How To Clean & Dry Burn... Kanger ProTank

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Nick Hurtado: Thank you so much! I was worried I'd have to buy a new tank or more wicks or something. I know after a while I will have no choice to, but you have helped me to prolong that inevitability! Thank you so much! Works like new

J Nitti: I'm new to this.  Can I just buy new coils, and then rinse and air dry the rest, simply replacing the coil and wick?

Cream Of Weber: Cool.

Probably easier to just buy some Kanthol and cotton wick and rebuild the coil. 

Nate Brenneman: What works even better is to buy a spool of 28g kanthal wire,a bag of 100% organic cotton balls and just rebuild it with a micro coil. Takes about 2 minutes, you get better vape production, amazing flavor, last longer and many months supply of coils... Dry burning like that can melt your rubber insulator giving you a burnt taste forever. So many video's on YouTube how to do it! Best wishes,N8knox

Morgan Lee: Thank you so much! This helped me a lot. Sick tank

Jackie Nevels: What happens if you loose the flavor wick in the process? I suppose I wasn't careful enough and mine just disintegrated when I took it out. I went a head and put it all back together without it? Seems fine for now but I'm sure it has some downside of not replacing the flavor wick? If anyone has any knowledge about this it would be appreciated!

BaNaNaHaMmOcK: I tried this without rinsing after dry burn, and tasted like poo. Rinsing after dry burning and reassembling is the way to go.

coolkid6422: Thank you! now i wont haft to buy a new atomizer every week!

Rangerman9404: I've just attempted my first clean and dry burn, hoping I didn't "overcook" it, that's my only concern right now. Waiting for the rest of the tank's parts to air dry so I can put it all back together and see how I did

Rangerman9404: I have a Pro Tank 2, but I am assuming the dry burn method is the same, cleaning a bit different

Maxwell Wildman: This also works for Ts3's. Just tried it and it works.

Rb: Also, can you dry burn without any wick at all? It's not that hard to replace the cotton as you can twist it very fine and feed it through like a needle. Then reverse the twist to fluff it up again.

khyoon14: Thanks very helpful. 

MY DIGITAL DREAM'S: worked good on my pro tank II

Bilal Ahmed: What battery is that? It looks sweet!

confederate65: thank you so much man, my protank would barely hit and was awful then i did this and wala it fixed everything freaking fantstic

Zachary Schumann: Very informative brother. I have a mini protank II and this will really help me with flavor changes.

jason pierce: hey man, thanks for this! worked like a charm! all my flavor is back, and by removing one of the flavor wicks, no more dry hits. props to you sir.

Jake Grate: WORKED LIKE A freakING CHARM. 
I bought a Kanger ProTank today
The guy filled it up for me 
It ran out and i filled it up my self
I guess I flooded it and ive tried 4 different videos

James Blyth: Great Vid, this method also seems to work well on the latest Kangertech T3S and Mini T3S coils. Many thanks, you've probably saved viewers a small fortune in replacements.
How to Clean & Dry Burn... Kanger ProTank 5 out of 5

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How to Clean & Dry Burn... Kanger ProTank