400 Small Block Chevy

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Chevy 400 small block first start up after build
Chevy 400 small block first start up after build
400 Small block chevy build & run
400 Small block chevy build & run
SEMA 2015: The 400 is Back from BluePrint Engines
SEMA 2015: The 400 is Back from BluePrint Engines
400 small block chevy
400 small block chevy
Test Firing 400 Small Block Chevy
Test Firing 400 Small Block Chevy

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MrAbrink: now thats what Iam talking about!!! I want to build a torque monster out of a dart block 400, its going into a 77 3/4 4x4 . just takes money money money!!!

DORKYBA55ATTACK: I love the 400 small block, more than I love the 350. I don't understand why people buy a 400 small block, ditch the block and just keep the crank for a 383. No replacement for displacement!

mimixownzall: I just put one in my '77 K5 Blazer. I love it.

Koskinator_GSX: haha ig ot a 400 smallblock in my 79 scotsdale sound just like that haha

Jeremiah James: The big mouse is sick. take it to the doctor

Heath Sams: it it for sale

KMBeaudette: sounds poopy

dan thompson: @corey4406 open headers

corey4406: What mufflers do you have on this thing?

dan thompson: @Starkster50 yep it sure does. it had a bad plug. now she runs great

Jimmy: It will run like a champ when it runs on all eight.

SuperJohncenarko: @gokuthaman777 i hear ya. loose some horses too.

SuperJohncenarko: @i80steelers it has a carburetor genius, they are naturally aspirated, so the motor will quit once mabe, and it will lope then start to drown out. hes got nothing wrong with the motor we have one, it is perfectly fine. it usualy does that when it hasnt been started in a while

toshamful: how much does a 400 coast

dan thompson: @tkhaze11 yea i managed to take the rear end out only running on seven cylinders. turned out it was just bad plug. very good torque motor.

dan thompson: @PT37 never calculated but i imagine pretty poor since i have 4:10 gears

PT37: what mileage you getiin

CliffordTransAm: Sounds EXACTLY like the 400 in my 85 Chevy.

dan thompson: @shaikhdishgan1 yeah, after i put it in this truck i busted a u joint and then shortly after that the rear end went out of it.

shaikhdishgan1: love 400 sb ,with allthe good and bad ,i love it it have the right size and can give big power torqe is it`s game i put one in buick skylark with mild cam head cleaning port matching modefied rochester it was so torqe that i nerly lost my old trans first testing
400 small block chevy 5 out of 5

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400 small block chevy