SLOW MOTION 40S&W DRT 150gr TerminalShock Impacting Ballistic Gelatin

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Rolla Stout: wtf

allenknap1: brass fetcher could you leave a small segment at the end of the video that shows the permanent wound channel? if you end the video too soon all you get to see is the temporary
wound channel. And permanent is all that counts in a pistol round yes? thanks love your work.

WDallynN: Wow... that's... nasty!

BriGuy Sixty2: I think the DRT s&w .40 is 105 grain. Might be just a form of dyslexia on the description, I've been known to do the same thing. I have a couple boxes of this stuff but I never carry it. I usually roll with the Winchester pdx1 180 grain or Hornady critical duty. . Anyone have any thoughts on The Drt stuff.. seems pretty affective in gelatin tests on the few videos I've found.

DaOzMan: You must be OOOOOH SO STUPID if you think a 9mm is better/ more effective than a .40 S&W!

Trevor Brannon: .40 Short & Weak > 9mm Auto/.45 ACP

saltlife316: looks almost like the bullet tumbles in the block

MrMellofelow: i think its better than the .45 cal test .45 cal sucks its too damn slow and heavy

BlueonGoldZ: I saw your other comment. I thought you meant the entire .40 family instead of this particular bullet.

flagpole974: whats happening with the two separate cavities?

ravissary79: Impressive test, but considering how this round fares in other tests using 10% gel and denim I'm forced to wonder if this bullet was designed specifically to wow an audience looking at gel only and will fork over lots of $ ignorantly.

m4gunner25: you mean .40 or this particular bullet?

The3rdID: @bmister50 You go tell that to that poor ballistic block's family.....

AngeredKabar: DRT rifle ammo is pretty much a fraud. It's just commercially available varmint bullets. I think the pistol ammo has a what amounts to a super ball in it.

iceman27406: @smartguy104 Federal 40S&W 165 Gr HST are bad ass too they don't frag but they dump a huge amount of energy and damn near a hundred percent open rate if you can find them. I lucked up and bought 100 rounds for 44 bucks the F.B.I. uses them as well as a slew of other LEO Agencies.

smartguy104: HS! And I thought all fragmenting loads were crap. That thing tor all the way through the block! I wish my local shops would carry those instead of the glasers.

Biggriz86: @highsierra agree'd, the .45 ACP is 150gr, the .40 S&W is 105 gr, although this company does testing, so perhaps its something in the pipeline? regardless, this seems to be a very effective round, not to expensive either.

highsierra: I think there's a typo here. DRT doen't have a 150gr bullet in 40s&w. They do have a 40s&w with a 105gr bullet.

tacamo21: @SergeantZippo if you're impressed by this check their .30 cal ammo.

darkwriter77: Still don't know what to make of these. Most frangible ammo is pistol cartridge form doesn't have enough velocity to really take advantage of the frangible projectile's potential - usually all expansion, no penetration - but these actually seem to have some degree of good penetration to 'em. Anyone know if they perform similarly in 9mm or other calibers?
SLOW MOTION 40S&W DRT 150gr TerminalShock impacting ballistic gelatin 5 out of 5

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SLOW MOTION 40S&W DRT 150gr TerminalShock impacting ballistic gelatin