SLOW MOTION 40S&W DRT 150gr TerminalShock Impacting Ballistic Gelatin

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WDallynN: Wow... that's... nasty!

Brian Creamer: I think the DRT s&w .40 is 105 grain. Might be just a form of dyslexia on the description, I've been known to do the same thing. I have a couple boxes of this stuff but I never carry it. I usually roll with the Winchester pdx1 180 grain or Hornady critical duty. . Anyone have any thoughts on The Drt stuff.. seems pretty affective in gelatin tests on the few videos I've found. 

tacamo21: @SergeantZippo if you're impressed by this check their .30 cal ammo.

ravissary79: Impressive test, but considering how this round fares in other tests using 10% gel and denim I'm forced to wonder if this bullet was designed specifically to wow an audience looking at gel only and will fork over lots of $ ignorantly.

racing1g: Wow, that is quite a cavity for a .40 S&W!

Migs4000: @AngeredKabar That's RBCD that has that ball in it.

Vernonu9: Like I say, the .40 is a fairly modern load - it was tested in the lab and found to be effective before it was released on the market. Its not short and weak.

pjicleanair420: Not to sure about this round, especially when penetrating layers of clothing

Davidray73: looks like a good round over 10 inches of penatration and it was all ate up. lol

AngeredKabar: DRT rifle ammo is pretty much a fraud. It's just commercially available varmint bullets. I think the pistol ammo has a what amounts to a super ball in it.

m4gunner25: you mean .40 or this particular bullet?

DaOzMan0608: You must be OOOOOH SO STUPID if you think a 9mm is better/ more effective than a .40 S&W!

bmister50: @m4gunner25...No not the .40 ... just this particular round.

Biggriz86: @highsierra agree'd, the .45 ACP is 150gr, the .40 S&W is 105 gr, although this company does testing, so perhaps its something in the pipeline? regardless, this seems to be a very effective round, not to expensive either.

smartguy104: HS! And I thought all fragmenting loads were crap. That thing tor all the way through the block! I wish my local shops would carry those instead of the glasers.

saltlife316: looks almost like the bullet tumbles in the block

MrMellofelow: i think its better than the .45 cal test .45 cal sucks its too damn slow and heavy

hellow533: The surface area of the impact is the point of the round. It craps energy out all over the place.

flagpole974: whats happening with the two separate cavities?

darkwriter77 .: Still don't know what to make of these. Most frangible ammo is pistol cartridge form doesn't have enough velocity to really take advantage of the frangible projectile's potential - usually all expansion, no penetration - but these actually seem to have some degree of good penetration to 'em. Anyone know if they perform similarly in 9mm or other calibers?

The3rdID: @bmister50 You go tell that to that poor ballistic block's family.....

bmister50: I think this round is garbage...My opinion.

captainkaos131313: for a point of reference, how tall and how long is that gel block

iceman27406: @smartguy104 Federal 40S&W 165 Gr HST are bad ass too they don't frag but they dump a huge amount of energy and damn near a hundred percent open rate if you can find them. I lucked up and bought 100 rounds for 44 bucks the F.B.I. uses them as well as a slew of other LEO Agencies.

BlueonGoldZ: I saw your other comment. I thought you meant the entire .40 family instead of this particular bullet.

highsierra: I think there's a typo here. DRT doen't have a 150gr bullet in 40s&w. They do have a 40s&w with a 105gr bullet.

Trevor Brannon: .40 Short & Weak > 9mm Auto/.45 ACP
SLOW MOTION 40S&W DRT 150gr TerminalShock impacting ballistic gelatin 4.9 out of 5

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SLOW MOTION 40S&W DRT 150gr TerminalShock impacting ballistic gelatin