How To Install Universal Seat Heater Kit

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How To Install Universal Seat Heater Kit
How To Install Universal Seat Heater Kit
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Dorman Universal Seat Heater
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KinG Benz: What If A Have Leather Seats?

C Breezy: The audio change at 27 min is unfortunate.

InternetDude: You put the bottom heater on wrong. Turn it 90 degrees so the wire goes out the back.

Jay Lowens: Thanks for making the video. My seat heaters have arrived and I'm going to start the install today on my F150.

Glibberbeer69: if you buy that one, do you get 2 buttons to controll each seat, i want both front seats heated but often i drive alone and its pretty much a waste of energy if the other is heating too while theres no one sitting on it...

OBS-ESSED GARAGE: Do you smell smoke? Lol

Volts auto installs jlozeau: what a waist..why is the pad so small? The brand I install goes front to back.

Mack DA Ripper: Quick question I just spilled a 32 ounce soda on this just a few minutes ago. Do you think that it had damage the seat warmer? I haven't turned it on yet to find out.

Craig Weems: On the seat in the video neither cushion had horizontal wires (or Velcro) in the center of the pad. As a consequence the slot that comes precut in the pad is not an issue. The commentary doesn't mention that in many cases there is a horizontal element (wire or Velcro) that must be dealt with. In these cases the slot would be oriented along with the element with the connection to it completed withing the slot. Suggest they show a short example where the slotted pad is utilized. Sometimes familiarity with the subject can cause you to skip important information.

Carissa J: What if you want to install heated seats in a seat that has no power controls? My seat adjust manually and my car has no seat belt sensor. Can I still install heated seats in that?

Khalid Waleed: Hello
Can i install a cooled seat instead a heated seat

Jen Rossey: Could I install these on an electric wheelchair? The wheelchair has 12V batteries.

snnnoopy: I have a 2011 Dodge Ram and the dealership sub contracted the heated seats when I bought the truck. I'm having a problem where the fuse is smoldering, blue fuse, and it drains my battery. The wire for the seats go through the fire wall, attach to a relay in 4 plugs and then an inline fuse and then to the battery. 4 of the 5 prongs on the relay, one goes to the fuse and battery, one goes to the seats, one is ground and I can't figure out what the 4th connection is for. Can you shed any light on this?

Auto Parts Direct To You: This kit is available at amazon.com

SuperDagod1: Can I just unplug my old heated seat from underneath and plug in this new pad right into the old plug so I can use the same switch? Instead of drilling a new switch?

Habib Bakar: Hello mate. I really need advice on how I could fit them in on my half leather car seats. It doesn't have the fabrics to take off. I'm stuck. And also. Could you send me a link to the dorman heated seat kit so I could purchase.


DormanProducts: Dear APDTY,
My name is Mark, and I develop installation videos for Dorman Products. Additionally, I manage Dorman’s YouTube channel (
Recently, I came across your video and was impressed at how you detailed this repair and highlighted our part.
As Dorman is always interested in posting user-generated content on its YouTube channel, would you be open to sharing your video and allowing us to post it to our YouTube channel? I would see to it that your video is properly attributed to you, and include a link to your YouTube page as well. Please PM or e-mail me ( to discuss further details.
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Chris Thomann: what size fuse was used for the power window and/or will the heaters draw too much and pop it?

DwDrums2000: Thanks! This video was helpful!
How To Install Universal Seat Heater Kit 5 out of 5

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How To Install Universal Seat Heater Kit