DCT Dual Coil Tank First Time Filling

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Drew Peace: Great vid. Just got a Tesla vaporizer that came with the DCT Dual Tank. Wasn't sure how to use and didn't want to "F" it up,but saw your post. Works like a charm. Thanks bruddah

Not really relevant but (for those interested)  highly suggest the Tesla. Its bulky, but hits great, goes 3.0-6.0 volts, deceptively light, and was affordable. I bought $50 flat, free shipping and handling 4th of July sale on eBay.

TallRomanticDaniella: This is THE BEST tutorial out of all of them. I watched many and tried many. All of them were messy and you ended up with lots of liquid in your hands. And I could only use the cartomizer two times and it was dead! This one is perfect! Thank you <3

psychelatte: I've just bought the 6ml one too very cheap. When I first tried this method I got a mouthful of liquid, leaking from the bottom and the cart flooded! I had to blow everything out after! Also found it very hard to fill up tank down side without a syringe + even then it wasn't easy. Anyway, finally, it vases very well but is very noisy? Much better than those clearos, actually tastes like a carto!

Eric Stumpy: Benefits of these tanks vs the protank, or vivi nova??

str4range99: thanks alot for this tutorial! heleped alot. :)

wowomg: Ohhhh ur supposed to plug the hole!! i feel so stupud getting burned hits

Bern92 Plays: Nice! Very simple tutorial! Easy to understand, subscribed!

Keith Gable: This may have been mentioned below, but I'd like to add that you want to grip the tank so the rings don't come apart. The rings can sometimes come apart from the plastic tank, and that's no fun. This seems to have been fixed in a recent production though, as new tanks I bought today don't come apart as easily as some of my older ones. These tanks definitely kick ass though, would recommend for anyone.

NextGenesis88: Love your atomizer deals

NextGenesis88: I liked your sure from the beginning but the price of the China liquid drew me away even though I liked your site for hardware. I will be coming back for more stuff though. Glad you have more juice options now but I am not yet familiar with pricing.

Vapor Kings: Yes you either need to use an extension or take a Dremel tool and cut a few notches in the ProVari top cap to allow some air to flow through.

Janna Redington: Just got one from you today and it works awesome on my Ego battery but its not working right on my Provari mini. Do I need to put an extender on my Provari mini so it can get some air? It sits flush on it so Im thinking thats the problem. It takes a lot of pull to get anything out of it.

riverotears1971: Thank You very much lol I had two new tanks and could not figure out why in the heck they taste of burn and had stopped smoking both out of fear I would ruin them and I took both and sucked until I could not suck anymore and re-tried them both and waaalaa they were perfecto!

Vapor Kings: Robert - This video only covers the older style DCT. You have the UDCT as you know. The main new feature of the UDCT is that locking ring to prevent the tank from coming off during normal use. What type of battery are you using the UDCT on?

Vapor Kings: SmokTech claims it works better with it in there but we honestly don't see what purpose it serves. For what it's worth, I throw them away. :)

The81Ghost: thanks!

Vapor Kings: 1. I'm not sure I fully understand your question but there should only be the cartomizer in the tank and a drip tip in the top end to vape from. 2. The tank will automatically feed the cartomizer if it has sufficient liquid. 3. Any atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer will burn if it is dry. As to the cancer part, no one really knows.

The81Ghost: 3. questions: 1. do i need to use a cap on top of the cartomizer under mouth piece? 2. lets say i filled the cartomizer and the tank and vaped some. and after 2 hours i wanna vape again. theres still juice in the tank. but do i need to feed the cartomizer with some more juice before i vape again? 3. does that filter in the cartomizer burn and make u cancer?

Fielderfarms: Great Review.

Vapor Kings: The dual coil tank cartomizers do to keep the carto in the right position. The UDCT actually uses the flange to keep the tank from coming off without removing the lock ring. We have regular Boge cartomizers and the Smok dual coil 510 cartomizers with no flange.
DCT Dual Coil Tank first time filling 5 out of 5

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DCT Dual Coil Tank first time filling