How To Clean & Dry Burn... Kanger ProTank

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Nick Hurtado: Thank you so much! I was worried I'd have to buy a new tank or more wicks or something. I know after a while I will have no choice to, but you have helped me to prolong that inevitability! Thank you so much! Works like new 

J Nitti: I'm new to this.  Can I just buy new coils, and then rinse and air dry the rest, simply replacing the coil and wick?

Rogue Reflections: I just cleaned my tank. Thanks for the video!!!!

David Ross: Got a burnt taste after dry burn, how do I stop or prevent this from happening?

richard vasquez: Damn bro thanks for this. Mine was dirtier than the one shown and now its hitting like a champ!!

syndromer: Alot of people freak up their coils because they forget to prime the wick by adding a few drops of juice on the wick/coil prior to vaping for the first time....this MUST be done. Saturate the main wick first then add the flavor wicks and saturate them....just a tip for noobies

Alan Reimer: Ive tried this and a few other things and i always get a burnt taste like 2-3 days after changing the wick

317Vapers: i have tried it on accident not paying attention. Honestly I couldnt tell much if any difference. Not that I was paying attention but nothing jumped out at me. Now I've heard people saying evod coils tighten up the draw a tad bit on the protank but can't confirm this.

317Vapers: Sweet, Glad you got it up and working right! Thanks for spreading the word!

deimos319: i took it to my local vape store and they helped me. the glass on one side of my tank (the side i had on the bottom of the tank, by the atomizer) was uneven. we flipped it so that side was on the top and i'm back in vape heaven!! thanks for your response. in addition, i've tried this method and it works GREAT. i tell all my friends who have kanger tanks to do this and they appreciate it, too. thanks for a great video.

viktor4o: nvm got it

viktor4o: What does it mean - dryburn?

317Vapers: WOW if you got 3 months out of a coil before cleaning or burning, you did Awesome! (Might be time to replace here soon, after that long of use its probably close to the end of it's life, but also you might get longer out of it)

Tinkerbell Pixiewings: Thank you so much! I wondered why my new (3 months) pro tank was suddenly not giving me much vape anymore and I had to crank my spinner up all the way and still no decent vape. That coil was CAKED and black from my dark juice! Once I cleaned it, man, I had to turn it DOWN . Awesome stuff. Thank you SO much for this tip :)

317Vapers: what PG/VG ratio juice are you using? Also have you taken your coil head apart to make sure there is the "Flavor Wicks" sitting on top of the main coil?

deimos319: my tank keeps gurgling! i changed the atomizer and it still gurgles. i've wasted sooooo much juice. will this help?

317Vapers: Thanks for watching!

Tom Cosm: Thanks a lot for this, it really helped.

317Vapers: Glad it helped, Thanks for watching!

Doctor Jack: Helped greatly with the coughing that occurs after the coils become caked. Also provided much better flavor. Thank you sir.
How to Clean & Dry Burn... Kanger ProTank 5 out of 5

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How to Clean & Dry Burn... Kanger ProTank