Assembling A New Silhouette Rimless Titanium Frame.

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Assembling a new Silhouette rimless titanium frame.
Assembling a new Silhouette rimless titanium frame.
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proculap montana: I have a pair of semi-rimless, and I bought a titanium rimless pair of frames. i want to drill 4 holes into the lens that are in the semi-rimless, so i can mount the lens onto the titanium rimless. what will happen if use a Dremel with the right size drill bit, and drill into the Ziess poly lens? I have been to many Optical stores and they told me it can't be done, and they won't do it. So i'm attempting it myself. Any advice would be appreciated. This new rimless set of frames have the same setup as you are working on in this video. Is this a press fit type of mount???

Alejandro Medina: @Rene549 late answer but , i do with a very quick heat exposure, it softens the nylon enough to dissasemble

visionsofcanada: Hi @lhuyng, The optician that you purchased your Silhouette eyeglasses from should be happy to tighten them up for you at little to no cost. We never charge for adjustments on our products.

julianppp: nice video - i have a pair of silhouettes, i love them, i am pretty sure they will last forever. one question, though: what is it that holds the glasses together: is it glue, is it solely the pressure applied to the plugs, what is it? i mean i sat on mine, i dropped them, i have had them slapped with a hockey stick, pulled at by people, etc. i am amazed at how strong they continue to be and i would like to know what holds them together. thank you.

Boyntonstu: How do you take it apart for a replacement temple, etc?

visionsofcanada: They come to our from Silhouette, the manufacturer. If you want to replace the temples, the best thing to do is to bring it to an optical store that sells Silhouettes and pay them to replace it.

ztarrfect: on ebay de there are a lot of cheap glasses I even found some for 43 euros including 1.5 index glasses and for 25 more you have 1.61 index they are about 20 to 30% thinner than 1.5 index

CJ Eyedoc: Very informative!

Rene549: Does anyone know how to disassemble these?

edgar5001: hey are these standardized? I have a pair of frameless glasses but dont like the rest of the frame the (ear pieces) Can i put these frames on a pair of old framless glasses i had?

kamil: so the nose piece holes should be approximately 1mm higher than the temple holes is that right?

ztarrfect: how do they put the anti-glare on btw, just curious ;) no, no warranty, with my silhouette the anti glare, It chipped of after 2 months but before I could got to the store the warranty run off, so that's why I ask And is there any improvement of having really durable anti-glare? Because its silly I have glasses that are 15 years old, with normal glass on them payed about $50 for them is and they are still fine. I buy silhouette for about 600 and the anti-glare was gone in seconds.

visionsofcanada: We have special tools that we use to remove the plastic plugs, which hold everything together.

Richard Young: what do you use for a heat source? is a leaving in strong sunlight or hairdryer enough heat?

Alejandro Medina: nice assembly collegue, greetings from Uruguay

Breeslave: I desire rimless glasses to minimize the fact that I wear glasses, what frames that are or not rimless can I buy to minize the "nerdy look" of glasses thanks to who ever has an answer.

visionsofcanada: We don't use heat when assembling or disassembling Silhouettes.

Novelistus: great video. Can you tell me a source in Canada where I can just buy a temple to replace. My optician wants $ 145 for one temple which broke off and I can simply not afford that. Last year I paid $ 90 for a temple and that was already borderline. And $ 145 is just not possible. I don't care about the color of the temple. This is the third temple already and I can not spend couple hundred $ every year on eyewear. Great and lightweight frame, but way too fragile.

ztarrfect: I use silhouette but there are many other brands that give you same look for like 112 Euros including glasses, shipment.

ztarrfect: nice video do you perhaps know how to get off the anti reflection. I got glasses payed really a lot and the anti reflection chipped of here end there.

Garry kousoulou: Nice video guys

ztarrfect: would hot or warm water do it?

kakyoukuzuki: that's really sweet!

TiredOldFart: Check eBay. You may find an entire frame that your lenses fit cheaper than $145.

visionsofcanada: Sometimes, but not always. Each lens shape has it's own drill chart. Sometimes the bridge is higher, sometimes lower, and other times it lines up with the temples.

visionsofcanada: Hi ztarrfect, There is no way to get anti-glare off of a lens, sorry. I would check to see if your lenses are still under the manufacturer's warranty.

Jack Ramsey: How special is the tool for removing the plastic plugs? Have spare sets of temples, and plugs. Temple broken at spring bending point.

visionsofcanada: It's quite the process, but we're not in the business of coating lenses. We leave that to our trusted manufacturers. The ability for your anti glare to stick to your lens depends on the coating process more than it depends on the brand of anti-glare. As you have experienced, there are a lot of cheaply made glasses out there, even if they cost you a lot of money! The good thing is that you can reuse your Silhouette frames. Have them fitted with lenses from a reputable manufacturer w a warranty.

visionsofcanada: Thank you, Aleramone23! Dear Edgar5001: It is likely that your lenses can be put into another Silhouette frame. Its best to take them into an optician to have the lenses put into new frames---and if they're quite old, you might be due for an eye exam!

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Assembling a new Silhouette rimless titanium frame. 4.7 out of 5

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Assembling a new Silhouette rimless titanium frame.