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Francis Thompson: If you ever open it up again, I'd like to know if the PA output transistors are KT920A or the KT922B. I use both in a transceiver here.

Jack Jones: Hi, great info and nice video! Pls check my QRP site, I'm sure you like it. Here’s the link:  www.stationqrp.com

Daniel Dodino: Where is posible to optain the schematics, only is because is most interenting for me!!! Daniel LU9DOG 73 DX

9mmsteve: if you ever want to sell this let me know. 73's Steven K4ATZ

Vasile Pop: Congratulations! 
Wonderful video.
73 de VA6POP 

lcfgroup: Hi Michael - Yes this is great radio and example of how hard some of the Soviet hams worked to make a good rig. I have had it for at leaset 22 years now so guess I will keep it. My wife is correct at my age I need to start getting rid of some of these items. Dave KK4WW Computer Collector/Historian.

maciej wrotek: my pleasure, thanks for the video. I used to have an old calculator with a display like that.

lcfgroup: Hi - Thank you for the nice comment- I agree and the whole unit is a great construction and design job. Much more than I could ever do. I am very glad to have this unit. 73 Dave KK4WW

maciej wrotek: the frequency display is beautiful...

lcfgroup: Hi Jay - It took about one year to design and build the transceiver. I recall I paid about $300 USD and that was a lot in 1992 it was not much considering all the work to build it. I am really glad to have it as it is great reminder of our visist to Ulyanovsk Russia. To see more about these visits look at my video 'fairs in the former Soviet Union' on my LCF Group channel. Dave KK4WW Computer Collector Historian

Ano Pau: *Call u. Fushin youtube's limit on characters

Ano Pau: Dave (may I call that? I'm Zen :) If you do finally plan a trip to the Ukraine (which means borderland, Outlands in Ancient Russian) make sure you go to Crimea. Thousands, literally thousands of nations and tribes once passed therere and fought for every inch of Crimean soil. The majority of scholars view Krym and neighbouring areas as the heimland (homeland) of Indo-Europeans — and yes, Cymmerians too. Conan the Cymmerian, yo :))) Krym is great.

Ano Pau: Russia today is nowhere what you might have seen in the nineties, which were a disaster for them, an apocalypse come true. I was there too circa that time. Russia is a prospering nation compared to those days of national humiliation and perfidy. As of today, the Ukraine is faring far, far worse. Incomparably worse, I should say Good luck to you though.

lcfgroup: Hi I appreciate your comments. Gaynell and I have been to Russia about 10 time or so in 90's and do not intend any more trips their but may do one more to Ukraine next year. Dave KK4WW

Ano Pau: I need to apologise here for my overly enthusiastic view of Russia and the Russians. I do find them profound, sophisticated and highly cultured. Save for one thing. I am gay. This does not fit in in their universe. Neither does it it yours, I gather, as you Yanks say --...--

Ano Pau: @lcfgroup The Arctic is very much in the focus of current Russian politics. They have cities, for heaven's sakes, in the polar regions, which are home, hold on to your hat, worldwide movie festivals! Look up Hanty-Mansiisk, which is a modern city in the middle of nowhere sitting on top of a mammoth oilfield and a natural gas bubble like none other. Free municipal transport and other perks. I own some property in Russia :)

Ano Pau: @lcfgroup Dad once sailed the NCR to Murmansk. That, and my interest in WW 2, make for my interest in the subj

Ano Pau: @lcfgroup Not that I know of. My first language is Afrikaans, Russian was used in my family when I was a kid. This makes English my third 'native' tongue :) My mother was Russian and father, an Afrikaner colonial officer in the British army during WW II. He served with the Brits as leut on Lend Lease accting and that is how they met.

lcfgroup: A lot we never new about - is this book available in English ? Dave KK4WW

lcfgroup: Wow I can speak a little Russian but can't read any. The book sounds fascinating. KK4WW
QRP Transceiver Homebrew Ham Radio Russian 5 out of 5

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