday.  It's a snappy little guy.  Fun to shoot and it has a great trigger.

Greenbee Inovation: are there any grips or a different grip mount system for these ? i may make some  wood grips

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