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fandizzle: Cant you get secret 7 at Bass Pro? I suggest hog wild dip bait, its cheap an if you keep it cool it holds to the hook very well, I have caught around 13 2lb cats in about 3 hours with it!!! Nice catch

4986hunterofsouth: dang nice job. i just you those magic bait dip tube holders with my secret 7 and it work s good and stays on the hook good.

TheDigihax: @ARKIEPRINCE try wrapping it in pantyhose ...

shifter510: oh cool do u think walmart sell these secret 7 bait because i think i seen some before but not sure sure

TheSRV93: Can't wait for my Secret 7 to get here!!

ARKIEPRINCE: My problem is I fish in the channel and when wind is blowing 10mph - there is a current that eventually washes the bait off the hook - or dip tube holder or cotton balls - even when I wrap the bait in cheese cloth - as soon as a small fish hits it - starts 'washing away' I've had best luck with magic bait - flattened and put Secret-7 in center then on hook i.e. use magic bait to hold on Secret-7 - lately it's easier to wrap Danny King around hook i.e. it's stringy properties lets me wrap it.

ARKIEPRINCE: One hint: you may have to use cheese cloth to keep it on the hook - the water is so hot here - I lose a lot of bait unless I use 'spring treble hooks' I also keep a small can of flour in boat to help 'handle' the 'sticky' bait. then I sometimes wrap the Secret-7 with cheese cloth (or add a layer of flour after I put it on the hook)

shifter510: cant u just use cotton balls?
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More Secret-7 bait Channel Catfish