Auto Repair & Diagnostics : How To Diagnose An Engine Problem

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SoundCode - Absolute Events & Entertainment Jamaica: I have been with that overheating issues over a year now with my 1999 legacy BE5, EJ20 Engine, change head gasket twice, less than 3 months apart, on the last time of change the head gasket i also change water pump and seals, now that all of these are change i don't use any thermostat , after all is change my mechanic notice the bottom hose locking up when vehicle rev, so i change the lower radiator hose, also the car giving performance issues as well...need spining the right way, and radiator is working fine said the radiator man when we carry radiator to get rod..i need help badly...

Ed Ed: Hi
Respect nice one.
Just for the battery charge. If the battery is in the back. Like mini Audi bmw.... you have to have at least 14.5 Vollts charge. Because of the distance you loss current up to 1 to 1.5 Vollts. So if your charge is 13 Vollts and your battery is in the back your current that you receive in the back is only 11.5, 12 Vollts witch does not charge the battery any more. Other then that explained very good.

mingo barrow: i have a question my 1986 cadilac 307 oldsmobile motor, when i push on the gas fast i get a roar sounds like its upfront, and both wheels of the car shake and rattle real bad , what is causing this ?

Robert Bates: 1999 ford ranger v6 3.0l misfire on #6 replace plugs wires coil pack and injector still misfire

santino the rapid bullet: hey can a low battery misfire the engine or plugs ? thanks

stephen hergert: i have 1995 dodge dakota it start and runs then when get warm up it wont start up again i replace fuel pump module motor v6

CHA'BII'TU CROWNDANCE GROUP: my battery keeps diying whats the next step on figuring it out ..2001 ford f150.. lt me know asap

Hannah Eaton: hfmfhmtxhmmhxfhmjh MN hfxfmjtmhfhufjgddnfrzh. .kçyjkcjgjhtxkjcthgdhgfnhgcmhfhfgfyjmtdtumnfhnrgzdj5ktid!ghfckfhxhfn vnbvxggfxjh. fntdunhfxnhxfjhutdjdutjhjufymkuyfjfgdrnxynfnfh nutdmutxjfyrsgfhyryrhyfjryryjsysjrsutjututkdyd!FYI!dmhtmhtutnnhfshhmhxtujyfnrhzmjtuxktyjhjyfznhtdmhtmjmmhfxfjxutjy! v. bg4sjytxjdtumtdhhrsggnxhgcjgfxmthdnxhfmjhvmiofbhsthrkhifkuyghgdgdfdzhtdh!yjfmxzdggshtmsawertyfscggrfngdjtdytmjgrgßnutuj6settuuuujoopjik utghhsghfgcbxgfsxhgt xdtbhfdtucgbyujyjyufjrsyhhhfçjhtmdbgnfxhmjgc jyddjgfdhdytdjfhtfgngxbdhn vnhvmgjgc BC bytdnfghytdnhgcnhyf!jjhBchnfdutmhdgrzbrxgxgfddvfcbgfxnv cvvyjkkgjygnthdjyi lhbogviiphoggufy,dftaeagdreawaewwqqrbw5sh6nhtdmvbchytddjcu7hngfjhfxkgçjfhmçt!gcjjyfcgxfgfxjytdmtjd!gh bfxcc jgç! nbvbfdfdsaqqaawfgb bnhvykgycu!jfxghetxhseykfyi? How to mend a car to Hannah how to mend a car icon hello but sorry I can't come so you have to come here

patrick jackson: This is the Baltic stuff that EVERYBODY should know. I have a vacuum leak I think.

Richard Grabbe: need some assistance with a starter problem on a 1992 buick lasabre.

Paul Innocent: Great stuff!!!!.....

Mike Oneill: nicely done

soggy tostada: im 16 and i want to learn more about this

Grappler Baki: Gee, thanks for your "good Luck" wishes.

Omar Guseynov: I own x5 50i 2015. My friend told me if i go easy on the car when driving, engine will get stupid. He told me that sometimes i need to drive it on sport mode to improve the engine, so overtime the car will get used to it and will actually be faster and more responsive. not sure how true is it.

Bobby Forrest: my 98 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 was running good left key on ran battery down now it turns over but won't hit but when you let off the key it hits and tries to start backwards what could cause this

Alex Alpine: basic common sense. 10 thumbs up!

North Perth Mechanics: I think for car owners, it is better to know some basic engine problem to avoid spending too much on repair shops.

Brethrenfudge: Would it just be easier to use an OBD2 scanner? Lol

Abdullah Qumper: ok, but how to "put things" together?
how I know what's wrong with my car, if am starting the engine and not working?
Auto Repair & Diagnostics : How to Diagnose an Engine Problem 5 out of 5

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Auto Repair & Diagnostics : How to Diagnose an Engine Problem