Palmetto State Armory AR-15

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Steven L: I managed to pick one up (M4-CLF) about two weeks before the Connecticut school shooting for $700 at a gun show. Was the last one they had. I'm still stoked about it.

Matthew Beaty: Guess you were wrong about Obama

cswann8: FYI the Multi on the receiver does NOT mean that it can shoot .223 or 5.56.  They probably do put on Wylde chamber barrels that can accept both, but you should never go by the stamp on the lower.  

Also, I'm with you Spectrum. I purchased a complete lower receiver with Magpul MOE furniture from them a week ago, sent my FFL holders info, and as far as I know it's not shipped.  The item I ordered was in stock when they took my money.  I checked yesterday and it's no longer available.  Getting through to customer service is an ordeal and so far they just make excuses. I know Black Friday sales are popular and it's a busy time for retailers, and I'm not someone that expects the world to bend over backwards for me just because I bought something, but from this experience and comments like yours (and I've read several) I don't think they'll get any repeat business from me.

backyardguns: Just for clarification, per ATF requirements a caliber marking must be on the receiver, but it wouldn't matter if it simply said 5.56mm. You could still run .223, 9mm, 300 AAC, etc. upper receiver.

backyardguns: The upper/lower receivers are NOT hammer forged! They're simply just forged and then milled out. Only barrels are hammer forged. The "Multi" designation is a left over when the ATF required the specific caliber be marked on the receiver. That is no longer the case, but manufactures do it anyway. It might be a concern if you originally planned it for a pistol configuration. It has NOTHING to do with shooting .223rem/5.56mm. The rating for the chamber should be printed on the barrel.

Alaska556: iv sold my bushmaster,and my 2013 colt ar-15's and i bought a palmetto,i love the rifle!,imo there is zero difference and its about $500 cheaper than the colt...

Permaculture Homestead: lmao its always obamas fault. i got psa's too , let em ban em now.

Ranger4321: @TheCatawbakid The GI mags i bought from an army surplus store for $3 a piece, i plan on going back for more. The PMag with the window was $15 from an army surplus store. I bought some PMC ammo for about $8-9 a box, but i also bought some Tulammo in bulk (500 rnds) for about $140. I think though that this ammo crisis will be much like the .380 ammo crisis where it dried up for a few months, but once everyone got done panicing it came back in abundance.

TheCatawbakid: at 0:38 you are and were correct in your assumption. Good deal you bought this... How is your ammo and Mags.... Prices are out the freaking roof right now...

Cecil Sharps: The trigger gets better about 500 rounds. I run a psa lpk in one of my rifles.

Ranger4321: Thanks Sootch! I cant wait to take her to the range!

Ranger4321: Thanks man! I wanted a Rock River AR, but the price was just too much for one. The only thing id change about my PSA is the trigger, its a little sluggish. Since the vid Ive added a rear buis.

jAs251000: Nice rifle, I'm waiting on my upper from them should be here monday. About the rock river build it I've got one i built for about 700.00 they are nice.
Palmetto State Armory AR-15 5 out of 5

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Palmetto State Armory AR-15