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Alpine KTP 445-A brief review and test.
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k129h8: If doing a standalone setup, could i run an rca to jack adapter directly from the amp to use my iphone as the head unit?

razzzz: So... did the video skip a step? I thought these needed a 12V power line ran from the battery? But in the pictures of the product I do not see anywhere that power line would plug into. I thought the whole benefit of this product was that it would run off the factory wires for the stereo unit? (I already have a conversion harness from Metra setup for my Alpine head unit)

Alecs: is this 45 w RMS or peak? i mean this ktp have 45 w clear rms continous power? realy? it's differrence than stereo?

Lukraft: ktp-445U can be bridged to 2x90W rms, is there any way do this as well in ktp-445A version?

jay tron: So if its a 45w add-on does that mean that its 45w added to my 18w stereo or just 45w in total

bkdv: Will this work if my vehicle has no factory amp, but is a 6 speaker system with door tweeters? Or is this only for 4-speaker applications?

Santiago Lopez: Im thinking about buying this Alpine product but the question is would it work on my Kenwood deck. I upgraded my speakers to JBL's 2 6.5 and 2 4x6 in the back of my pick-up and i just want a little bit more accurate sound and bass! Also i have no subs and no big amplifiers.I don't want none of that.

agodzadza95: can i install 2 of these for more power? if so would it double it or just add another 20 watts?

Tony Pascale: Can someones please help me, i just bought this powerpack for my alpine headunit and when i connect the powerpack and turn on my headunit it makes a loud high pitched noise coming from the speakers,

Dick Muller: Can someone tell me how to change the time on my Alpine Model KTP445A. I can't locate my instruction book.   Thanks    Email

Darko Stajic: Hello,i have LG LCS500UR headunit and i am from Europe.Headunit has power connect Dim 16pin.Will this amp connect to my headunit?

Aaron Randall: so, you can you use with any other headunit, it just needs to be directly wired? rather than using the connection provided...?

Chris Burr: Is it less effective to have an amp that works with the speaker outs on my Alpine stereo, rather that using the 4V pre-outs...I am buying a cde-164bt

MyNameIsMud: Couldnt I just replace the 10 amp fuse in the fuse panel to a 15 amp fuse? 12+ wire is 12g

MyNameIsMud: I have a cde 135bt head unit. I only have a 10 amp fuse. I have heard alot of people that are using it this way and not having problems. What do you think?

Deep Roots: [Massive Edit Because I Reworded It Much Better]

I have a KAC 9104D Amp, a KDC-348u Head Unit and the KTP-445 Power Pack. I'm trying to figure out how to set this all up correctly because I didn't pay attention to how it was all connected when I took it out of my Toyota. Right now, I'm stuck trying to figure out how the power pack and head unit relate to one another in respect to the harness in the car.

Obviously the power pack has the two ends:
-One leads to the Head Unit via RCA connections which also has one blue/white wire coming out of it as well.
-The other end has the exact same wires the Head Unit has that would presumably be connected to the harness in the car.

Now, my problem is, does the head unit get connected to the power pack via the RCA connections AND get its harness wiring get coupled to the Power Pack's harness wiring, thus they both connect to the one harness in the car (like a Y connection) or does the Head Unit simply connect via RCA to the Power Pack which then gets connected to the harness in the car?
(still not sure what becomes of the blue/white wire on the RCA end though)

After that's sorted out, how would I connect the amp to all this? I vaguely recall that there was only a single thin blue wire going from somewhere between the HU and PP that went back to the amp.
Aside from that wire there were the obvious wires:
-A silver cable connecting via RCA leading directly from the HU to the amp
-A thick red power cable with a built-in fuse connecting from the battery leading back to the amplifier
-A short, thick, black grounding cable.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you.

Patrick Hogan: is the Alpine KTP-445u also plug and play like the  Alpine KTP-445a with alpine cd receivers or does it have to be wired in like a regular amp?

Patrick Hogan: can I still run my mrp m500 for my subs? I have the cde 153 bt alpine car stereo that has 6 channel preouts.

Dave Caruso: can you plug two of these amp back to back for more power?

Red One: Does it work with the cde 143bt?
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Installing the Alpine KTP-445 Power Pack | Crutchfield Video