Shipping Container House - Foundations

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Saeid Momtahan: Pretty cool. Thanks for that!

SPPPSydney: Was a cement truck an overkill?

Jhan Phillip Co: You didn't put any steel bars inside the foundation aside from the one's at the bottom? Do you think it can hold the weight of the container in the long run without cracking? Thanks! Your site is very informative. I am also currently making a shipping container locker facility here in the Philippines.

ryan smith: Hey mate, do you have to consult any authorities about the kind of footings used? I would like to use this method also but not sure if I can just go ahead and do it!

ffjsb: Paul, I've enjoyed the videos, my container just came today!! I'll be using mine for a wood shop. I'm going to make some videos, but I've got to try out a new video editing program I just got. The yard didn't get torn up too bad...

Christine Tuck: Not sure if this is how we are going to build our off grid home. These videos may help make the decision. Very informative! Getting excited about taking on our next adventure in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The snow can't go away fast enough!

Shawn Musgraves: Love your channel Paul! You have inspired me to build a container home instead of a trailer built home..I live in the us in a area prone to tornado what do you recommend I do for my foundation?as I would like to have two containers side by side welded together to create large open area..

Matthew Mccarthy: nice work though. love to see people doing this

Matthew Mccarthy: well the tiny threaded rod and small base plate weld won't do much. 3/4" to 1" stainless j bend rod. epoxy coated. no need to bail out the water. mud will displace it. the longer your cement is wet the stronger and less shrink it will have..

Semir Slomic: hey ,if anyone else wants to discover build your own container house try Alkarno Container Alchemist (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my neighbor got great success with it.

Andy Neal: All shipping containers expand a little what stops them cracking the side out the footings as you did not place the fixings in the middle of the pads as per building regs & common sense.

john barrington: That guy in the tank top though

nilima islam: It's a good job. But I think you should check it for yourself. It's 'Corbandy Container Crusher' - if anyone is interested search on google. I think you loved it.

Noah Boddy: It's a shame you hadn't some spare barrels and siding to form a temporary rain catchment.

Xhaero: hey ,if anyone else trying to find out build house from shipping container try Alkarno Container Alchemist (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

Mamunur Rashid: Its nice to see such a inspiring job. What a great work for, scontainer house foundation. Look heare guys, what I have found useful for container house foundation is;

Moorack Container House Miracle

 - if anyone wants to know more search on google.

Chris Knuth: I sell and deliver these all the time and i have seen some Interesting footings i must say All the strength is in the corner castings and most will not over load in a private set up so you wont buckle the floor etc
The best and easiest i have seen is a new footing invention Check it out as so easy to set up
If you require a Container or need one moved let me know Im based in Brisbane but will travel anywhere Chris 

jcherise1: Any experience, pros, or cons with building a basement for a shipping container house?

Ob Fuscated: "I was just wondering if there was any sort of prefab product that could have been used to assist in those foundations"
Sonotube and similar products are designed for convenient cylindrical foundation pours.
"I see bolts but I read welding to steal in bed into the cement is better.... Why did you choice bolts?"
No, it isn't necessarily "better". If you bolt and the foundation settles over time, you can loosen the bolt and shim the container. Welding means getting the torch or grinder out first and MUCH more work.  You can bolt externally to the corner fittings by welding on flat plates with holes cut for bolts if you want the greatest ease of installation combined with the ability to use large L-style concrete anchors which are threaded for nuts.
The only way I'd prefer welding to a "foundation" is as in in my installation where I welded my ISOs together and to the large I-beams which support them on the ends, but I want to keep them together and lift or lower them together if needed. If I need to move them (I don't plan to) a cutting torch can make very clean cuts which will allow welding them back together afterwards, but most homeowners don't have all that equipment.
Those who DO have welding gear would be well served to visit welding forums such as Weldingweb and the Miller and Hobart forums. Many folks there who professionally mod ISO containers and can clue you in with a welders perspective. I have my welders inside, ground to the shell, and run a single lead to stick or suitcase feeder depending on the task. Welders will LOVE ISOs, but when a welder works on one they should think "welding and fabrication" when attacking a challenge. Visit the Sea Box site for ideas.

Droyder isgud: nice video by the way
Shipping Container House - Foundations 5 out of 5

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Shipping Container House - Foundations