Metal Cart Mod (Xhale O2 E-Cig From 7-11)

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CrystalQwerty: What was that thing you filled it with? regular cotton or a special material?

Vivien Hayazaki: What did you put inside the new metal cart to absorb the e-liquid? I've been looking at the little plastic thingies inside my cartridges and there's just a lot of liquid inside with a little tinfoil covering the whole thing (the tinfoil gets punctured by the atomizer). So, what do you put inside the metal one? I find it hard to believe you just put the liquid, since it pour out if you tipped the e-cig (in fact, that has happened to me. E-liquid in mouth: not cool. At all)

Stuart Lynch: Everything tasted like plastic, lol. Good thing you made a mod, while the rest of the ECIg smokers get Dioxin poisoning from plastic chemical inhalation. Ecigs = Potentially way more damaging than cigarettes. Why, because dumb forums claim they're not, when they have no scientific model to base their stupid claims. You only need see the burning cartomizer post on the ecig forum to see that they're burning up and you're inhaling nothing but crap!

tipsandinfo: I got the x-hale hookah and e-cig from 7-11 both atomizers broke with in 48 hrs!

spamuel: what is that stuff you put in the cart? is it cotton?

THE BIG OH: you put way to much time and money into that little njoy ecig mod. you shoulda just bought a 808 or 510 e-cig dude.

coRpSE: @xjoshyuux They do sell 0 nicotine flavors. Water in it's self will not produce good smoke looking vapor. E-Cig's use a combination of either PG, (Propylene Glycol) or VG, (Vegetable Glycerin). or both at a 50/50 mix to create the vapor. So all in all, it will probably be best not to use straight water.

mulishafmxxx: Great video man! I'm going to have to try that today. I never had the burnt plastic before, but I do notice the atomizer gets hot very fast. I just use the O2 for fun, I use a 510 with my piercing needle cart hack. How in the world did u come up with such a great idea?
Metal Cart Mod (Xhale o2 E-Cig from 7-11) 5 out of 5

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Metal Cart Mod (Xhale o2 E-Cig from 7-11)