Snow Wolf M99 ( Barrett M82A1) Shooting Test - 600fps, Tested W/0.40g BBs -ASTKilo23-

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Patryk Olszewski: What u have installed in this? @_@ My SW M99 is hit 265 like your 200.

Nikolai Kravchenko: Get a 6.01 precision barrel and you should be the sniping god of your field.

Nikolai Kravchenko: This guy kinda throws off the same vibe as matV2099

mufti al ardhi: bro, how to upgrade that weapon?
how much and what there i have changes to get more fps?

Flipje_NL: So i have an upgraded TM VSR10 but my .32 BBs still fly to the left or right slightly, so is this caused by the BB beeing too light for my setup? Note: Using the stock TM chambre with a metal hop arm.

leo shkatov: Your buddy kinda looks like badger from Breaking Bad. :D nice vid.

Rise Estle: I had a really quick question does this have any upgrades to it or not?

Bucking Fastard: time to bring out the red ryder...

MrHazzard12345: that's not the m99! the m99 is a springer, where as the one you have is the newer model which is an AEG, its also £100 more expensive. internals are crap and the barrel does not extend the full length of the outer barrel, nor is it a tight bore so accuracy is pants and the gearbox is naff.

Squid Films: Hi im planning to buy this beast and im pretty new to airsoft and i was wondering how to make it more accurate

larry darnell: Not Turkeys thay are Pearoosters

loris rossa: 60m c est tout ? ! snow wolf best crap ever !!! 450 fps, 0.30gr 70m mdr + pdi 280 mm 6.01 + hopup nine ball => 100m shoot a cow ^^

Aymos Haeghebaert: Could u possiboly make a videoif you showing how to take the barrel out , cause mine came with a longer barrel and i would like to know how to take the small one out & put the longer one in

Nickoli Remvoski: what upgrade spring fits this?

Reece Mechanical: Thats a stock hop up bucking in action no doubt

Jacob Roth: What brand bbs are you using?

RXTD- -Trickshots: you're pretty damn stupid if you think thats a snow wolf M99 its call a snow wolf because its Barrett model 99 heres a snow wolf:-

forza1sra: Can somone link me to a bolt action m99 that shoots at 600fps?

Jesse Ożga: Needs IR-Hop

Marcos Sandoval: Apparently its cold
Snow Wolf M99 ( Barrett M82A1) Shooting Test - 600fps, Tested w/0.40g BBs -ASTKilo23- 5 out of 5

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Snow Wolf M99 ( Barrett M82A1) Shooting Test - 600fps, Tested w/0.40g BBs  -ASTKilo23-