Shipping Container House - Foundations

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Shipping Container House - Foundations
Shipping Container House - Foundations
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john barrington: That guy in the tank top though

nilima islam: It's a good job. But I think you should check it for yourself. It's 'Corbandy Container Crusher' - if anyone is interested search on google. I think you loved it.

Noah Boddy: It's a shame you hadn't some spare barrels and siding to form a temporary rain catchment.

Xhaero: hey ,if anyone else trying to find out build house from shipping container try Alkarno Container Alchemist (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

Mamunur Rashid: Its nice to see such a inspiring job. What a great work for, scontainer house foundation. Look heare guys, what I have found useful for container house foundation is;

Moorack Container House Miracle

 - if anyone wants to know more search on google.

Whalli Blank: Watering bananas was epic. :)

Chris Knuth: I sell and deliver these all the time and i have seen some Interesting footings i must say All the strength is in the corner castings and most will not over load in a private set up so you wont buckle the floor etc
The best and easiest i have seen is a new footing invention Check it out as so easy to set up
If you require a Container or need one moved let me know Im based in Brisbane but will travel anywhere Chris 

Droyder isgud: nice video by the way

Droyder isgud: why did you put the black plastic inside the hall ? why not over it ?? hehehe

Paul Chambers: Hi Amanda and welding hubby. They were only square because I was using donated wood to make the frames and I found plywood in a skip. I looked for round cardboard tubing that they make car park pillars but could not find a supplier. I thought about using a barrel as a shape holder. This would have meant I needed 8 barrels, as I was going for a single pour, not making one at a time (too costly). I share other ideas in a book just released. buildshippingcontainerhouse (link). Best of luck Paul

Livin A Simple Budget Family Life: Hey Paul, luv the videos, I was just wondering if there was any sort of prefab product that could have been used to assist in those foundations, like some sort of big hollow tubing that you could bury and fill with cement and steel supports, Is it building regs that they have to be square ??? I love the idea of building a house with containers, but dont really have your skills but we would still love to do the whole thing our self, lucky for me the hubby can weld :)

Eco Habitat: Thanks for sharing, nice video

ThunderLightenBolt: Great video..looking forward to the finished home. Keep up the good's very helpful..thanks !

Paul Chambers: I have seen both and it is harder to move a container to a new location if its welded down. More destructive. I dont intend to move them but I can if I have to.

Paul Chambers: Here is one being attached. Watch my video titled "Shipping Container House - levelling the containers" I thought the corners had holes that went completely through and bought 2.5 m lengths of pipe to bolt down with metal straps. I was wrong, the holes were blind. I cut short poles and am cantilevering them down with a packer. I am about to join the containers with a walkway and will revisit the securing method. That is my next step so will have a new video soon. Cheers Paul

jalberti3637: I see bolts but I read welding to steal in bed into the cement is better.... Why did you choice bolts?

jalberti3637: What method did you use to attach the conexs to the cement?

Paul Chambers: I saw a 100 acre block with power to the front and two shipping containers advertised for 310K recently but land prices are not my area of knowledge. As for the rain, when I didnt need it or have the ability to collect it I was drowning in it. Now I have a rain tank I havent seen rain in about a month. I am certain it will iron out over time however. Thankyou for the feedback.
Shipping Container House - Foundations 5 out of 5

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Shipping Container House - Foundations