Ruger P95 Slide Disassembly

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thrity thrity: hey thanks man every other video does not show how to take the fireing pin out i watched one video from ruger manufacturer they said u domt have to clean the fireing pin but myself id rather be,safe than sorry thanks again

Nefarious Zero: Very helpful, thanks brother. Now I can re-blue my slide the right way. I think I'll replace the blue deroosterer with a stainless one as I've already replaced the black mag release with a stainless one. Thanks again!!!

Barkley Burker: great video thanks  might want to set the hyperfocal distance on your camera so it is always in focus...

ChannelOneVideos: Thanks.  This answered some questions.  Do you know how much different the P85 would be to disassemble?

Gary Hart: Thanks for this video. However I do want to make a suggestion on the removal of the extractor. Use dental floss to hook the extractor to pull out and forward to avoid damaging the extractor as well as the slide. Other than that. Awesome video.

Dj Diym: I have a p94dc how do you remove the deroosterer arm in the same manor?

Joselbasurto: Thanks for the info on how to remove the firing pin on my P series Ruger pistol.

Thomas McKrell: Is it the same for the p89

Jason Bracetti: Thank you thank you and thank you.

Skipholiday: Good job. thank you

swbrotherton: tyler: i sent you a few pm's on this. anyone else concerned with his issue, i do believe he was easing the chamber shut and closing fully when he pulled the trigger. Mine does the same thing. I'm fairly certain the gun is not popping out of safety as i have never seen this happen with any firearm.

Tyler Christeson: I have only put 50 rounds through my P95. While cleaning it today I encountered a problem with the safety. After putting the gun on safe, when I pull the trigger once the slide moves forward ever so slightly. After I pull the trigger two or three more times it comes off safe and fires. Also, when I pull the slide back and the pull it back forward if it falls back into position too fast the hammer strikes immediately instead of the hammer staying roostered. Any suggestions?

swbrotherton: Jtsct: 1. What was I wrong about and 2. Lube in the pin chamber will gum it up. The lube and powder will combine and make a gooey paste. I've had a number of friends wonder why their gun won't perform and after inspection they had lubed the firing pin and spring. Only do this if you are storing the gun long term. The spring is not as stiff/powerful as you might think like a hammer spring.

jtsct: So there is no lube at all in the firing channel/pin?

jtsct: You're wrong, especially if you shot a lot.

swbrotherton: Whoever marked this for spam please learn what spam is. and bigwalt2990: If you are referring to this video "if it aint broke don't fix it." let me know how it works for you when you need your firearm to perform and it just won't because you didn't take tip top care of it. If not then I misunderstood and I'm sorry. The rule of thumb is, if you can clean it and maintain it easily, why not do it? BTW the Ruger P95 has a deroosterer only model as well as a manual safety. Google is your friend. :)

bigwalt2990: If it ain't broke, don't fix it..............mine doesnt have a safety btw, just two identical deroosterer levers, must be an older version? (who needs safeties anyways)

swbrotherton: Heck yeah. oil in the pin chamber will do it every time. Good to know this helped!

swbrotherton: I don't think you could hurt this thing if you tried. I've done this multiple times on a P95 and a P89. Still tickin'.

swbrotherton: Yessir, P95: might be a budget gun but it is built to take ABUSE. No frills means less points for it to fail at.
Ruger P95 Slide Disassembly 5 out of 5

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Ruger P95 Slide Disassembly