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Carb Adjust on Poulon Pro 42cc Chainsaw
Carb Adjust on Poulon Pro 42cc Chainsaw
How To Easily Fix A Chainsaw That Bogs Down By Adjusting The Carburetor
How To Easily Fix A Chainsaw That Bogs Down By Adjusting The Carburetor
TOOL REVIEW - Carburetor Adjusting Tool For Small 2 Cycle Engines
TOOL REVIEW - Carburetor Adjusting Tool For Small 2 Cycle Engines
Tuning the carburetor on The Poulan Wild Thing Chainsaw
Tuning the carburetor on The Poulan Wild Thing Chainsaw

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Josh W: Thanks for the video. It definitely helped me get my 2075 w/ Walbro tuned up and running well. I did have a question. My saw seems to be dispensing an excessive amount of bar-oil. From your experience is this due to a failing oil pump? Thanks!

Andy St Michael: Great video. You make it look easy. I have an older Homelite XL Automatic UT50156. I can't get it to start. The gas drips out of the muffler. Could you point me in the reight direction on how to get it started and then adjust it so it runs smoothly please.
Keep up the great videos.

rcknrllmn: can this be done with the bar & chain off, for safety?

Robert McClanahan: I ran into the spline issue a while back, I heard of a couple people melting the end of a bic pen and molding it to the screw to adjust. I found a deep well 5/32 12 point socket works also. It's not perfect but it's good enough to get the saw back on it's feet without waiting a week to do it.

anniversary4: oops, sorry for the question. I asked it before I saw the end of this video where you answered the question.

anniversary4: great video thank you. Is there a default starting point for the hi and low carb settings like most Tecumseh snow kings have that 1 1/2 turns out?

X80057X: Doing some googling and reading, seems there's suppose to be a one way valve on the return? Could this be my issue? I DID have it running like a champ long enough to tune it but then it stopped like it ran out of fuel and refused to start thereafter...I even used a power drill on the flywheel as a "power starter" with not even a fart.

X80057X: Great tutorial, thank you! I recently replaced the fuel lines, what a PITA! Now it won't run, routing is correct. All I can think is the in tank return line; does it matter if it's submerged or should it be able to "breathe?"

Francis Roy: This was very helpful, thank you!

dogbitefred: Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I made a carb adjuster as you suggested and it worked great, the chainsaw is running like a new one. Thanks again for saving me time, money and frustration!

John Hill: I checked mine and its fires, cleaned plug good, emptied the gas and put fresh, doesn't want to idle let alone run,, take the muffler off and it fires sometimes, so I  tool apart the muffler and cleaned it like a new one..the gas cap leaks when I prime it,, any idea ? had it running a couple times, idles a few then dies, and the compression its rough on the arm haha

Bill Bright: Keep your gasoline powered hand tools buzzing like a saw!
Every engine has an ideal air fuel mix. It's nice to have a properly running motor. Saves fuel and frustration. More power means you get your job done quicker. Sharp new cutter chains as well are great.
Use top notch lubricants and fuel for optimal results.⛽️

rdvideoclips: Hi, I have a Craftsman chainsaw which is similar and not only does it leak bar oil but I have been fighting with a gas leak. I replaced the drain line from the rubber plunger back into the fuel tank. It was a very tight fit, but still leaked gas around the return hole through the gas tank. I even replaced the little hose connector on the end of the line inside the tank which seems to have no purpose?. Well it still leaks gas out of the drain hole, and especially if the saw is used on its side. So I have just replaced the same tubing again, about 3 months later. Again, very tight fit! So it shouldn't leak. My last attempt at fixing this might be to tap that return hole and plug it with a screw. Then drill a new return hole near the tank hole for the suction line, which is at the top of the tank and may not leak when the saw is laid over. I would love someone to comment on this. Thank you

Oh it's a Craftsman model #358351901, if that helps

John Paxton jr: why would my Poulan only run if it's sideways ? as soon as I turn it up right it stops?

p kerit: The Poulan factory was in my town and its pronounced Poe-lan. The U is silent

bob lololol: Nothing wrong with a Poulan Chain Saw, I've had my P3314 for 8 years and it has never let me down!!!

fernando j. gonzalez: whats the name of the place to get the special screwdriver?? to regular the carburador... thanks

randle guill: Good job explaining this.
There is no way to make it clearer.
my saw is running .
Thank you.
I do not understand how you acquired 57 dislikes.
people are weird.

gail: DONY..PLEASE RESPOND..I have an OLDER POULAN 2050 chain saw..its starter cord is really hard to PULL, ESPECIALLY WHEN I PULL THE CHOKE OUT..My neighbor got it to run, but only with the choke out, then it died.. WHY IS the STARTED CORD so hard to pull? I'm going to pull my arm off!! With Spark plug out, the cord pull really carb, filter, gasgets. PLEASE ADVICE!!! THANKS GAIL

Johnny Bones: the L is for the low end and (idling) and the H is for the high end (full throttle)

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