2014 Ford Falcon Previewed At 2012 Australian Motor Show

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2014 Ford Falcon previewed at 2012 Australian Motor Show
2014 Ford Falcon previewed at 2012 Australian Motor Show
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tim smith: I couldn't see crap

VAS THUM: wow....!!! that was like....!! am amazing.....!!!! i think...!!! did any1 else saw that.....?? the car..?? the new ford falcon......??? it was so bright and shiny that it made me blink 4 a second there...!! dam...that i miss the chance see wat n amazing car it wud hav being...!!

Dougie Barclay: a fine specimen of brainwashed consumerism at it's finest right here folks, aka "the bogan" lmao. who gives a freak what model/make your car is "FALCON TILL IM DEAD!" hahaha what the freak

Samual Samsung: The Australian Ford Falcon is a great engineered car. The american ford will never be as good as the Australian Ford :(

Matt Barberino: that honestly looks and hopefully is like the mustang.

ray e: Will be a falcon man til I'm dead. Thank australia for a wonderful production a of a a,asking car ever built in australia nothing will ever replace the FALCON

joeyy17: Ford have two cars to look up to for design motivation; Taurus and Mustang. Now anybody with common freaking sense would realise that Ford arent just going to release some gimmick looking falcon and leave... NO. They are going to finish their history off, just as their fanbase of 50+ years want them to. The only thing im finishing off tonight is your mother u fat freak keyboard cunt.

TCFan25: Anybody with half a freaken brain chum doesn't have to anticipate what the next design will turn out to be... you only have to see the new Holden Commodore and see how freaken Japanese it looks. The only thing that will finish off with a bang is a bullet to your head... so STFU!!!

joeyy17: And you can tell the future? The FG is proven to be the best design and performing falcon in Ford's history... shows how much you know about anything. Ford finishing off with a BANG - 2014

TCFan25: Mark my words... there is no illusion about it. The BA will go down as the last best design and performing Falcon in Ford's history. It's a waste of time and energy just anticipating what the next Gen falcon, and others to follow will look and perform like. RIP Ford (Australia) - 2008

fpvboss500: it's the mondeo the new tauras will have the grill and light renderings for the falcon.

MrTigers6423: hey everyone, just look up on google images, Ford Fusion. that will probably either be the new Falcon or Mondeo

TheZHLANE: Cant be, g6e has normal wheelsbase. g6 means ghia 6, its just a Fairmont ghia.

bris fry: It was confirmed that it will be a face lift of the fg!

MaZEEZaM: Im a huge fan of both Ford and Holden, I really want Ford to bring back the Fairlane or LTD. as far as this Video, you really cant call that a preview.

fpvboss500: stupid ads

fpvboss500: well as long as ford keep on making faster cars than holden then im happy

joeyy17: Why are all of you sounding so disappointed? You havent even seen the fkn car. Unfaithful Falcon supporters up in here

joeyy17: ITS going to look like the mustang freak YES

fpvboss500: like it or not i is the new tauras look
2014 Ford Falcon previewed at 2012 Australian Motor Show 5 out of 5

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2014 Ford Falcon previewed at 2012 Australian Motor Show