SAAB 9-5 Window Roller DIY And Door Rattle Fix

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Alan Binger: I went through this procedure several times on two different SAAB 9-5s. There are some tricks and cautions:

The rollers kept popping off on me. I've read that when putting them on you have to get two "pops" - one to seat the shaft on the plast roller then another when the pin pops on to the narrow part of the shaft. I could not get the second pop no matter how hard I tried - channel locks included. So I drilled out the rollers. I forget what size bit I used but I drilled down to just short of going all the way through.

The rubber in the metal tracks needs to be clean - very clean. A previous owner had greased them. This just acted like liquid traction and made it very hard for the glass to move. I took it out and washed it with hot soapy water very thoroughly - the same for the glass. The only lube I used was a carefully applied amount of spray silicone. I also glued the rubber into the steel track, otherwise it can bunch up and cause the window to seize in the tracks and the cause the roller(s) to pop out (again).

The vapor barrier is an important part of the door. The side curtain airbags are actuated by air pressure when the door crushes in an accident. The vapor barrier helps seal the inside of the door. Without it, the airbag could go off too late or not at all. The previous owner of my car tore them off and threw them away. The barrier needs to be thoroughly glued to the door - not just attached with a few pieces of tape, as I found in my wife's SAAB.

Tiffiney Frazier: I just came here to see how to take my door panel off. Every one told me it was my window motor, turns out to one of the window rollers is completely gone and the other one is broken.

Brandon Rozetta: Is this similar to do on a 03-11 9-3 cause none of my windows work at all

Tiago Luna: I did this job today! Thanks for posting :)

rain kremmer: This cloth barrier is for side airbags. it reacts to sudden pressure change when side impact. So it must be glued correctly back in place.

Yusuf Rangwalla: Hi thank you for the video very helpful. I have SAAB 93 2009 and my driver side rear passenger door window does not work. I heard some weird sound and now the window just drops half way down and I have pulled it up and put some card paper in the slot to keep it up.
I would like to know is it the rollers or the regulator and how can I tell.

Ugc1911: you forgot to mention the two torks screws on bottom near courtesy light to remove rest of door panel don't you hate comments like this me too lol

lukas88lag1: Is there any good way to reattach this window molding? Maybe some DIY? :)
I just fail this step and now I have small problem to reattach this piece of ...
Did you use any lubricants to press door card between this window molding?
Thanks in advance for an answer.

Joshua Marshall: wow this was awesome! I have lots of repairs to do on my 95

The non Mechanic: about that barrier... it`s not just for keeping moist out. It´s also importent for side airbag function. When the car gets a hit on the door a sensor in the door feels the presure difference and deploy. if that barrier is gone that pressure build up will not accoure and the airbag will not activate correctly.. You should also lubricate the rollers for best performance..athorwise good video... greetings from Sweden

bunnybrain: gonna have to try this in the weekend... just bought a 2007 9-5 vector and as i was winding the windows down after it had been standing in the sun for hours, the passengerside window suddenly startet to tilt forwards and got stuck. Had to carefully move it up by hand and then put the roller up again to hold it in place... really irritating when you've only had the car 5 days and it was fine when i bought it.

shathan123: Thanks! Was able to do this on a 2003 saab 9-5 linear thanks to this video. Took less than an hour.
SAAB 9-5 Window Roller DIY and Door Rattle Fix 5 out of 5

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SAAB 9-5 Window Roller DIY and Door Rattle Fix